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[Proposed Rules]
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[FR Doc No: 2014-29701]



Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

18 CFR Part 284

[Docket No. RM14-2-000]

Coordination of the Scheduling Processes of Interstate Natural 
Gas Pipelines and Public Utilities

AGENCY: Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, DOE.

ACTION: Notice of proposed rulemaking; data request to Independent 
System Operators (ISOs) and Regional Transmission Organizations (RTOs).


SUMMARY: On December 12, 2014, pursuant to authority delegated to the 
Director, Office of Energy Policy and Innovation, a data request was 
issued to each ISO and RTO regarding the effect on the reliable and 
efficient operations of natural gas-fired generators of the current 9 
a.m. CCT start to the Gas Day. The requests seek data from the ISOs/
RTOs with respect to derates by natural gas generators during the 
morning ramp period.

DATES: Responses to the data request must be filed on or before January 
12, 2015 in Docket No. RM14-2-000. Comments on the responses to the 
data request must be filed in the same docket within 10 days of the 
data request response, on or before January 22, 2015.

ADDRESSES: Responses and Comments, identified by docket number, may be 
filed in the following ways:
     Electronic Filing through http://www.ferc.gov. Documents 
created electronically using word processing software should be filed 
in native applications or print-to-PDF format and not in a scanned 
     Mail/Hand Delivery: Those unable to file electronically 
may mail or hand-deliver comments to: Federal Energy Regulatory 
Commission, Secretary of the Commission, 888 First Street NE., 
Washington, DC 20426.
    Instructions: For detailed instructions on submitting responses and 
comments, see the SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION section of this document.

Anna Fernandez (Legal Information), Federal Energy Regulatory 
Commission, Office of the General Counsel, 888 First Street NE., 
Washington, DC 20426, 202-502-6682;
Caroline Daly Wozniak (Technical Information), Federal Energy 
Regulatory Commission, Office of Energy Policy and Innovation, 888 
First Street NE., Washington, DC 20426, 202-502-8931.

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The data requests can be obtained over the 
Internet from the Commission's eLibrary system (http://www.ferc.gov/docs-filing/elibrary.asp) under Docket No. RM14-2-000 or from the 
Commission's Public Reference Room during normal business hours (8:30 
a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern time) at 888 First Street NE., Room 2A, 
Washington DC 20426. The full text of the data requests are available 
on eLibrary in PDF and Microsoft Word format. To access these documents 
in eLibrary, type the docket number excluding the last three digits of 
this document in the docket number field.
    All responses and comments will be placed in the Commission's 
public files in Docket No. RM14-2-000, and may be viewed, printed, or 
downloaded remotely from the eLibrary system or obtained from the 
Commission's Public Reference Room. The data responses and comments are 
not required to be served on other commenters or entities.
    User assistance is available for eLibrary and the Commission's Web 
site during normal business hours from the Commission's Online Support 
at 202-502-6652 (toll free at 1-866-208-3676) or email at 
[email protected], or the Public Reference Room at (202) 502-
8371, TTY (202) 502-8659. Email the Public Reference Room at 
[email protected].

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    Dated: December 12, 2014.
Nathaniel J. Davis, Sr.,
Deputy Secretary.
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