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[Page 31981]
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National Indian Gaming Commission

2014 Final Fee Rate and Fingerprint Fees

AGENCY: National Indian Gaming Commission, Interior.

ACTION: Notice.


SUMMARY: Notice is hereby given, pursuant to 25 CFR 514.2, that the 
National Indian Gaming Commission has adopted its 2014 final annual fee 
rates of 0.00% for tier 1 and 0.070% (.00070) for tier 2. These rates 
shall apply to all assessable gross revenues from each gaming operation 
under the jurisdiction of the Commission. If a tribe has a certificate 
of self-regulation under 25 CFR part 518, the 2014 final fee rate on 
Class II revenues shall be one-half of the annual fee rate, which is 
0.035% (.00035). The final fee rates being adopted here are effective 
June 1st, 2014 and will remain in effect until new rates are adopted.
    Pursuant to 25 CFR 514.16, the National Indian Gaming Commission 
has also adopted its fingerprint processing fees of $22 per card, which 
is the same as the fingerprint fees announced in March 2014.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Yvonne Lee, National Indian Gaming 
Commission, 1441 L Street NW., Suite 9100, Washington, DC 20005; 
telephone (202) 632-7003; fax (202) 632-7066.

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA) 
established the National Indian Gaming Commission, which is charged 
with, among other things, regulating gaming on Indian lands.
    Commission regulations (25 CFR part 514) provide for a system of 
fee assessment and payment that is self-administered by gaming 
operations. Pursuant to those regulations, the Commission is required 
to adopt and communicate assessment rates and the gaming operations are 
required to apply those rates to their revenues, compute the fees to be 
paid, report the revenues, and remit the fees to the Commission. All 
gaming operations within the jurisdiction of the Commission are 
required to self administer the provisions of these regulations, and 
report and pay any fees that are due to the Commission.
    Pursuant to 25 CFR part 514, the Commission must also review 
annually the costs involved in processing fingerprint cards and set a 
fee based on fees charged by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and 
costs incurred by the Commission. Commission costs include Commission 
personnel, supplies, equipment costs, and postage to submit the results 
to the requesting tribe. Based on that review, the 2014 fingerprint 
processing fee will remain the same at $22 per card.

    Dated: May 28, 2014.
Jonodev Chaudhuri,
Acting Chairman.
    Dated: May 28, 2014.
Daniel Little,
Associate Commissioner.
[FR Doc. 2014-12767 Filed 6-2-14; 8:45 am]