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[Docket No. 50-228-LT; ASLBP No. 14-931-01-LT-BD01]

Aerotest Operations, Inc. (Aerotest Radiography and Research 
Reactor); Establishment of Atomic Safety and Licensing Board

    Pursuant to delegation by the Commission, see 37 FR 28710 (Dec. 29, 
1972), and the Commission's regulations, see 10 CFR 2.104, 2.105, 
2.300, 2.309, 2.313, 2.318, and 2.321, and in accordance with 
Commission Memorandum and Order CLI-14-05, notice is hereby given that 
an Atomic Safety and Licensing Board (Board), consisting of a single 
administrative judge serving as presiding officer, is being appointed 
for the limited purpose of compiling a hearing record, ruling on any 
motions related to developing the factual record, presiding at any oral 
hearing, and certifying the compiled record to the Commission in the 
following license transfer proceeding:

 Aerotest Operations, Inc. (Aerotest Radiography and Research Reactor)

    This proceeding involves a challenge by joint intervenors--Aerotest 
Operations, Inc. and Nuclear Labyrinth, LLC--to the NRC Staff's July 
24, 2013 denial of a license transfer request. See Aereotest 
Operations, Inc.--Denial of License Renewal, Denial of License 
Transfer, and Issuance or Order to Modify License No. R-98 to Prohibit 
Operation of the Aerotest Radiography and Research Reactor, Facility 
Operating License No. R-98 (TAC NOS. ME8811 and MC9596) (July 24, 
    The administrative judge who will serve as presiding officer on the 
Board is: E. Roy Hawkens, Atomic Safety and Licensing Board Panel, U.S. 
Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Washington, DC 20555-0001.
    All correspondence, documents, and other materials shall be filed 
in accordance with the NRC E-Filing rule (10 CFR 2.302), which the NRC 
promulgated in August 2007 (72 FR 49,139).

    Issued at Rockville, Maryland this 16th day of April 2014.
E. Roy Hawkens,
Chief Administrative Judge, Atomic Safety and Licensing Board Panel.
[FR Doc. 2014-09160 Filed 4-21-14; 8:45 am]