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[Page 18907]
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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

[Project No. 14575-000]

Archon Energy 1, Inc.; Notice of Preliminary Permit Application 
Accepted for Filing and Soliciting Comments, Motions To Intervene, and 
Competing Applications

    On January 6, 2014, Archon Energy 1, Inc. filed an application for 
a preliminary permit, pursuant to section 4(f) of the Federal Power Act 
(FPA), proposing to study the feasibility of the Black Butte Afterbay 
Hydropower Project (Black Butte Project or project) to be located on 
Stony Creek, near the city of Orland, Glenn County, California. The 
sole purpose of a preliminary permit, if issued, is to grant the permit 
holder priority to file a license application during the permit term. A 
preliminary permit does not authorize the permit holder to perform any 
land-disturbing activities or otherwise enter upon lands or waters 
owned by others without the owners' express permission.
    The project would be located at the U.S. Army Corps of 
Engineering's Black Butte dam and would utilize existing infrastructure 
and afterbay of the dam. The proposed project would consist of the 
following: (1) A bypass intake in the afterbay of Black Butte 
reservoir; (2) two 2,800-foot-long pressurized, reinforced concrete 
pipes creating approximately 20 feet of head; (3) a powerhouse, 
containing two low-head, 2.5-megawatt Kaplan turbine-generators; and 
(4) an undefined interconnection point to the grid within several 
hundred feet of the proposed powerhouse. The estimated annual 
generation of the Black Butte Project would be 22,000 megawatt-hours.
    Applicant Contact: Mr. Paul Grist, President, Archon Energy 1, 
Inc., 101 E. Kennedy Blvd., Suite 2800, Tampa, Florida 33602; phone: 
(415) 377-2460.
    FERC Contact: Adam Beeco; phone: (202) 502-8655.
    Deadline for filing comments, motions to intervene, competing 
applications (without notices of intent), or notices of intent to file 
competing applications: 60 days from the issuance of this notice. 
Competing applications and notices of intent must meet the requirements 
of 18 CFR 4.36.
    The Commission strongly encourages electronic filing. Please file 
comments, motions to intervene, notices of intent, and competing 
applications using the Commission's eFiling system at http://www.ferc.gov/docs-filing/efiling.asp. Commenters can submit brief 
comments up to 6,000 characters, without prior registration, using the 
eComment system at http://www.ferc.gov/docs-filing/ecomment.asp. You 
must include your name and contact information at the end of your 
comments. For assistance, please contact FERC Online Support at 
[email protected], (866) 208-3676 (toll free), or (202) 502-
8659 (TTY). In lieu of electronic filing, please send a paper copy to: 
Secretary, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, 888 First Street NE., 
Washington, DC 20426. The first page of any filing should include 
docket number P-14575-000.
    More information about this project, including a copy of the 
application, can be viewed or printed on the ``eLibrary'' link of 
Commission's Web site at http://www.ferc.gov/docs-filing/elibrary.asp. 
Enter the docket number (P-14575) in the docket number field to access 
the document. For assistance, contact FERC Online Support.

    Dated: March 26, 2014.
 Kimberly D. Bose,
[FR Doc. 2014-07493 Filed 4-3-14; 8:45 am]