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[EPA-HQ-OAR-2007-1196; FRL-9907-69-OAR]

Recent Postings of Broadly Applicable Alternative Test Methods

AGENCY: Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

ACTION: Notice of availability.


SUMMARY: This notice announces the broadly applicable alternative test 
method approval decisions the EPA has made under and in support of New 
Source Performance Standards (NSPS), the National Emission Standards 
for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP), and the Consolidated Federal Air 
Rule under the Clean Air Act (CAA) in 2013.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: An electronic copy of each alternative 
test method approval document is available on the EPA's Web site at 
www.epa.gov/ttn/emc/approalt.html. For questions about this notice, 
contact Ms. Lula H. Melton, Air Quality Assessment Division, Office of 
Air Quality Planning and Standards (E143-02), Environmental Protection 
Agency, Research Triangle Park, NC 27711; telephone number: 919-541-
2910; fax number: 919-541-0516; email address: [email protected]. For 
technical questions about individual alternative test method decisions, 
refer to the contact person identified in the individual approval 


I. General Information

A. Does this notice apply to me?

    This notice will be of interest to entities regulated under 40 Code 
of Federal Regulations (CFR) parts 60, 61, 63, and 65, state, local, 
and tribal agencies, and the EPA Regional Offices responsible for 
implementation and enforcement of regulations under 40 CFR parts 60, 
61, 63, and 65.

B. How can I get copies of this information?

    You may access copies of the broadly applicable alternative test 
method approval documents from the EPA's Web site at www.epa.gov/ttn/emc/approalt.html.

II. Background

    Broadly applicable alternative test method approval decisions made 
by the EPA in 2013 under the NSPS, 40 CFR part 60, the NESHAP, 40 CFR 
parts 61 and 63, and the Consolidated Federal Air Rule, 40 CFR part 65 
are identified in this notice (see Table 1). Source owners and 
operators may voluntarily use these broadly applicable alternative test 
methods subject to their specific applicability. Use of these broadly 
applicable alternative test methods does not change the applicable 
emission standards.
    As explained in a previous Federal Register notice published at 72 
FR 4257 (January 30, 2007) and found on the EPA's Web site at 
www.epa.gov/ttn/emc/approalt.html, the EPA Administrator has the 
authority to approve the use of alternative test methods to comply with 
requirements under 40 CFR parts 60, 61, and 63. This authority is found 
in sections 60.8(b)(3), 61.13(h)(1)(ii), and 63.7(e)(2)(ii). A similar 
authority is granted in 40 CFR part 65 under section 65.158(a)(2). In 
the past, we have performed thorough technical reviews of numerous 
requests for alternatives and modifications to test methods and 
procedures. Based on these reviews, we have often found that these 
changes or alternatives would be equally valid and appropriate to apply 
to other sources within a particular class, category, or subcategory. 
Consequently, we have concluded that, where a method modification or an 
alternative method is broadly applicable to a class, category, or 
subcategory of sources, it is both more equitable and efficient to 
approve its use for all appropriate sources and situations at the same 
    It is important to clarify that alternative methods are not 
mandatory but permissive. Sources are not required to employ such a 
method but may choose to do so in appropriate cases. Source owners or 
operators should review the specific broadly applicable alternative 
method approval decision on the EPA's Web site at www.epa.gov/ttn/emc/approalt.html before electing to employ it. As per 63.7(f)(5), by 
electing to use an alternative method for 40 CFR part 63 standards, the 
source owner or operator must continue to use the alternative method 
until approved otherwise.
    The criteria for approval and procedures for submission and review 
of broadly applicable alternative test methods are outlined at 72 FR 
4257 (January 30, 2007). We will continue to announce approvals for 
broadly applicable alternative test methods at www.epa.gov/ttn/emc/approalt.html and annually publish a notice that summarizes approvals 
for broadly applicable alternative test methods.
    This notice comprises a summary of seven such approval documents 
added to our Technology Transfer Network from January 1, 2013, through 
December 31, 2013. The alternative method decision letter/memo number, 
the reference method affected, sources allowed to use this alternative, 
and the modification or alternative method allowed are summarized in 
Table 1 of this notice. Please refer to the complete copies of these 
approval documents available at www.epa.gov/ttn/emc/approalt.html as 
Table 1 serves only as a brief summary of the broadly applicable 
alternative test methods.
    If you are aware of reasons why a particular alternative test 
method approval that we issued should not be broadly applicable, we 
request that you make us aware of the reasons in writing, and we will 
revisit the broad approval. Any objection to a broadly applicable 
alternative test method, as well as the resolution of that objection, 
will be announced at www.epa.gov/ttn/emc/approalt.html and in the 
subsequent Federal Register notice. If we decide to retract a broadly 
applicable test method, we would continue to grant case-by-case 
approvals, as appropriate, and would (as states, local and tribal 
agencies and the EPA Regional Offices should) consider the need for an 
appropriate transition period for users either to request case-by-case 
approval or to transition to an approved method.

    Dated: March 5, 2014.
Mary E. Henigin,
Acting Director, Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards.

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  Table 1--Approved Alternative Test Methods and Modifications to Test
 Methods Referenced in or Published Under Appendices in 40 CFR Parts 60,
        61, 63 and 65 Made Between January 2013 and December 2013
                            As an
  Alternative method    alternative or
 decision letter/memo  modification to     For . . .      You may . . .
         No.                . . .
ALT-098..............  Method 18--      Flares subject   Use SUMMA
                        Measurement of   to the general   cannisters in
                        Gaseous          control device   lieu of Tedlar
                        Organic          provisions of    bags for
                        Compound         40 CFR part      determination
                        Emissions by     60, section      of heat
                        Gas              60.18.           content.
ALT-099..............  Method 2--       Sources subject  Use optical
                        Determination    to 40 CFR        flow meters to
                        of Stack Gas     60.18(f)(4)      measure flare
                        Velocity and     and              gas flow rate
                        Volumetric       63.11(b)(7)(i).  provided the
                        Flow Rate                         calibrations
                        (Type S Pitot                     are maintained
                        Tube), Method                     within the
                        2A--Direct                        manufacturer's
                        Measurement of                    recommended
                        Gas Volume                        frequency.
                        Through Pipes
                        and Small
                        Ducts, Method
                        ion of Gas
                        Velocity and
                        Flow Rate in
                        Small Stacks
                        or Ducts
                        Pitot Tube),
                        or Method 2D--
                        Measurement of
                        Gas Volume
                        Flow Rates in
                        Small Pipes
                        and Ducts.
ALT-100..............  Method 18--      Sources subject  Use of
                        Measurement of   to sampling      alternative
                        Gaseous          and analysis     sampling and
                        Organic          procedures for   analytical
                        Compound         flare gas fuel   procedures in
                        Emissions by     heat content     Method 18 for
                        Gas              (BTU value)      flare gas heat
                        Chromatography.  measurement      content.
                                         required by 40
ALT-101..............  ASTM test        Sources subject  Use ASTM D6377-
                        methods cited    to 40 CFR part   10--Standard
                        in the           60, subparts     Test Method
                        subparts         K, Ka, and Kb;   for
                        listed in the    40 CFR part      Determination
                        next column.     61, subpart      of Vapor
                                         FF; 40 CFR       Pressure of
                                         part 63,         Crude Oil:
                                         subparts G, Y,   VPCRX
                                         CC, EEEE, and    (Expansion
                                         GGGGG; and 40    Method) to
                                         CFR part 65,     determine
                                         subpart C.       vapor
                                                          pressures of
                                                          crude oils
                                                          that have a
                                                          vapor pressure
                                                          within the
                                                          range of 25 to
                                                          180kPa at 37.8
ALT-102..............  NIST--certified  Sources subject  Use gases
                        reference gas    to 40 CFR part   certified to
                        specifications   60, subpart Ja-  within two
                        described in     Standards of     percent of the
                        Section 16.2.4   Performance      manufacturer's
                        of PS-2.         for Petroleum    listed
                                         Refineries for   concentrations
                                         Which            .
                                         , or
                                         After May 14,
ALT-103..............  Method 101A--    Analysis of      Use EPA SW-846,
                        Mercury from     sewage sludge    Method 7471A
                        Sewage Sludge    sources          and 7471B--
                        Incinerators     subject to 40    Mercury in
                        and Method       CFR part 61,     Solid or
                        105--Determina   subpart E for    Semisolid
                        tion of          samples          Waste (Manual
                        Mercury in       collected by     Cold-Vapor
                        Wastewater       Methods 105      Technique) in
                        Treatment        and 101A.        lieu of
                        Plant Sewage                      analytical
                        Sludges.                          procedures
                                                          required in
                                                          EPA Method 105
                                                          for analysis
                                                          of sewage
                                                          sludge samples
                                                          and Method
                                                          in Liquid
                                                          Waste (Manual
                                                          Technique) as
                                                          an alternative
                                                          method for
                                                          collected by
                                                          Method 101A.
ALT-104..............  Method 10--      Sources subject  Use the South
                        Carbon           to 40 CFR part   Coast Air
                        Monoxide--NDIR.  63, subpart      Quality
                                         ZZZZ--National   Management
                                         Emission         District
                                         Standards for    (SCAQMD)
                                         Hazardous Air    Method 100.1--
                                         Pollutants for   Instrumental
                                         Stationary       Analyzer
                                         Reciprocating    Procedures for
                                         Internal         Continuous
                                         Combustion       Gaseous
                                         Engines.         Emission
                                                          Sampling for
                                                          measurement of

    Source owners or operators should review the specific broadly 
applicable alternative method approval letter on the EPA's Web site at 
www.epa.gov/ttn/emc/approalt.html before electing to employ it.

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