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Bureau of Indian Affairs


Notice of Deadline for Submitting Completed Applications To Begin 
Participation in the Tribal Self-Governance Program in Fiscal Year 2015 
or Calendar Year 2015

AGENCY: Office of Self-Governance, Interior.

ACTION: Notice of Application Deadline.


SUMMARY: In this notice, the Office of Self-Governance (OSG) 
establishes a March 1, 2014, deadline for Indian tribes/consortia to 
submit completed applications to begin participation in the tribal 
self-governance program in fiscal year 2015 or calendar year 2015.

DATES: Completed application packages must be received by the Director, 
Office of Self-Governance, by March 1, 2014.

ADDRESSES: Application packages for inclusion in the applicant pool 
should be sent to Sharee M. Freeman, Director, Office of Self-
Governance, Department of the Interior, Mail Stop 355-G-SIB, 1951 
Constitution Avenue NW., Washington, DC 20240.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Dr. Kenneth D. Reinfeld, Office of 
Self-Governance, Telephone 202-208-5734.

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Under the Tribal Self-Governance Act of 1994 
(Pub. L. 103-413), as amended by the Fiscal Year 1997 Omnibus 
Appropriations Bill (Pub. L. 104-208), the Director, Office of Self-
Governance may select up to 50 additional participating tribes/
consortia per year for the tribal self-governance program, and 
negotiate and enter into a written funding agreement with each 
participating tribe. The Act mandates that the Secretary submit copies 
of the funding agreements at least 90 days before the proposed 
effective date to the appropriate committees of the Congress and to 
each tribe that is served by the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) agency 
that is serving the tribe that is a party to the funding agreement. 
Initial negotiations with a tribe/consortium located in a region and/or 
agency which has not previously been involved with self-governance 
negotiations, will take approximately 2 months from start to

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finish. Agreements for an October 1 to September 30 funding year need 
to be signed and submitted by July 1. Agreements for a January 1 to 
December 31 funding year need to be signed and submitted by October 1.

Purpose of Notice

    The regulations at 25 CFR 1000.10 to 1000.31 will be used to govern 
the application and selection process for tribes/consortia to begin 
their participation in the tribal self-governance program in fiscal 
year 2014 and calendar year 2014. Applicants should be guided by the 
requirements in these subparts in preparing their applications. Copies 
of these subparts may be obtained from the information contact person 
identified in this notice.
    Tribes/consortia wishing to be considered for participation in the 
tribal self-governance program in fiscal year 2015 or calendar year 
2015 must respond to this notice, except for those tribes/consortia 
which are: (1) Currently involved in negotiations with the Department; 
or (2) one of the 111 tribal entities with signed agreements.

Information Collection

    This information collection is authorized by OMB Control Number 
1076-0143, Tribal Self-Governance Program, which expires November 30, 

    Dated: January 16, 2014.
Kevin K. Washburn,
Assistant Secretary, Indian Affairs.
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