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Committee Name: Homeland Security Information Network Advisory 
Committee (HSINAC)

AGENCY: Operation Coordination and Planning/Office of Chief Information 
Officer (OPS/OCIO)

ACTION: Committee Management; Notice of Federal Advisory Committee 


SUMMARY: The Homeland Security Information Network Advisory Council 
(HSINAC) will meet December 17, 2013 from 1 p.m.-3 p.m. EST virtually 
through HSIN Connect, an online web-conferencing tool and via 
teleconference. The meeting will be open to the public.

DATES: The HSINAC will meet Tuesday, December 17, 2013 from 1 p.m.--3 
p.m. EST via conference call and HSIN Connect, an online web-
conferencing tool, both of which will be made available to members of 
the general public. Please note that the meeting may end early if the 
committee has completed its business.

ADDRESSES: The meeting will be held virtually via HSIN Connect, an 
online web-conferencing tool at https://share.dhs.gov/hsinac, and 
available via teleconference at 1-800-320-4330 Conference Pin: 673978 
for all public audience members. To access the web conferencing tool go 
to https://share.dhs.gov/hsinac, click on ``enter as a guest'', type in 
your name as a guest and click ``submit.'' The teleconference lines 
will be open for the public and the meeting brief will be posted 
beforehand on the Federal Register site (https://www.federalregister.gov/). If the federal government is closed, the 
meeting will be rescheduled.
    For information on facilities or services for individuals with 
disabilities or to request special assistance at the meeting, contact 
Michael Brody, [email protected], 202-343-4211, as soon as 
    To facilitate public participation, we are inviting public comment 
on the issues to be considered by the committee. Comments must be 
submitted in writing no later than December 13th and must be identified 
by the docket number--DHS-2013-0037--and may be submitted by one of the 
following methods:
     Federal eRulemaking Portal: http://www.regulations.gov. 
Follow the instructions for submitting comments.
     Email: Michael Brody, [email protected]. Please 
also include the docket number in the subject line of the message.
     Fax: 202-343-4294
     Mail: Michael Brody, Department of Homeland Security, OPS 
CIO-D Stop 0426, 245 Murray Lane, SW., BLDG 410, Washington, DC 20528-
    Instructions: All submissions received must include the words 
``Department of Homeland Security'' and the docket number (DHS-2013-
0037) for this action. Comments received will be posted without 
alteration at http://www.regulations.gov, including any personal 
information provided.
    Docket: For access to the docket to read background documents or 
comments received by the HSINAC go to http://www.regulations.gov and 
type the docket number of DHS-2013-0037 into the ``search'' field at 
the top right of the Web site.
    A public comment period will be held during the meeting on Tuesday, 
December 17, 2013 from 2:45 p.m. to 3 p.m., and speakers are requested 
to limit their comments to 3 minutes. Please note that the public 
comment period may end before the time indicated, following the last 
call for comments. Contact one of the individuals listed below to 
register as a speaker.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Designated Federal Officer, Michael 
Brody, [email protected], Phone: 202-343-4211, Fax: 202-343-
4294, Or Alternate Designated Federal Officer, Sarah Schwettman, 
[email protected], Phone: 202-343-4212.

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The Homeland Security Information Network 
Advisory Committee (HSINAC) is an advisory body to the Homeland 
Security Information Network (HSIN) Program Office. This committee 
provides advice and recommendations to the U.S. Department of Homeland 
Security (DHS) on matters relating to HSIN. These matters include 
system requirements, operating policies, community organization, 
knowledge management, interoperability and federation with other 
systems, and any other aspect of HSIN that supports the operations of 
DHS and its federal, state, territorial, local, tribal, international, 
and private sector mission partners. Notice of this meeting is given 
under the Federal Advisory Committee Act, 5 U.S.C. Appendix. The HSINAC 
provides advice and recommendations to DHS on matters relating to HSIN.


 HSIN Program Update
    [cir] New Hires--How the HSIN program has increased the quantity 
and quality of its Federal workforce.
    [cir] New Development Contract--How the HSIN Program has 
implemented a new contract for the engineering and architecture team 
that builds the HSIN system.
    [cir] New Outreach Contract--How the HSIN Program has implemented a 
new engagement to maintain and improve upon its mission advocate team 
for all HSIN users.
    [cir] Budget/Investment Requirements--A summary of HSIN's current 
financial position, and expenditures for the upcoming fiscal year.

[[Page 71632]]

 HSIN Optimization and Development Vision
    [cir] Improving System Performance and Service Operations--A 
summary of the steps the program has and will be taking to ensure the 
current platform meets user service requirements and agreements.
    [cir] Interoperability and Federation--A discussion of the 
program's plans to link HSIN to a series of partner networks that will 
provide all users with greater access to new collaborative partners and 
their content.
    [cir] Large List--A summary of how the program is implementing new 
ways to ensure the validation of users is fast and efficient.
    [cir] New Development Environments--A discussion on how HSIN is 
creating a set of new virtual environments for its new development team 
to use that are stable and accurately replicate the actual network, to 
ensure, final, new developments work as planned and meet requirements.
    [cir] DHS Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR)--An introduction to 
how HSIN is developing a new capability for the quick and efficient 
delivery and sharing of suspicious activity reports by users of all 
kinds including those from the private sector.
 Portal Consolidation Update--A review of HSIN's efforts to 
save resources across the Federal government by consolidating a series 
of systems into the single, HSIN platform.
 Public comment period
 Deliberation/Voting/Obtain guidance from HSINAC on:
    [cir] Stakeholder Management Strategy--A review of HSIN's new 
strategy for ensuring managed growth, user self-sufficiency, and 
prioritized engagements with critical partners in the coming year.
    [cir] Messaging/Communications Strategy--An update on HSIN's work 
to define its place in the information sharing market, what defines it, 
its value proposition, and the best way to communicate these terms.
    [cir] HSIN Mobile Use/Application Policy--An opportunity for HSINAC 
members to comment on the development of a new policy that will define 
the rights, duties and privileges to use HSIN on mobile devices 
ensuring security and accessibility.
 Closing remarks
 Adjournment of the meeting

James Lanoue,
HSIN Acting Program Manager.
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