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Federal Property Suitable as Facilities To Assist the Homeless

AGENCY: Office of the Assistant Secretary for Community Planning and 
Development, HUD.

ACTION: Notice.


SUMMARY: This Notice identifies unutilized, underutilized, excess, and 
surplus Federal property reviewed by HUD for suitability for use to 
assist the homeless.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Juanita Perry, Department of Housing 
and Urban Development, 451 Seventh Street SW., Room 7266, Washington, 
DC 20410; telephone (202) 402-3970; TTY number for the hearing- and 
speech-impaired (202) 708-2565 (these telephone numbers are not toll-
free), or call the toll-free Title V information line at 800-927-7588.

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: In accordance with 24 CFR part 581 and 
section 501 of the Stewart B. McKinney Homeless Assistance Act (42 
U.S.C. 11411), as amended, HUD is publishing this Notice to identify 
Federal buildings and other real property that HUD has reviewed for 
suitability for use to assist the homeless. The properties were 
reviewed using information provided to HUD by Federal landholding 
agencies regarding unutilized and underutilized buildings and real 
property controlled by such agencies or by GSA regarding its inventory 
of excess or surplus Federal property. This Notice is also published in 
order to comply with the December 12, 1988 Court Order in National 
Coalition for the Homeless v. Veterans Administration, No. 88-2503-OG 
    Properties reviewed are listed in this Notice according to the 
following categories: Suitable/available, suitable/unavailable, and 
suitable/to be excess, and unsuitable. The properties listed in the 
three suitable categories have been reviewed by the landholding 
agencies, and each agency has transmitted to HUD: (1) Its intention to 
make the property available for use to assist the homeless, (2) its 
intention to declare the property excess to the agency's needs, or (3) 
a statement of the reasons that the property cannot be declared excess 
or made available for use as facilities to assist the homeless.
    Properties listed as suitable/available will be available 
exclusively for homeless use for a period of 60 days from the date of 
this Notice. Where property is described as for ``off-site use only'' 
recipients of the property will be required to relocate the building to 
their own site at their own expense. Homeless assistance providers 
interested in any such property should send a written expression of 
interest to HHS, addressed to Theresa Ritta, Division of Property 
Management, Program Support Center, HHS, room 5B-17, 5600 Fishers Lane, 
Rockville, MD 20857; (301) 443-2265. (This is not a toll-free number.) 
HHS will mail to the interested provider an application packet, which 
will include instructions for completing the application. In order to 
maximize the opportunity to utilize a suitable property, providers 
should submit their written expressions of interest as soon as 
possible. For complete details concerning the processing of 
applications, the reader is encouraged to refer to the interim rule 
governing this program, 24 CFR part 581.
    For properties listed as suitable/to be excess, that property may, 
if subsequently accepted as excess by GSA, be made available for use by 
the homeless in accordance with applicable law, subject to screening 
for other Federal use. At the appropriate time, HUD will publish the 
property in a Notice showing it as either suitable/available or 
    For properties listed as suitable/unavailable, the landholding 
agency has decided that the property cannot be declared excess or made 
available for use to assist the homeless, and the property will not be 
    Properties listed as unsuitable will not be made available for any 
other purpose for 20 days from the date of this Notice. Homeless 
assistance providers interested in a review by HUD of the determination 
of unsuitability should call the toll free information line at 1-800-
927-7588 for detailed instructions or write a letter to Ann Marie Oliva 
at the address listed at the beginning of this Notice. Included in the 
request for review should be the property address (including zip code), 
the date of

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publication in the Federal Register, the landholding agency, and the 
property number.
    For more information regarding particular properties identified in 
this Notice (i.e., acreage, floor plan, existing sanitary facilities, 
exact street address), providers should contact the appropriate 
landholding agencies at the following addresses: GSA: Mr. Flavio Peres, 
General Services Administration, Office of Real Property Utilization 
and Disposal, 1800 F Street NW., Room 7040, Washington, DC 20405, (202) 
501-0084; Navy: Mr. Steve Matteo, Department of the Navy, Asset 
Management Division, Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Washington 
Navy Yard, 1322 Patterson Avenue SE., Ste. 1000, Washington, DC 20374, 
(202) 685-9426; (These are not toll-free numbers).

    Dated: April 4, 2013.
Mark Johnston,
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Special Needs.





FCC Monitoring Station & Res.
Agent's Office
6721 Raspberry Rd.
Anchorage AK 99502
Landholding Agency: GSA
Property Number: 54201310010
Status: Surplus
GSA Number: 9-Z-AK-0836
Directions: 131.02 acres w/3 buildings
Comments: main bldg. = 2,554 sf.; monitoring bldg. = 2,400 sf.; 
garage= 1,900 sf.; portion of property located w/in airport noise 
zones that are not compatible w/residential or school uses (14 CFR 
Part 150)


5 Buildings
Marine Corps Base
Quantico VA 22134
Landholding Agency: Navy
Property Number: 77201310005
Status: Excess
Directions: 3218, 27220, 3193, 24150, 2016
Comments: off-site removal only; sf. varies; misc. support; very 
poor conditions; contact Navy re: details on a specific property


Old Bellingham Border Patrol Station
2745 McLeod Rd.
Bellingham WA 98225
Landholding Agency: GSA
Property Number: 54201310011
Status: Excess
GSA Number: 9-Z-WA-1264
Directions: two buildings, an office & garage/storage facility; 
totaling approx. 4,320 sf.
Comments: 12 months vacant; good conditions

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