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[Investigation No. 731-TA-895 (Second Review)]

Pure Magnesium (Granular) From China; Scheduling of an Expedited 
Five-Year Review

AGENCY: United States International Trade Commission.

ACTION: Notice.


SUMMARY: The Commission hereby gives notice of the scheduling of an 
expedited review pursuant to section 751(c)(3) of the Tariff Act of 
1930 (19 U.S.C. 1675(c)(3)) (the Act) to determine whether revocation 
of the antidumping duty order on pure magnesium (granular) from China 
would be likely to lead to continuation or recurrence of material 
injury within a reasonably foreseeable time. For further information 
concerning the conduct of this review and rules of general application, 
consult the Commission's Rules of Practice and Procedure, part 201, 
subparts A through E (19 CFR part 201), and part 207, subparts A, D, E, 
and F (19 CFR part 207).

DATES: Effective Date: May 7, 2012.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Mary Messer (202-205-3193), Office of 
Investigations, U.S. International Trade Commission, 500 E Street SW., 
Washington, DC 20436. Hearing-impaired persons can obtain information 
on this matter by contacting the Commission's TDD terminal on 202-205-
1810. Persons with mobility impairments who will need special 
assistance in gaining access to the Commission should contact the 
Office of the Secretary at 202-205-2000. General information concerning 
the Commission may also be obtained by accessing its internet server 
(http://www.usitc.gov). The public record for this review may be viewed 
on the Commission's electronic docket (EDIS) at http://edis.usitc.gov.

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Background.--On May 7, 2012, the Commission 
determined that the domestic interested party group response to its 
notice of institution (77 FR 5049, February 1, 2012) of the subject 
five-year review was adequate and that the respondent interested party 
group response was inadequate. The Commission did not find any other 
circumstances that would warrant conducting a full review.\1\ 
Accordingly, the Commission determined that it would conduct an 
expedited review pursuant to section 751(c)(3) of the Act.\2\

    \1\ A record of the Commissioners' votes, the Commission's 
statement on adequacy, and any individual Commissioner's statements 
will be available from the Office of the Secretary and at the 
Commission's Web site.
    \2\ Commissioner Dean A. Pinkert did not participate in this 

    Staff report.--A staff report containing information concerning the 
subject matter of the review will be placed in the nonpublic record on 
August 10, 2012, and made available to persons on the Administrative 
Protective Order service list for this review. A public version will be 

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thereafter, pursuant to section 207.62(d)(4) of the Commission's rules.
    Written submissions.--As provided in section 207.62(d) of the 
Commission's rules, interested parties that are parties to the review 
and that have provided individually adequate responses to the notice of 
institution,\3\ and any party other than an interested party to the 
review may file written comments with the Secretary on what 
determination the Commission should reach in the review. Comments are 
due on or before August 15, 2012 and may not contain new factual 
information. Any person that is neither a party to the five-year review 
nor an interested party may submit a brief written statement (which 
shall not contain any new factual information) pertinent to the review 
by August 15, 2012. However, should the Department of Commerce extend 
the time limit for its completion of the final results of its review, 
the deadline for comments (which may not contain new factual 
information) on Commerce's final results is three business days after 
the issuance of Commerce's results. If comments contain business 
proprietary information (BPI), they must conform with the requirements 
of sections 201.6, 207.3, and 207.7 of the Commission's rules. Please 
be aware that the Commission's rules with respect to electronic filing 
have been amended. The amendments took effect on November 7, 2011. See 
76 FR 61937 (October 6, 2011) and the newly revised Commission's 
Handbook on E-Filing, available on the Commission's web site at http://edis.usitc.gov.

    \3\ The Commission has found the responses submitted by US 
Magnesium LLC to be individually adequate. Comments from other 
interested parties will not be accepted (see 19 CFR 207.62(d)(2)).

    In accordance with sections 201.16(c) and 207.3 of the rules, each 
document filed by a party to the review must be served on all other 
parties to the review (as identified by either the public or BPI 
service list), and a certificate of service must be timely filed. The 
Secretary will not accept a document for filing without a certificate 
of service.
    Determination.--The Commission has determined to exercise its 
authority to extend the review period by up to 90 days pursuant to 19 
U.S.C. 1675(c)(5)(B).

    Authority:  This review is being conducted under authority of 
title VII of the Tariff Act of 1930; this notice is published 
pursuant to section 207.62 of the Commission's rules.

    By order of the Commission.

    Issued: May 25, 2012.
James R. Holbein,
Secretary to the Commission.
[FR Doc. 2012-13250 Filed 5-31-12; 8:45 am]