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[Docket No. DHS-2011-0036]

Homeland Security Science and Technology Advisory Committee 

AGENCY: Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology 
Directorate (DHS S&T), Department of Homeland Security.

ACTION: Committee management; request for applicants for appointment to 
Homeland Security Science and Technology Advisory Committee (HSSTAC).


SUMMARY: The DHS Science and Technology Directorate is inviting 
applications from individuals who are interested in serving on the 
Homeland Security Science and Technology Advisory Committee (HSSTAC). 
The HSSTAC gives advice and recommendations to the Under Secretary of 

DATES: Applications for membership should reach DHS S&T as described 
below on or before January 30, 2012.

ADDRESSES: Applicants should send a biography or resume and CV (if 
available) in one of three ways:
     Email: [email protected].
     Fax: (202) 254-5823.
     Mail: Mary Hanson, HSSTAC Executive Director, Science and 
Technology Directorate, Department of Homeland Security, 245 Murray 
Lane, Bldg. 410, Washington, DC 20528.

Director, Science and Technology Directorate, Department of Homeland 
Security, 245 Murray Lane, Bldg. 410, Washington, DC 20528, (202) 254-
5866(O), (202) 254-5823 (F), [email protected]

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The HSSTAC is an advisory committee 
established in accordance with the provisions of the Federal Advisory 
Committee Act (FACA) 5 U.S.C. (Pub. L. 92-463). The committee addresses 
areas of interest and importance to the Under Secretary for Science and 
Technology, such as new developments in systems engineering, cyber-
security, knowledge management and how best to leverage related 
technologies funded by other federal agencies and by the private 
sector. The committee also advises the Under Secretary on policies, 
management processes, and organizational constructs as needed. Upon 
request, the committee provides scientifically and technically based 
advice to the Homeland Security Advisory Council. A limited number of 
positions is currently available. The strongest need is in the areas of 
explosives detection and biological defense research and development.
    Committee members serve at the pleasure of the Secretary of 
Homeland Security. Members will be selected based on their expertise, 
knowledge, and contribution to a diverse range of science and 
technology topic areas (including chemical, biological, and 
cybersecurity threats, the human factors embedded in those threats and 
response to them, first responder technology capabilities and needs, 
and the latest thinking in systems engineering), and their depth of 
experience in applying these areas of science and technology to real-
world problems and transitioning innovative products into use. Members 
shall serve terms of office of two years. Meetings will be held 
approximately quarterly. Travel expenses may be reimbursed.
    Members of HSSTAC will be appointed and serve as Special Government 
Employees (SGE) as defined in section 202(a) of title 18 United States 
Code. As candidates for appointment as SGEs, applicants are required to 
complete Confidential Financial Disclosure Reports (OGE Form 450). DHS 
may not release the reports or the information in them to the public 
except under an order issued by a Federal court or as otherwise 
provided under the Privacy Act (5 U.S.C. 552a). Applicants can obtain 
the OGE Form 450 at the Web site of the Office of Government Ethics 
(www.oge.gov), or by contacting the individual listed above. 
Applications which are not accompanied by a completed OGE Form 450 will 
not be considered. Federally registered lobbyists may not serve on 
federal advisory committees.
    In support of the policy of the Department of Homeland Security on 
gender and ethnic diversity, qualified women and minorities are 
encouraged to apply for membership.

    Dated: December 21, 2011.
Tara O'Toole,
Under Secretary for Science and Technology.
[FR Doc. 2012-413 Filed 1-11-12; 8:45 am]