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Establishment of the Independence Advisory Council

AGENCY: Department of Health and Human Services.

ACTION: Notice.


    Authority: The Independence Advisory Council is authorized under 
section 3207 of

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the Affordable Care Act, Public Law 111-148. The Council is governed 
by provisions of Public Law 92-463, as amended, (5 U.S.C. App. 2), 
which sets forth standards for the formation and use of advisory 
SUMMARY: The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services announces 
establishment of the Independence Advisory Council, as directed by 
section 3207 of Public Law 111-148.

Health and Human Services; Tel (202) 357-3521, Fax (202) 357-3467, 
[email protected].

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Under the Affordable Care Act, Public Law 
111-148, the President directed that the Council shall be established 
within the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). To comply 
with the authorizing directive and guidelines under the Federal 
Advisory Committee Act (FACA), a charter has been filed with the 
Committee Management Secretariat in the General Services Administration 
(GSA), the appropriate committees in the Senate and U.S. House of 
Representatives, and the Library of Congress to establish the Council 
as a non-discretionary Federal advisory committee. The Secretary signed 
the charter on November 9, 2010. The charter was filed on November 9, 
    Objectives and Scope of Activities. The CLASS Independence Advisory 
Council is the Department's statutory public advisory body on matters 
of general policy in the administration of the CLASS program in the 
Affordable Care Act. The Council will provide the Secretary of Health 
and Human Services with advice and guidance on the development of the 
CLASS Independence Benefit Plan, the determination of monthly premiums 
under such plan, and the financial solvency of the program. In these 
matters, the Council shall consult with all components of the 
Department, other federal entities, and non-federal organizations, as 
appropriate; and examine relevant data sources.
    Membership and Designation. The CLASS Independence Advisory Council 
shall consist of not more than 15 individuals, not otherwise in the 
employ of the United States who shall be appointed by the President 
without regard to the civil service laws and regulations; and a 
majority of whom shall be representatives of individuals who 
participate or are likely to participate in the CLASS program, and 
shall include representatives of older and younger workers, individuals 
with disabilities, family caregivers of individuals who require 
services and supports to maintain their independence at home or in 
another residential setting of their choice in the community, 
individuals with expertise in long-term care or disability insurance, 
actuarial science, economics, and other relevant disciplines, as 
determined by the Secretary.
    The members of the CLASS Independence Advisory Council shall serve 
overlapping terms of 3 years (unless appointed to fill a vacancy 
occurring prior to the expiration of a term, in which case the 
individual shall serve for the remainder of the term). A member shall 
not be eligible to serve for more than 2 consecutive terms. The 
President shall, from time to time, appoint one of the members of the 
CLASS Independence Advisory Council to serve as the Chair. All members 
will serve as special government employees. All members, while so 
serving away from their homes or regular places of business, may be 
allowed travel expenses, including per diem in lieu of subsistence, in 
the same manner as such expenses are authorized by Section 5703, Title 
5, U.S. Code, for employees serving intermittently.
    Nominations shall be submitted to U.S. Department of Health and 
Human Services, c/o Administration on Aging, Attn: Class Nominations, 
Washington, DC, 20201 (or) [email protected] (or) fax (202) 357-3467 
no later than December 1, 2010.
    Administrative Management and Support. HHS will provide funding and 
administrative support for the Council to the extent permitted by law 
within existing appropriations. Staff will be assigned to a program 
office established to support the activities of the Council. Management 
and oversight for support services provided to the Council will be the 
responsibility of the CLASS Office. All executive departments and 
agencies and all entities within the Executive Office of the President 
shall provide information and assistance to the Council as the Chair 
may request for purposes of carrying out the Council's functions, to 
the extent permitted by law. A copy of the Council charter can be 
obtained from the designated contacts or by accessing the FACA database 
that is maintained by the GSA Committee Management Secretariat. The Web 
site for the FACA database is http://fido.gov/facadatabase/.

    Dated: November 10, 2010.
Kathy Greenlee,
Assistant Secretary for Aging.
[FR Doc. 2010-28781 Filed 11-15-10; 8:45 am]