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Notice of Public Meeting

AGENCY: Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC).

ACTION: Notice of NRC/DOE joint public meeting.


SUMMARY: The NRC and the DOE announce their intent to conduct a public 
meeting to discuss agency interactions and activities in accordance 
with each agency's responsibilities under Section 3116 of the National 
Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2005. The meeting 
date, time, and location are listed below:
    Date: Monday, November 15, 2010.
    Time: 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.
    Location: The Aiken Municipal Building Conference Center, 215 The 
Alley, Aiken, SC 29801, Phone: 803-642-7654.
    Draft Agenda:

7-7:10 Introductions and Opening Remarks.
7:10-8 NDAA Section 3116 Process.
8-9 NDAA Section 3116 Challenges and Accomplishments.
9-10 Opportunity for Public Questions and/or Comment.


    On October 9, 2004, the Ronald W. Reagan National Defense 

[[Page 69476]]

Act for Fiscal Year 2005 (NDAA) was passed by Congress and was signed 
by the President on October 28, 2004. Section 3116 of the NDAA allows 
the DOE to determine that certain incidental waste, stemming from 
reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel, is not high-level waste (HLW). 
Should these incidental wastes, or Waste Incidental to Reprocessing 
(WIR), meet the criteria defined by the NDAA, they will be disposed via 
near-surface disposal. The NDAA is applicable only in the states of 
South Carolina and Idaho and does not apply to waste transported out of 
these States. The NDAA requires that: (1) DOE consult with NRC on its 
waste determinations in South Carolina and Idaho, and (2) NRC, in 
coordination with the State, monitor disposal actions taken by DOE for 
the purpose of assessing compliance with NRC regulations in 10 CFR part 
61, subpart C. If the NRC considers any disposal actions taken by the 
DOE pursuant to subparagraphs (A) or (B) of Section 3116(a)(3) of the 
NDAA to be not in compliance with those performance objectives, the NRC 
shall, as soon as practicable after discovery of the noncompliant 
conditions, inform the DOE, the covered State, and Congress. On 
November 16, 2006 and July 20, 2007, the NRC and DOE held public 
meetings to discuss the efficiency and effectiveness of the 
consultation process. This meeting is part of a series of continuing 
public lessons learned meetings that the NRC and DOE hold jointly. 
Since the November 2006 NRC/DOE joint public meeting, many NDAA, 
Section 3116 consultation and monitoring activities have taken place at 
the Savannah River Site. NRC is currently fulfilling its monitoring 
role for disposal actions at the Saltstone Facility at the Savannah 
River Site and consultation activities are underway as the DOE has 
recently submitted the F-Tank Farm Performance Assessment and Draft 
Waste Determination for NRC review. The agencies will provide the 
public with an update on NDAA Section 3116 activities, provide 
interested stakeholders a chance to make comments and ask questions, 
and inform the public of future activities.
    After the meeting, a publicly available summary of this meeting 
will be made available on the NRC's Agencywide Documents Access and 
Management System at http://www.nrc.gov and on the DOE webpage at 

Detailed Agenda


Linda Suttora--Office of Environmental Compliance, DOE, DOE HQ Project 
Manager for SRS Section 3116 Activities
Sherri Ross--Savannah River Site, Waste Disposition Programs Division, 
DOE, DOE SR Project Manager for Tank Farm Closures
Gregory Suber--Low-Level Waste Branch Chief, NRC, Chief of NRC Branch 
Responsible for WIR Activities
Frank Marcinowski--Deputy Assistant Secretary for Technical and 
Regulatory Support, DOE
Larry W. Camper--Director of the Division of Waste Management and 
Environmental Protection, NRC


7-7:10 Introductions and Opening Remarks (Nishka Devaser, NRC Saltstone 
Project Manager)
7:10-8 NDAA Section 3116 Process (DOE, DOE-SR, and NRC)
    Linda Suttora, DOE-HQ
    Sherri Ross, DOE-SR
    Gregory Suber, NRC
8-9 NDAA Section 3116 Challenges and Accomplishments
    NRC and DOE Perspectives on the Challenges Posed by Section 3116 
and the Accomplishments Made
    Frank Marcinowski, DOE
    Larry Camper, NRC
9-10 Opportunity for Public Questions and/or Comment

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: For questions related to this meeting, 
please contact Nishka Devaser at (301) 415-5196 or 
[email protected].

    Dated at Rockville, Maryland, this 8th day of November 2010.

    For the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.
Gregory Suber,
Branch Chief, Low-Level Waste Branch, Environmental Protection and 
Performance Assessment Directorate, Division of Waste Management and 
Environmental Protection, Office of Federal and State Materials and 
Environmental Management Programs.
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