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[Rules and Regulations]
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Rules and Regulations
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Federal Register / Vol. 75, No. 203 / Thursday, October 21, 2010 / 
Rules and Regulations

[[Page 64949]]


10 CFR Part 50

RIN 3150-AI37

Domestic Licensing of Production and Utilization Facilities; 
Updates to Incorporation by Reference of Regulatory Guides; Correction

AGENCY: Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

ACTION: Final rule; correction.


SUMMARY: This document corrects a final rule that was published in the 
Federal Register on October 5, 2010 (75 FR 61321). The final rule 
amends the Nuclear Regulatory Commission's (NRC) regulations to 
incorporate by reference the latest revisions of two previously 
incorporated regulatory guides. This document is necessary to include 
certification in the rule that the NRC has complied with the 
requirements of the Congressional Review Act. This information was 
inadvertently omitted from the final rule.

DATES: The correction is effective on November 4, 2010, the date the 
original final rule becomes effective.

Announcements, and Directives Branch, Office of Administration, Nuclear 
Regulatory Commission, Washington, DC 20555-0001, Telephone: (301) 492-
3667 or Toll Free: (800) 368-5642.

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: At the top of the third column of Page 61335 
of Federal Register document 2010-24814, published on October 5, 2010 
(75 FR 61321), add the following text:

XII. Congressional Review Act

    In accordance with the Congressional Review Act of 1996, the NRC 
has determined that this action is not a major rule and has verified 
this determination with the Office of Information and Regulatory 
Affairs of the Office of Management and Budget.

    Dated at Rockville, Maryland this 14th day of October 2010.

    For the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.
Cindy Bladey,
Chief, Rules, Announcements, and Directives Branch.
[FR Doc. 2010-26393 Filed 10-20-10; 8:45 am]