[Federal Register Volume 75, Number 139 (Wednesday, July 21, 2010)]
[Page 42460]
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National Park Service

Minor Boundary Revision at Lewis and Clark National Historical 

AGENCY: National Park Service, Interior.

ACTION: Announcement of boundary revision.


SUMMARY: Notice is hereby given that, pursuant to 16 U.S.C. 460l-
(9)(c)(1), the boundary of Lewis and Clark National Historical Park is 
modified to include an additional 106.74+/- acres of land identified as 
Tract No. 01-104, tax parcel nos: 710160000500 (account nos. 16983 and 
16982), 71016AB02800 (account nos. 17134 and 17135), 71016AB02600 
(account no. 17131), 71016AB03600 (account no. (17150), 71016AB02700 
(account no. 17132), and 71016AB03204 (account no. 17143). The land is 
located in Clatsop County, Oregon, immediately adjacent to the southern 
boundary of the Sunset Beach portion of Lewis and Clark National 
Historical Park. The boundary revision is depicted on Map No. 405/
80029, date drawn May 2010. This map is available for inspection at the 
following locations: National Park Service, Columbia Cascades Land 
Resources Program Center, 168 South Jackson Street, Seattle, WA 98104 
and National Park Service, Department of the Interior, Washington, DC 

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: National Park Service, Chief, Columbia 
Cascades Land Resources Program Center, 168 South Jackson Street, 
Seattle, Washington 98104, (206) 220-4100.

DATES: The effective date of this boundary revision is July 21, 2010.

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: 16 U.S.C. 460l-(9)(c)(1) provides that, 
after notifying the House Committee on Natural Resources and the Senate 
Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, the Secretary of the 
Interior is authorized to make this boundary revision upon publication 
of notice in the Federal Register. The Committees have been notified of 
this boundary revision. Inclusion of these lands within the park 
boundary will enable the landowner to sell the subject land to the 
National Park Service. The inclusion and acquisition of this property 
will enable the Service to expand public visitor uses and provide for 
additional western trailhead opportunities for the park's ``Fort to Sea 
Trail.'' Additionally, the boundary revision will provide greater 
protection of sensitive resources which would be appropriately managed 
as a part of the national park.

    Dated: July 21, 2010.
George Turnbull,
Acting Regional Director, Pacific West Region.
[FR Doc. 2010-17827 Filed 7-20-10; 8:45 am]