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License Renewal Interim Staff Guidance Process, Revision 2 Notice 
of Availability

AGENCY: Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC).

ACTION: Notice of availability.


SUMMARY: The NRC is issuing a revision to its license renewal interim 
staff guidance (LR-ISG) process. This revision is entitled, ``License 
Renewal Interim Staff Guidance Process, Revision 2'' (revised LR-ISG 
process). The LR-ISG process describes the basic framework for 
developing and implementing interim changes to certain NRC license 
renewal guidance documents. These guidance documents facilitate the 
implementation of and NRC staff review of license renewal applications 
submitted in accordance with Title 10 of the Code of Federal 
Regulations (10 CFR) Part 54, ``Requirements for Renewal of Operating 
Licenses for Nuclear Power Plants,'' and Part 51, ``Environmental 
Protection Regulations for Domestic Licensing and Related Regulatory 
Functions.'' An electronic copy of the revised LR-ISG process is 
available in the NRC's Agencywide Documents Access and Management 
System (ADAMS) under Accession No. ML100920158. The revised LR-ISG 
process supersedes the document entitled, ``License Renewal Interim 
Staff Guidance Process, Revision 1'' (ML091950069) (the previous LR-ISG 

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Mr. Matthew Homiack, Division of 
License Renewal, Office of Nuclear Reactor Regulation, U.S. Nuclear 
Regulatory Commission, Washington, DC 20555-0001; telephone 301-415-
1683; or e-mail [email protected].

ADDRESSES: Documents created or received after November 1, 1999, are 
available electronically at the NRC's Public Electronic Reading Room on 
the Internet at http://www.nrc.gov/reading-rm/adams.html. From this 
site, the public can gain entry into ADAMS. If you do not have access 
to the Internet or if there are any problems in accessing the documents 
located in ADAMS, contact the NRC Public Document Room reference staff 
at 1-800-397-4209, 301-415-4737, or by e-mail at [email protected].
    The NRC posts LR-ISGs and the LR-ISG process on its public Web page 
under the ``License Renewal'' heading at http://www.nrc.gov/reading-rm/doc-collections/isg.



    The NRC issued the previous LR-ISG process on August 7, 2009, and a 
notice of availability was published in the Federal Register on August 
17, 2009 (74 FR 41461). In this previous process, the NRC staff 
addressed a recommendation from the NRC's Office of the Inspector 
General (OIG) report, OIG-07-A-15, ``Audit of the NRC's License Renewal 
Program,'' dated September 6, 2007 (ML072490486). Accordingly, 
enhancements were made to the LR-ISG process for the NRC staff to 
evaluate and document its determinations as to whether LR-ISGs meet the 
provisions of 10 CFR 54.37(b) and 10 CFR 50.109. As part of this 
evaluation, the previous LR-ISG process references a draft version of 
NRC Regulatory Issue Summary (RIS) 2007-16, Revision 1, 
``Implementation of the Requirements of 10 CFR 54.37(b) for Holders of 
Renewed Licenses.'' At the time the previous process was issued, the 
NRC staff had not issued the final RIS 2007-16, Revision 1.
    After issuance of the previous LR-ISG process, the NRC staff 
identified the need to make some additional clarifications and 
administrative changes to the process. The clarifications concern the 
staff's evaluation of LR-ISGs under 10 CFR 54.37(b) and 10 CFR 50.109 
and the applicability of LR-ISGs to renewed license holders. The 
administrative changes include reference to the final RIS 2007-16, 
Revision 1, which the NRC issued on April 28, 2010 (ML100250279), and 
minor changes to the format and content of LR-ISG documents.
    The NRC staff incorporated these changes into the revised LR-ISG 
process, which was issued on June 14, 2010. The NRC did not publish a 
request for public comment in the Federal Register because of the 
administrative scope of the changes and clarifications.

Final Action

    By this action, the NRC is notifying the public of issuance of the 
revised LR-ISG process. As of June 14, 2010, the NRC staff will use 
this process to guide the development and implementation of LR-ISGs.

    Dated at Rockville, Maryland, this 14th day of June 2010.

    For the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.
Brian E. Holian,
Director, Division of License Renewal, Office of Nuclear Reactor 
[FR Doc. 2010-15023 Filed 6-21-10; 8:45 am]