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Federal Transit Administration

Alternative Transportation in Parks and Public Lands Program

AGENCY: Federal Transit Administration (FTA), DOT.

ACTION: Paul S. Sarbanes Transit in Parks Program Announcement of 
Project Selections.


SUMMARY: The U.S. Department of Transportation's (DOT) Federal Transit 
Administration (FTA) announces the selection of projects funded with 
Fiscal Year (FY) 2009 appropriations for the Paul S. Sarbanes Transit 
in Parks program (formally the Alternative Transportation in Parks and 
Public Lands (ATPPL)) program, authorized by Section 3021 of the Safe, 
Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act--A Legacy 
for Users of 2005 (SAFETEA-LU) and codified in 49 U.S.C. 5320. The Paul 
S. Sarbanes Transit in Parks program funds capital and planning 
expenses for alternative transportation systems in parks and public 
lands. Federal land management agencies and State, tribal and local 
governments acting with the consent of a Federal land management agency 
are eligible recipients.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Project sponsors who are State, local, 
or tribal entities may contact the appropriate FTA Regional 
Administrator (See the Appendix to this Notice) for grant-specific 
issues. Project sponsors who are a Federal land management agency or a 
specific unit of a Federal land management agency should work with the 
contact listed below at their headquarters office to coordinate the 
availability of funds to that unit.
     National Park Service: Mark H Hartsoe, [email protected]; tel: 202-513-7025, fax: 202-371-6675, mail: 1849 C 
Street, NW., (MS2420); Washington, DC 20240-0001.
     Fish and Wildlife Service: Nathan Caldwell, [email protected], tel: 703-358-2205, fax: 703-358-2517, mail: 4401 N. 
Fairfax Drive, Room 634; Arlington, VA 22203.
     Forest Service: Floyd Thompson, [email protected], 
tel: 202-205-1423, mail: 1400 Independence Avenue, SW.; Washington, DC 
     Bureau of Land Management: Victor F. Montoya, [email protected], tel: 202-912-7041, mail: 1620 L Street, WO-854, 
Washington, DC 20036.
    For general information about the Paul S. Sarbanes Transit in Parks 
program, please contact Kimberly Sledge, Office of Program Management, 
Federal Transit Administration, at [email protected], 202-366-

    A total of $26,900,000 was appropriated for FTA's Paul S. Sarbanes 
Transit in Parks program in Fiscal Year (FY) 2009. Of this amount, a 
minimum of $24,801,473 is available for project awards; $134,500 is 
reserved for oversight activities; $1,500,000 is reserved for planning, 
research, and technical assistance; and $464,027 will be added to 
available FY 2010 appropriations for the program. A total of 80 
applicants requested $69.0 million, more than twice the amount 
available in FY 2009 for projects, indicating high competition for 
funds. Both the U.S. Department of Interior and DOT review committees 
evaluated the project proposals based on the criteria defined in 49 
U.S.C. 5320(g)(2). Final selections were made through a collaborative 
    The goals of the program are to conserve natural, historical, and 
cultural resources; reduce congestion and pollution; improve visitor 
mobility and accessibility; enhance visitor experience; and ensure 
access to all, including persons with disabilities through alternative 
transportation projects. The projects selected to use FY 2009 funding 
represent a diverse set of capital and planning projects across the 
country, ranging from bus purchases to installation of Intelligent 
Transportation Systems (ITS) and are listed in Table 1.

Applying For Funds

    Recipients who are State or local government entities will be 
required to apply for Paul S. Sarbanes Transit in Parks program funds 
electronically through FTA's electronic grant award and management 
system, TEAM. These entities are assigned discretionary project IDs as 
shown in Table 1 of this notice. The content of these grant 
applications must reflect the approved proposal. (Note: Applications 
for the Paul S. Sarbanes Transit in Parks program do not require 
Department of Labor Certification.) Upon grant award, payments to 
grantees will be made by electronic transfer to the grantee's financial 
institution through FTA's Electronic Clearing House Operation (ECHO) 
system. Staff in FTA's Regional offices are available to assist 
    Recipients who are Federal land management agencies will be 
required to enter into an interagency agreement with FTA. FTA will 
administer one interagency agreement with each Federal land management 
agency receiving funding through the program for all of that agency's 
projects. Individual units of Federal land management agencies should 
work with the contact at their headquarters office listed above to 
coordinate the availability of funds to that unit.

Program Requirements

    Section 5320 requires funding recipients to meet certain 
requirements. Requirements that reflect existing statutory and 
regulatory provisions can be found in the document ``Alternative 
Transportation in Parks and Public Lands Program: Requirements for 
Recipients'' available at http://www.fta.dot.gov/atppl. These 
requirements are incorporated into the grant agreements and inter-
agency agreements used to fund the selected projects.

Pre-Award Authority

    Pre-award authority allows an agency that will receive a grant or 
interagency agreement to incur certain project costs prior to receipt 
of the grant or interagency agreement and retain eligibility of the 
costs for subsequent reimbursement after the grant or agreement is 
approved. The recipient assumes all risk and is responsible for 
ensuring that all conditions are met to retain eligibility, including 
compliance with Federal requirements such as the National Environmental 
Policy Act (NEPA), SAFETEA-LU planning requirements, and provisions 
established in the grant contract or Interagency Agreement. This 
automatic pre-award spending authority, when triggered, permits a 
grantee to incur costs on an eligible transit capital or planning 
project without prejudice to possible future Federal participation in 
the cost of the project or projects. Under the authority provided in 49 
U.S.C. 5320(h), FTA is extending pre-award authority for FY 2009 ATTPL 
projects effective April 5, 2010 when the projects were publicly 

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    The conditions under which pre-award authority may be utilized are 
specified below:
    a. Pre-award authority is not a legal or implied commitment that 
the project(s) will be approved for FTA assistance or that FTA will 
obligate Federal funds for those projects. Furthermore, it is not a 
legal or implied commitment that all items undertaken by the applicant 
will be eligible for inclusion in the project(s).
    b. All FTA statutory, procedural, and contractual requirements must 
be met.
    c. No action will be taken by the grantee that prejudices the legal 
and administrative findings that the Federal Transit Administrator must 
make in order to approve a project.
    d. Local funds expended pursuant to this pre-award authority will 
be eligible for reimbursement if FTA later makes a grant or interagency 
agreement for the project(s). Local funds expended by the grantee prior 
to the April 5, 2010 public announcement will not be eligible for 
credit toward local match or reimbursement. Furthermore, the 
expenditure of local funds on activities such as land acquisition, 
demolition, or construction, prior to the completion of the NEPA 
process, would compromise FTA's ability to comply with Federal 
environmental laws and may render the project ineligible for FTA 
    e. When a grant for the project is subsequently awarded, the 
Financial Status Report in TEAM-Web must indicate the use of pre-award 
authority, and the pre-award item in the project information section of 
TEAM should be marked ``yes.''

Reporting Requirements

    All recipients must submit quarterly reports to FTA containing the 
following information:
    (1) Narrative description of project(s); and,
    (2) discussion of all budget and schedule changes.
    The headquarters office for each Federal land management agency 
should collect a quarterly report for each of the projects delineated 
in the interagency agreement and then send these reports (preferably by 
e-mail) to Kimberly Sledge, FTA, [email protected]; 1200 New 
Jersey Avenue, Washington, DC 20590. Examples can be found on the 
program Web site at http://www.fta.dot.gov/atppl. State and local 
governments will send this information to FTA for projects that are 
funded through grants to State and local governments rather than 
through the interagency agreement. The quarterly reports are due to FTA 
on the dates noted below:

            Quarter                    Covering             Due date
1st Quarter Report............  October 1-December 31.  January 31
2nd Quarter Report............  January 1-March 31....  April 30
3rd Quarter Report............  April 1-June 30.......  July 31
4th Quarter Report............  July 1-September 31...  October 31

    In order to allow FTA to compute aggregate program performance 
measures FTA requests that all recipients of funding for capital 
projects under the Paul S. Sarbanes Transit in Parks program submit the 
following information annually:
     Annual visitation to the land unit;
     Annual number of persons who use the alternative 
transportation system (ridership/usage);
     An estimate of the number of vehicle trips mitigated based 
on alternative transportation system usage and the typical number of 
passengers per vehicle;
     Cost per passenger; and,
     A note of any special services offered for those systems 
with higher costs per passenger but more amenities.
    State and local government entities should submit this information 
as part of their fourth quarter report through FTA's TEAM grants 
management system.
    Federal land management agencies should also send this information 
as part of their fourth quarter report (preferably by e-mail), to 
Kimberly Sledge, FTA, [email protected]; 1200 New Jersey Avenue, 
SE., E46-303, Washington, DC 20590. Examples can be found on the 
program Web site at http://www.fta.dot.gov/atppl.


    Recipients of FY 2009 Paul S. Sarbanes Transit in Parks program 
funds will be required to certify that they will comply with all 
applicable Federal and FTA programmatic requirements. FTA direct 
grantees will complete this certification as part of the annual 
Certification and Assurances package, and Federal Land Management 
Agency recipients will complete the certification by signing the 
interagency agreement. This certification is the basis for oversight 
reviews conducted by FTA.
    The Secretary of Transportation and FTA have elected not to apply 
the triennial review requirements of 49 U.S.C. 5307(h)(2) to Paul S. 
Sarbanes Transit in Parks program recipients that are other Federal 
agencies. Instead, working with the existing oversight systems at the 
Federal Land Management Agencies, FTA will perform periodic reviews of 
specific projects funded by the Paul S. Sarbanes Transit in Parks 
program. These reviews will ensure that projects meet the basic 
statutory, administrative, and regulatory requirements as stipulated by 
this notice and the certification. To the extent possible, these 
reviews will be coordinated with other reviews of the project. FTA 
direct grantees of Paul S. Sarbanes Transit in Parks program funds 
(State, local and tribal government entities) will be subject to all 
applicable triennial, State management, civil rights, and other 

    Issued in Washington, DC, this 4 day of May 2010.
Peter Rogoff,

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FTA Regional and Metropolitan Offices

Richard H. Doyle, Regional               Robert C. Patrick, Regional
 Administrator, Region 1-Boston,          Administrator, Region 6-Ft.
 Kendall Square, 55 Broadway, Suite       Worth, 819 Taylor Street, Room
 920, Cambridge, MA 02142-1093, Tel.      8A36, Ft. Worth, TX 76102,
 617-494-2055.                            Tel. 817-978-0550.
States served: Connecticut, Maine,       States served: Arkansas,
 Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode      Louisiana, Oklahoma, New
 Island, and Vermont.                     Mexico and Texas.
Brigid Hynes-Cherin, Regional            Mokhtee Ahmad, Regional
 Administrator, Region 2-New York, One    Administrator, Region 7-Kansas
 Bowling Green, Room 429, New York, NY    City, MO, 901 Locust Street,
 10004-1415, Tel. 212-668-2170.           Room 404, Kansas City, MO
                                          64106, Tel. 816-329-3920.
States served: New Jersey, New York      States served: Iowa, Kansas,
                                          Missouri, and Nebraska.
New York Metropolitan Office, Region 2-
 New York, One Bowling Green, Room 428,
 New York, NY 10004-1415, Tel. 212-668-
Letitia Thompson, Regional               Terry Rosapep, Regional
 Administrator, Region 3-Philadelphia,    Administrator, Region 8-
 1760 Market Street, Suite 500,           Denver, 12300 West Dakota
 Philadelphia, PA 19103-4124, Tel. 215-   Ave., Suite 310, Lakewood, CO
 656-7100.                                80228-2583, Tel. 720-963-3300.
States served: Delaware, Maryland,       States served: Colorado,
 Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia,   Montana, North Dakota, South
 and District of Columbia.                Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming.
Philadelphia Metropolitan Office,
 Region 3-Philadelphia, 1760 Market
 Street, Suite 500, Philadelphia, PA
 19103-4124, Tel. 215-656-7070.
Washington, DC Metropolitan Office,
 1990 K Street, NW., Room 510,
 Washington, DC 20006, Tel. 202-219-
Yvette Taylor, Regional Administrator,   Leslie T. Rogers, Regional
 Region 4-Atlanta, 230 Peachtree          Administrator, Region 9-San
 Street, NW., Suite 800, Atlanta, GA      Francisco, 201 Mission Street,
 30303, Tel. 404-865-5600.                Room 1650, San Francisco, CA
                                          94105-1926, Tel. 415-744-3133.
States served: Alabama, Florida,         States served: American Samoa,
 Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North    Arizona, California, Guam,
 Carolina, Puerto Rico, South Carolina,   Hawaii, Nevada, and the
 Tennessee, and Virgin Islands.           Northern Mariana Islands.
                                         Los Angeles Metropolitan
                                          Office, Region 9-Los Angeles,
                                          888 S. Figueroa Street, Suite
                                          1850, Los Angeles, CA 90017-
                                          1850, Tel. 213-202-3952.
Marisol Simon, Regional Administrator,   Rick Krochalis, Regional
 Region 5-Chicago, 200 West Adams         Administrator, Region 10-
 Street, Suite 320, Chicago, IL 60606,    Seattle, Jackson Federal
 Tel. 312-353-2789.                       Building, 915 Second Avenue,
                                          Suite 3142, Seattle, WA 98174-
                                          1002, Tel. 206-220-7954.
States served: Illinois, Indiana,        States served: Alaska, Idaho,
 Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and           Oregon, and Washington.
Chicago Metropolitan Office, Region 5-
 Chicago, 200 West Adams Street, Suite
 320, Chicago, IL 60606, Tel. 312-353-


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