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Environmental Impact Statements; Notice of Availability

    Responsible Agency: Office of Federal Activities, General 
Information (202) 564-1399 or http://www.epa.gov/compliance/nepa/.

Weekly receipt of Environmental Impact Statements
Filed 01/25/2010 through 01/29/2010
Pursuant to 40 CFR 1506.9.


    In accordance with Section 309(a) of the Clean Air Act, EPA is 
required to make its comments on EISs issued by other Federal agencies 
public. Historically, EPA has met this mandate by publishing weekly 
notices of availability of EPA comments, which include a brief summary 
of EPA's comment letters, in the Federal Register. Since February 2008, 
EPA has been including its comment letters on EISs on its Web site at: 
http://www.epa.gov/compliance/nepa/eisdata.html. Including the entire 
EIS comment letters on the Web site satisfies the Section 309(a) 
requirement to make EPA's comments on EISs available to the public. 
Accordingly, after March 31, 2010, EPA will discontinue the publication 
of this notice of availability of EPA comments in the Federal Register.

EIS No. 20100024, Third Draft Supplement, USFS, 00, Southwest Idaho 
Ecogroup Land and Resource Management Plan, Updated Information to 
Reanalyze the Effects of Current and Proposed Management on Rock 
Mountain Bighorn Sheep Viability in the Payette National Forest 2003 
FEIS, Boise National Forest, Payette National Forest and Sawtooth 
National Forest, Forest Plan Revision, Implementation, Several 
Counties, ID; Malhaur County, OR and Box Elder County, UT, Comment 
Period Ends: 03/22/2010, Contact: Pattie Sourcek 208-634-0700.
EIS No. 20100025, Final EIS, USACE, NC, North Topsail Beach Shoreline 
Protection Project, Seeking Federal and State Permits to Allow 
Implementation of a Non-Federal Shoreline and Inlet Management Project, 
New River Inlet, Onslow County, NC, Wait Period Ends: 03/08/2010, 
Contact: Mickey Sugg 910-251-4811.
EIS No. 20100026, Final EIS, NOAA, 00, Amendment 31 to the Fishery 
Management Plan for Reef Fish Resources, Addresses Bycatch of Sea 
Turtles in the Bottom Longline Component of the Reef Fish Fishery, Gulf 
of Mexico, Wait Period Ends: 03/08/2010, Contact: Roy E. Crabtree 727-
EIS No. 20100027, Draft EIS, USFS, CA, Big Grizzly Fuels Reduction and 
Forest Health Project, Proposes

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Vegetation Treatments, Eldorado National Forest, Georgetown Ranger 
District, Georgetown, CA, Comment Period Ends: 03/22/2010, Contact: 
Dana Walsh 530-333-5558.
EIS No. 20100028, Draft Supplement, USFS, WY, Bridger-Teton National 
Forest, Proposal to Determine What Terms and Conditions to Allow 
Development of Oil and Gas Leasing in the Wyoming Range, Sublette 
County, WY, Comment Period Ends: 03/22/2010, Contact: Melissa Blackwell 
EIS No. 20100029, Draft EIS, BR, WA, Cle Elum Dam Fish Passage 
Facilities and Fish Reintroduction Project, To Restore Connectivity, 
Biodiversity, and Natural Production of Anadromous Salmonids, Kittitas 
County, WA, Comment Period Ends: 03/22/2010, Contact: Jennifer 
Beardsley 208-378-5035.
EIS No. 20100030, Draft EIS, WAPA, SD, Deer Creek Station Energy 
Facility Project, Proposed 300-megawatt (MW) Natural Gas-Fired 
Generation Facility, Brookings County, SD, Comment Period Ends: 03/22/
2010, Contact: Matt Marsh 406-247-7385.
EIS No. 20100031, Draft EIS, NRC, WI, GENERIC--License Renewal of 
Nuclear Plants for Kewaunee Power Station, Supplement 40 to NUREG-1437, 
Kewaunee County, WI, Comment Period Ends: 04/23/2010, Contact: Vanice 
Perin 301-415-8143.
EIS No. 20100032, Final EIS, WAPA, CA, ADOPTION--Delta-Mendota Canal/
California Aqueduct Intertie Project, Construction and Operation of a 
Pumping Plant and Pipeline Connection, San Luis Delta-Mendota Water 
Authority Project, Central Valley Project, Alameda and San Joaquin 
Counties, CA, Contact: Steve Tuggle 916-353-4549. The U.S. Department 
of Energy's Western Area Power Administrations (DOE/WAPA) has ADOPTED 
the U.S. Department of Interior, Bureau of Reclamations FEIS 
20090401, filed on 11/19/2009. DOE/WAPA was a Cooperating 
Agency for the above project. Recirculation of the FEIS is not 
necessary under 40 CFR 1506.3(c).

Amended Notices

EIS No. 20100016, Draft EIS, USN, CA, Silver Strand Training Complex 
(SSTC) Project, Proposed Naval Training Activities, Cities of Coronado 
and Imperial Beach, San Diego County, CA, Comment Period Ends: 03/08/
2010, Contact: Kent Randall 619-545-9339, Revision to FR Published 01/
22/2010: Correction to Contact Phone Number.
EIS No. 20090435, Draft EIS, APHIS, 00, Glyphosate-Tolerant Alfalfa 
Events J101 and J163: Request for Nonregulated Status, Implementation, 
United States, Comment Period Ends: 03/03/2010, Contact: Cindy Eck 202-
720-2600, Revision to FR Published 12/18/2009: Extending Comment Period 
From 02/16/2010 to 03/03/2010.

    Dated: February 2, 2010.
Robert W. Hargrove,
Director, NEPA Compliance Division, Office of Federal Activities.
[FR Doc. 2010-2537 Filed 2-4-10; 8:45 am]