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Office of New Reactors; Notice of Availability Standard Review 
Plan Section on Risk-Informed, Performance-Based Fire 
Protection Program

AGENCY: Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC).

ACTION: Notice of availability.


SUMMARY: The NRC is issuing its Final Guidance on NUREG-0800, 
``Standard Review Plan for the Review of Safety Analysis Reports for 
Nuclear Power Plants,'' Section on staff guidance on Risk-
Informed (RI), Performance-Based (PB) Fire Protection Program (FPP) for 
Operating Nuclear Power Plants (Agencywide Documents Access and 
Management System (ADAMS) Accession No. ML092590527). This guidance is 
being issued as an alternate to the existing guidance currently 
provided under Standard Review Plan (SRP) Section This is 
stand alone guidance and is provided for the benefit of licensees of 
existing plants who choose to adopt RI/PB FPP that meets the 
requirements of National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standard 
    The NRC staff issues notices to facilitate timely implementation of 
the current staff guidance and to facilitate activities associated with 
the review of amendment applications for transitioning to RI/PB FPPs. 
The NRC staff will also incorporate the approved SRP section 
into the next revisions of Regulatory Guide (RG) 1.205 and any related 
guidance documents. This guidance is applicable only to currently 
operating nuclear reactor licensees. This SRP is not endorsing NFPA 
805, since that standard is already a part of Title 10 of the Code of 
Federal Regulations, Section 50.48(c) rule (10 CFR 50.48(c)). In 
addition, this SRP does not directly endorse the guidance document 
issued by the industry (Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) 04-02, 
``Guidance for Implementing a Risk Informed, Performance-Based Fire 
Protection Program under 10 CFR 50.48(c),'' Revision 2) for plants 
transitioning to an NFPA 805 FPP. RG 1.205 provides the staff's 
positions with respect to NEI 04-02.
    Background: The draft SRP, which was published for public comment 
in the Federal Register in January 2009, is in ADAMS under Accession 
No. ML090050052. This SRP section was issued initially as Revision 0, 
and as a new guidance in January 2009, and was offered to stakeholders 
for comments under the agency's Federal Register notice published on 
February 5, 2009 (74 FR 6181). Numbers of comments were received as 
result of the proposed notice and are being dispositioned and the 
guidance is being issued as final with this revision. The public 
comments can be found at ADAMS Accession Nos. ML091100448, ML091480255, 
and ML091480256.

ADDRESSES: The NRC ADAMS provides text and image files of NRC's public 
documents. These documents may be accessed through the NRC's Public 
Electronic Reading Room on the Internet at http://www.nrc.gov/reading-rm/adams.html. Persons who do not have access to ADAMS or who encounter 
problems in accessing the documents located in ADAMS should contact the 
NRC Public Document Room reference staff by telephone at 1-800-397-
4209, 301-415-4737, or by e-mail at [email protected].

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Mr. Alexander R. Klein, Chief, Fire 
Protection Branch, Division of Risk Assessment, Office of the Nuclear 
Reactor Regulation, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Washington, DC, 
20555-0001; telephone at 301-415-2822 or e-mail at [email protected].

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The agency posts its issued staff guidance 
in the agency external Web page (http://www.nrc.gov/reading-rm/doc-collections/isg/).

    Dated at Rockville, Maryland, this 15th day of December 2009.

    For the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.
William F. Burton,
Chief, Rulemaking and Guidance Development Branch, Division of New 
Reactor Licensing, Office of New Reactors.
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