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U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services

[CIS No. 2457-08; DHS Docket No. USCIS-2008-0036]
RIN 1615-ZA74

Revision to Direct Mail Program for Submitting Form N-400, 
Application for Naturalization

AGENCY: U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, DHS.

ACTION: Notice.


SUMMARY: U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is revising 
its Direct Mail Program so that certain filings of Form N-400, 
Application for Naturalization, will now be filed at a designated 
lockbox facility instead of a USCIS Service Center. However, if you are 
the spouse of an active member of the Armed Forces, this notice 
instructs you now to file your Form N-400 at the Nebraska Service 
Center (NSC), whether you are filing from within the U.S. or abroad. 

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notice does not change the filing location for Forms N-400 filed by 
active members or certain veterans of the Armed Forces who are eligible 
to apply for naturalization under sections 328 or 329 of the 
Immigration and Nationality Act (the Act).

DATES: This notice becomes effective October 14, 2008.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Kathleen Stanley, Chief, Lockbox 
Operations Division, Office of the Chief Financial Officer, U.S. 
Citizenship and Immigration Services, Department of Homeland Security, 
20 Massachusetts Avenue, NW., 4th Floor, Washington, DC 20529, 
Telephone (202) 233-2385.



What Is the Direct Mail Program?

    The Direct Mail Program allows USCIS to standardize and more 
efficiently process applications by eliminating duplicative work, 
maximizing staff productivity, and introducing better information 
management tools. The purpose and strategy of the Direct Mail Program 
has been discussed in detail in previous rulemaking and notices. (See 
59 FR 33903, 59 FR 33985, 60 FR 22408, 61 FR 2266, 61 FR 56060, 62 FR 
16607, 63 FR 891, 63 FR 892, 63 FR 13434, 63 FR 13878, 63 FR 16828, 63 
FR 50584, 63 FR 8688, 63 FR 8689, 64 FR 67323, 69 FR 3380, 69 FR 4210, 
70 FR 30768, 72 FR 3402, and 73 FR 50336.)

Explanation of Changes

Will this notice change my eligibility for naturalization?

    No. This notice only affects the filing instructions where certain 
Form N-400s must be mailed. Some Form N-400s that were previously filed 
at USCIS Service Centers must now be sent to a designated lockbox 
facility. Please note that active members and certain veterans of the 
Armed Forces, as well as spouses of active members of the Armed Forces, 
have separate filing instructions. Filing changes will be discussed in 
detail in the following charts.

Where should I send my Form N-400 and all supporting documentation?

    Please refer to the following charts as to where to file your Form 

 Armed Forces Applicants (Veterans & Active Members) & Spouses of Active
                       Members of the Armed Forces
                If . . .                        Then mail to . . .
You are a veteran or an active member of  Nebraska Service Center, P.O.
 the Armed Forces and are eligible to      Box 87426, Lincoln, NE 68501-
 apply for naturalization under section    7426.
 328 or 329 of the Act; or
You are the spouse of an active member    Private Courier (non-USPS)
 of the Armed Forces                       Deliveries: Nebraska Service
                                           Center, 850 S Street,
                                           Lincoln, NE 68508.

                       Non-Armed Forces Applicants
                If . . .                        Then mail to . . .
You reside in:
    Alaska, Arizona, California,          USCIS Lockbox Facility, USCIS,
     Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois,    P.O. Box 21251, Phoenix, AZ
     Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan,      85036.
     Minnesota, Missouri, Montana,        Private Courier (non-USPS)
     Nebraska, Nevada, North Dakota,       Deliveries: USCIS, Attn:
     Ohio, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah,     N400, 1820 E Skyharbor Circle
     Washington, Wisconsin, Wyoming,       S. Floor 1, Phoenix, AZ
     Territory of Guam, Northern Mariana   85036.
You reside in:
    Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut,       USCIS Lockbox Facility, USCIS,
     Delaware, DC, Florida, Georgia,       P.O. Box 299026, Lewisville,
     Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine,           TX 75029.
     Maryland, Massachusetts,             Private Courier (non-USPS)
     Mississippi, New Hampshire, New       Deliveries: USCIS, Attn:
     Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North   N400, 2501 S. State Hwy 121,
     Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania,     Bldg. 4, Lewisville,
     Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, South      TX 75067.
     Carolina, Tennessee, Texas,
     Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia,
     U.S. Virgin Islands.

What happens if I file a Form N-400 covered by this notice at the wrong 

    For the first 30 days after this notice takes effect, USCIS will 
forward any improperly addressed Form N-400s covered by this notice to 
the proper lockbox address. Any applications forwarded within this time 
period will be considered properly filed when receipted at the Lockbox.
    After this 30-day transition period, any Form N-400 covered by this 
notice that is received at a location other than the appropriate 
lockbox address will be returned to you with an explanation directing 
you to mail it to the appropriate lockbox address.

Is USCIS amending the Form N-400 Instructions?

    USCIS is currently amending instructions and information listed on 
our Web site (http://www.uscis.gov) to reflect the new filing addresses 
and process change information. For example, inserting the requirement 
for passport style photos and providing clarification of the grounds 
for rejection of an application.

Where may I find information related to eligibility requirements for 

    You may find general eligibility requirements for naturalization at 
our Web site: http://www.uscis.gov. You may also download ``A Guide to 
Naturalization (Form M-476),'' which provides information on the 
benefits and responsibilities of citizenship, an overview of the 
naturalization process, and eligibility requirements.

Paperwork Reduction Act

    USCIS is amending the instructions to the Form N-400. Accordingly, 
USCIS has submitted an information collection request to Office of 
Management and Budget in accordance with the Paperwork Reduction Act. 
The instruction changes will not impose any new reporting or record-
keeping requirements. The OMB control number for this collection is 
contained in 8 CFR 299.5, Display of control numbers.

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    Dated: August 28, 2008.
Jonathan R. Scharfen,
Acting Director, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.
[FR Doc. E8-21083 Filed 9-11-08; 8:45 am]