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Bureau of Indian Affairs

Public Law 93-599 Transfer of Excess Property--Cherokee Nation, 

AGENCY: Bureau of Indian Affairs, Interior.

ACTION: Notice of Land Transfer from the General Services 


SUMMARY: This notice informs the public that the General Services 
Administration (GSA), Greater Southwest Region, Fort Worth, Texas, has 
transferred approximately 790.70 acres, of excess property, more or 
less, in Sequoyah County, Oklahoma, to the Secretary of the Interior, 
to be held in trust for the benefit and use of the Cherokee Nation.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Ben Burshia, Bureau of Indian Affairs, 
Division of Real Estate Services, Mail Stop-4639-MIB, 1849 C Street, 
NW., Washington, DC 20240, telephone (202) 208-7737.

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: This notice is published in the exercise of 
authority delegated by the Secretary of the Interior to the Assistant 
Secretary--Indian Affairs by part 209 of the Departmental Manual.
    On March 4, 1998, pursuant to authority contained in the Federal 
Property and Administrative Services Act of 1949, as amended by Public 
Law 93-599, dated January 2, 1975 (88 Stat. 1954), the below described 
property was transferred by the Local GSA Regional (7) Administrator of 
the General Services Administration, without compensation or 
reimbursement, to the Secretary of the Interior, to be held in trust 
for the benefit and use of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma.
    The description of the real property, known as the Robert S. Kerr 
Lock and Dam and Reservoir, (GSA Control No. 7-D-OK-561), is more 
particularly described as follows:

Indian Meridian, Sequoyah County, Oklahoma

    A parcel of land located in Sections 21, 27, 28 and 33, Township 
11 North, Range 23 East, of the Indian Meridian, in Sequoyah County, 
Oklahoma, more particularly described as:
Beginning at the Section Corner common to Sections 20, 21, 28, and 
29, Township 11 North, Range 23 East;
Thence N 89[deg]45'41'' E along the South line of said Section 21, a 
distance of 1654.37 feet, to Corps of Engineers Monument (C. of E. 
Mon.) 7-8;
Thence N 13[deg]45'51'' E a distance of 1367.13 feet, to C. of E. 
Mon. 6-7;
Thence S 89[deg]59'44'' E a distance of 662.09 feet to C. of E. Mon. 

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Thence S 00[deg]14'29'' E a distance of 1323.70 feet, to C. of E. 
Mon. 8-5;
Said monument being on the South line of Section 21;
Thence N 89[deg]45'41'' E along said line, a distance of 2151.71 
feet, to C. of E. Mon. 3-4;
Thence S 24[deg]08'40'' W a distance of 1914.38 feet;
Thence N 88[deg]27'25'' W a distance of 771.75 feet;
Thence N 27[deg]36'48'' W a distance of 1800.00 feet;
Thence S 89[deg]53'12'' W a distance of 830.00 feet;
Thence S 00[deg]06'48'' E a distance of 1520.00 feet;
Thence S 20[deg]38'51'' E a distance of 1535.02 feet;
Thence N 84[deg]26'32'' E a distance of 1710.92 feet;
Thence N 59[deg]37'02'' E a distance of 1327.14 feet;
Thence N 07[deg]56'57'' E a distance of 228.68 feet;
Thence N 62[deg]39'01'' E a distance of 190.50 feet;
Thence S 43[deg]00'46'' E a distance of 173.50 feet, to a point on 
the East line of said Section 28, said line also being the West line 
of said Section 27;
Thence N 52[deg]15'59'' E a distance of 334.62 feet;
Thence S 52[deg]39'33'' E a distance of 294.34 feet;
Thence S 22[deg]16'40'' W a distance of 471.06 feet;
Thence S 26[deg]13'22'' W a distance of 404.66 feet;
Thence S 36[deg]11'52'' W a distance of 242.52 feet, to the West 
line of said Section 27, said line also being the East line of said 
Section 28;
Thence S 33[deg]37'32'' W a distance of 379.37 feet;
Thence S 47[deg]58'46'' W a distance of 1234.39 feet;
Thence S 54[deg]48'57'' W a distance of 1174.84 feet;
Thence S 05[deg]41'58'' W a distance of 663.65 feet;
Thence S 42[deg]22'50'' W a distance of 2046.21 feet;
Thence S 78[deg]00'52'' E a distance of 2109.25 feet;
Thence S 15[deg]06'48'' E a distance of 2770.00 feet;
Thence S 89[deg]44'13'' W a distance of 1660.00 feet;
Thence S 00[deg]10'38'' E a distance of 422.41 feet, to the south 
line of said Section 33;
Thence S 89[deg]51'01'' W along said line, a distance of 1676.13 
Thence N 12[deg]43'20'' W a distance of 5409.62 feet, to the Section 
Corner common to Sections 28, 29, 32 and 33, Township 11 North, 
Range 23 East;
Thence N 00[deg]10'38'' W along the West line of said Section 28, a 
distance of 5274.35 feet, more or less to the Point of Beginning.

    The above described lands contain a total of 790.70 acres, more or 
less, which is transferred subject to compliance with the provisions of 
the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969, as amended, Section 106 
of the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966, as amended, 
Executive Order 11593, Protection and Enhancement of the Cultural 
Environment, Executive Orders 11988 and 11990, Subject: Floodplain 
Management and Protection of Wetlands, and other appropriate 
guidelines, valid rights, reservations, rights-of-way, easements of 
record, regulations, laws, and Executive Orders pertaining to the 
future use of this property.
    This Notice does not affect title to the land described above, nor 
does it affect any valid existing easements for public roads and 
highways, public utilities, railroads and pipelines, and any other 
rights-of-way or reservations of record.

    Dated: March 28, 2008.
Carl J. Artman,
Assistant Secretary--Indian Affairs.
 [FR Doc. E8-7198 Filed 4-4-08; 8:45 am]