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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Notice of Public Meeting

AGENCY: The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health 
(NIOSH) of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 
Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).
SUMMARY: The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health 
(NIOSH) of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) 
announces the following public meeting: Partnerships to Advance the 
National Occupational Research Agenda (NORA)''.
    Public Meeting Time and Date: 9 a.m.-3 p.m. EST, February 27, 2008.
    Place: Patriots Plaza, 395 E Street SW., Conference Room 9000, 
Washington, DC 20201.
    Purpose of Meeting: NORA has been structured to engage partners 
with each other and/or with NIOSH to advance NORA priorities. The NORA 
Liaison Committee continues to be an opportunity for representatives 
from organizations with national scope to learn about NORA progress and 
to suggest possible partnerships based on their organization's mission 
and contacts. This opportunity is now able to be structured as a public 
meeting via the Internet in order to attract participation by a larger 
number of organizations and to enhance the success of NORA. Some of the 
types of organizations of national scope that are especially encouraged 
to participate are employers, unions, trade associations, labor 
associations, professional associations, and foundations. Others are 
    This meeting will include updates from NIOSH leadership on NORA as 
well as updates from approximately half of the Councils on their 
progress, priorities and implementation plans to date, including the 
Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing Sector; Healthcare and Social 
Assistance Sector; Transportation, Warehousing and Utilities Sector; 
Mining Sector and Oil and Gas Extraction Sub-Sector. After each update, 
there will be time to discuss partnership opportunities.
    Status: The meeting is open to the public, limited only by the 
capacities of the conference call and conference room facilities. There 
is limited space available in the meeting room (capacity 34). 
Therefore, information to allow participation in the meeting through 
the internet (to see the slides) and a teleconference call (capacity 
50) will be provided to registered participants. Participants are 
encouraged to consider attending by this method. Each participant is 
requested to register for the free meeting by sending an E-mail to 
[email protected] containing the participant's name, organization 
name, contact phone number on the day of the meeting, and preference 
for participation by web meeting (requirements include: Computer, 
internet connection and phone, preferably with ``mute'' capability) or 
in person. An E-mail confirming registration will include the details 
needed to participate in the web meeting. Non-U.S. citizens are 
encouraged to participate in the web meeting. Non-U.S. citizens 
registering to attend in person after February 15 will not have time to 
comply with security procedures.
    Background: The National Occupational Research Agenda (NORA) is a 
partnership program to stimulate innovative research in occupational 
safety and health leading to improved workplace practices. Unveiled in 
1996, NORA has become a research framework for the nation. Diverse 
parties collaborate to identify the most critical issues in workplace 
safety and health. Partners then work together to develop goals and 
objectives for addressing those needs and to move the research results 
into practice. The NIOSH role is facilitator of the process. For more 
information about NORA, see http://www.cdc.gov/niosh/nora/about.html.
    Since 2006, NORA has been structured by industrial sectors. Eight 
sector groups have been defined using the North American Industrial 
Classification System (NAICS). After receiving public input through the 
web and town hall meetings, NORA Sector Councils have been working to 
define sector-specific strategic plans for conducting research and 
moving the results into widespread practice. During 2008, most of these 
Councils will post draft strategic plans for public comment. For more 
information, see the link above and choose ``Sector-based Approach,'' 
``NORA Sector Councils'' and ``Comment on Draft Sector Agendas'' from 
the right-side menu.
    Contact Person for Technical Information: Sidney C. Soderholm, 
Ph.D., NORA Coordinator, http:[email protected]">//www.[email protected], (202) 245-

    Dated: February 12, 2008.
James D. Seligman,
Chief Information Officer, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
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