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39 CFR Part 20

Priority Mail[supreg] Large Flat-Rate Box--International

AGENCY: Postal Service\TM\.

ACTION: Final rule.


SUMMARY: This final rule revises the Mailing Standards of the United 
States Postal Service, International Mail Manual (IMM[supreg]), to add 
a new Priority Mail[supreg] Large Flat-Rate Box that has been approved 
by the Board of Governors of the United States Postal Service for 
domestic and international Priority Mail shipments.
    The new Priority Mail large flat-rate box is approximately 50 
percent larger than the regular flat-rate boxes currently available. 
Two prices will apply to the large flat-rate box when mailed to 
international destinations:
     $29.95 for Priority Mail InternationalTM 
service to Canada and Mexico.
     $49.95 for Priority Mail International service to all 
other countries.
    The larger flat-rate box is identified by the words ``Large Flat-
Rate Box'' printed on the packaging.

DATES: Effective Date: March 3, 2008.

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FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Christy Bonning, 202-268-2108, or 
Garry Rodriguez, 202-268-7281, United States Postal Service.

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The Postal Service first approved the 
domestic Priority Mail flat-rate box as an experiment more than three 
years ago. Board of Governors' Decision, Docket No. MC 2004-2 (October 
29, 2004). Subsequently, a permanent classification for the flat-rate 
box was approved as part of the R2006-1 omnibus rate case. The use of 
Priority Mail flat-rate boxes for Priority Mail International shipments 
was adopted concurrently with the rate case.
    The offering of a larger Priority Mail flat-rate box will enhance 
customer choice, convenience, and ease of use. Accordingly, the Postal 
Service offers a new Priority Mail large flat-rate box with a weight 
restriction of 20 pounds to international destinations. The dimensions 
are 12\1/4\'' x 12\1/4\'' x 6'' exterior, and 12'' x 12'' x 5\1/2\'' 
    The new Priority Mail large flat-rate box will be available for 
order online at USPS.com and in most post offices nationwide.
    The Postal Service adopts the following changes to Mailing 
Standards of the United States Postal Service, International Mail 
Manual (IMM), which is incorporated by reference in the Code of Federal 
Regulations. See 39 CFR part 20.

List of Subjects in 39 CFR Part 20

    Foreign relations, International postal services.

Accordingly, 39 CFR part 20 is amended as follows:


1. The authority citation for 39 CFR part 20 is revised to read as 

    Authority: 5 U.S.C. 552(a); 39 U.S.C. 401, 404, 407, 408, 3632 
and 3633.

2. Revise the following sections of Mailing Standards of the United 
States Postal Service, International Mail Manual (IMM), as follows:

2 Conditions for Mailing

* * * * *

230 Priority Mail International

* * * * *
    [Revise heading of 232 as follows:]

232 Priority Mail International Flat-Rate Envelope

* * * * *
    [Reverse section 233 in its entirety with sections 234 and 234.1. 
Delete 234.2 in its entirety. Renumber 234.3 through 234.5 as new 234.5 
through 234.7.]
    [Revise heading of renumbered 233 (old 234) as follows:]

233 Priority Mail International Flat-Rate Boxes

    [Add a new 233.1 and renumber 233.1 (old 234.1) as 233.2.]

233.1 General

    All mailable items that may be sent as Priority Mail International 
(see 231.1) may be sent in Priority Mail flat-rate boxes when the 
contents fit securely and are entirely confined within the box. The box 
flaps must be able to close within the normal folds.
    A flat-rate box may be insured. See 320 and Individual Country 
Listings for insurance availability, limitations, and coverage. 
Registered Mail service is not available.
    [Revise heading and text of renumbered 233.2 (old 234.1) as 

233.2 Postage

    The Priority Mail flat-rate boxes are charged flat rates. The price 
does not depend on the weight of the item. Postage is required for each 
piece. Exhibit 233.2 lists the rates for Priority Mail International 
flat-rate boxes.
    [Revise heading and table of Exhibit 233.2 (old 234.1) as follows:]

Exhibit 233.2

Priority Mail International--Flat-Rate Boxes

                                          Regular  flat-    Large flat-
        International destination            rate box        rate box
Canada & Mexico.........................          $23.00          $29.95
All other countries.....................           37.00           49.95

    [In the Note of 233.2 keep only the first sentence; delete rest of 
text (sentences two through five).]
    [Add new 233.3 as follows:]

233.3 Weight Limit

    The weight limit for each flat-rate box is 20 pounds.
    [Add new 233.4 as follows:]

233.4 Customs Forms Required

    All Priority Mail International flat-rate boxes must bear a 
properly completed PS Form 2976-A.

234 Priority Mail International Parcels

    [Add new 234.1 and renumber 234.1 through 234.3 as new 234.2 
through 234.4.]

234.1 General

    Prices for parcels not using a flat-rate box vary by weight and 
country rate group. See Individual Country Listings.

234.2 Indemnity

* * * * *
    [Revise the second Note in 234.2 as follows:]

    Note: Priority Mail parcels and flat-rate boxes may be insured, 
but not Priority Mail flat-rate envelopes (see 322).

234.3 Exclusions

* * * * *

234.4 Ordinary Priority Mail International Weight and Indemnity Limits

* * * * *

Neva R. Watson,
Attorney, Legislative.
 [FR Doc. E8-1776 Filed 1-31-08; 8:45 am]