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Privacy Act of 1974; Privacy Act System of Records

AGENCY: General Services Administration

ACTION: Final Notice


SUMMARY: The General Services Administration (GSA) is publishing a 
final notice for the Government-wide system of records, GSA 
SmartPay[reg] Purchase Charge Card Program (GSA/GOVT-6). This final 
notice incorporates changes from feedback received to the notice 
originally published for public comment on June 16, 2006, proposing the 
establishment of the SmartPay[reg] Purchase Charge Care Program as a 
system of records under the Privacy Act of 1974, 5 U.S.C. 552a. The 
feedback was provided by Federal agencies' program coordinators and 
were minor in nature, consisting of requests for clarification of terms 
and inclusion of certain examples, i.e., an explanation of what 
constitutes an ``expert, consultant, or contractor'' in routine use h., 
and inclusion of ``Approving Agency Officials and Federal agency/
organization program coordinators'' to clarify the types of Federal 
employees covered by the system. Additionally, minor editorial changes 
were made to ensure clarity. All changes were agreed to by the 
individuals who provided the feedback.
    SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The GSA SmartPay[reg] Purchase Charge 
Card Program (GSA/GOVT-6) system of records, for which GSA has 
Government-wide responsibility, assembles and maintains charge card 
related information and ensures the efficient and cost effective 
operation, control, and management of commercial purchasing activities 
by Federal agencies. The system includes personal information of 
individuals to enhance the Federal government's ability to monitor 
official purchases, payments, and expenses involving purchase charge 
card transactions.

DATES: The system of records will become effective on the date of 
publication of this notice.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: Write the Director, Support Services Division, 
Federal Acquisition Service, General Services Administration, 1901 
South Bell Street, Arlington VA 22202; or call the GSA Privacy Act 
Officer (CIB) on (202) 501-1452.

    Dated: October 27, 2006.
Cheryl M. Paige
Acting Director, Office of Information Management.

System name:
    GSA SmartPay[reg] Purchase Charge Card Program

System location:
    System records are located at the Federal agency for which an 
individual is authorized to perform purchase charge card transactions. 
Records necessary for a contractor to perform under a Federal agency 
contract are located at the contractor's facility. Contact the System 
Manager for additional information.

Categories of individuals covered by the system:
    Individuals covered by the system are Federal Agency Approving 
Officials; Federal Agency/Organization Program Coordinators; and 
Federal employees, contractors, and other individuals who apply for 
and/or use government-assigned purchase charge cards.

Categories of Records in the System:
    The system provides control over expenditure of funds through the 
use of Federal government purchase cards. System records include:
    a. Personal information on individuals who apply for and use 
Federal government charge cards including name and Social Security 
Number or other personal identifier (e.g., employee ID). The system 
also includes information of a non-personal nature such as agency of 
employment, business address (city, state, country, and zip code), 
title or position, business telephone, business fax number, and e-mail 
    b. Account processing and management information, including 
purchase authorizations and vouchers, charge card applications, charge 
card receipts, terms and conditions for card use, charge card 
transactions, contractor monthly reports showing charges to individual 
account numbers, account balances, and other data needed to authorize, 
account for, and pay authorized purchase card expenses.

Authorities for maintenance of the system:
    E.O. 9397; E.O. 12931; 40 U.S.C. Sec. 501-502.

    To establish and maintain a system for operating, controlling, and 
managing the purchase charge card program involving commercial 
purchases by authorized Federal government employees and contractors.

Routine uses of the system records, including categories of users and 
their purpose for using the system:
    System information may be accessed and used by authorized Federal 
agency employees or contractors to conduct official duties associated 
with the management and operation of the purchase charge card program. 
Information from this system also may be disclosed as a routine use:
    a. To a Federal, State, local, or foreign agency responsible for 
investigating, prosecuting, enforcing, or carrying out a statute, rule, 
regulation, or order, where an agency becomes aware of a violation or 
potential violation of civil or criminal law or regulation.
    b. To an appeal, grievance, or formal complaints examiner; equal 
employment opportunity investigator; arbitrator; or other official 
engaged in investigating, or settling a grievance, complaint, or appeal 
filed by an individual who is the subject of the record.
    c. To officials of labor organizations recognized under Pub. L. 95-
454, when necessary to their duties of exclusive representation on 
personnel policies, practices, and matters affecting working 
    d. To another Federal agency in connection with the hiring or 
retention of an employee; the issuance of a security clearance; the 
reporting of an investigation; clarifying a job; the letting of a 
contract; or the issuance of a grant, license, or other benefit to the 
extent that the information is relevant and necessary to a decision.
    e. To the Office of Personnel Management (OPM), the Office of 
Management and Budget (OMB), the Government Accountability Office

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(GAO) or other Federal agency when the information is required for 
program evaluation purposes.
    f. To a Member of Congress or staff on behalf of and at the request 
of the individual who is the subject of the record.
    g. To the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) for 
records management purposes.
    h. To an expert, consultant, or contractor in the performance of a 
Federal duty to which the information is relevant, including 
individuals, organizations, private or public agencies, or other 
entities or individuals with whom a Federal agency/organization has a 
contract or agreement to perform such services, including issuance of 
charge cards, as that agency/organization may deem practicable for the 
purposes of laws administered by the agency/organization, in order for 
the contractor, subcontractor, public or private agency, or other 
entity or individual with whom the agency/organization has an agreement 
or contract to perform the services of the contract or agreement. This 
routine use includes disclosures by the individual or entity performing 
the service for the Federal agency/organization to any secondary entity 
or individual to perform an activity that is necessary for individuals, 
organizations, private or public agencies, or other entities or 
individuals with whom the agency/organization has a contract or 
agreement to provide the service to the agency/organization.
    i. To GSA in the form of listings, reports, and records of all 
transportation related transactions, including refunds and adjustments, 
by the contractor to enable audits of transportation related charges to 
the Government.
    j. To GSA contract agents assigned to participating agencies for 
billing of purchase expenses.
    k. To agency finance offices for debt collection purposes.

Policies and practices for storing, retrieving, accessing, retaining, 
and disposing of system records:
    Information may be collected on paper or electronically and may be 
stored on paper or on electronic media, as appropriate.

    Records may be retrieved by name, Social Security Number, credit 
card number, and/or other personal identifier (e.g., employee ID) or 
appropriate type of designation.

    System records are safeguarded in accordance with the requirements 
of the Privacy Act, the Computer Security Act, and OMB Circular A-130. 
Technical, administrative, and personnel security measures are 
implemented to ensure confidentiality and integrity of the system data 
stored, processed, and transmitted. Paper records are stored in secure 
cabinets or rooms to which only authorized individuals have access. 
Electronic records are protected by passwords and other appropriate 
security measures.

Retention and disposal:
    Disposition of records is according to the National Archives and 
Records Administration (NARA) guidelines, as set forth in the handbook, 
GSA Records Maintenance and Disposition System (OAD P 1820.2A and CIO P 
1820.1), authorized GSA records schedules, and by individual agencies.

System manager and address:
    Director, Office of Commercial Acquisition (FC), General Services 
Administration, 1901 South Bell Street, Arlington VA 22202. Also, 
officials responsible for individual agency purchase card programs 
using the SmartPay[reg] system (e.g., Federal Agency/Organization 
Program Coordinators).

Notification procedure:
    Individuals may obtain information about their records from the 
purchase charge card program manager of the agency for which they 
transact purchases.

Record access procedures:
    Requests from individuals for access to their records should be 
addressed to their agency's purchase charge card program manager or to 
the finance office of the agency for which the individual transacts 

Contesting record procedures:
    Individuals may access their records, contest the contents, and 
appeal determinations according to their agency's rules.

Record source categories:
    Information is obtained from individuals submitting charge card 
applications, monthly contractor reports, purchase records, managers, 
other agencies, non-Federal sources such as private firms, and other 
agency systems containing information pertaining to the purchase charge 
card program.
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