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Environmental Impact Statements And Regulations; Availability of 
EPA Comments

    Availability of EPA comments prepared pursuant to the Environmental 
Review Process (ERP), under section 309 of the Clean Air Act and 
Section 102(2)(c) of the National Environmental Policy Act as amended. 
Requests for copies of EPA comments can be directed to the Office of 
Federal Activities at 202-564-7167. An explanation of the ratings 
assigned to draft environmental impact statements (EISs) was published 
in FR dated April 1, 2005 (70 FR 16815).

Draft EISs

EIS No. 20050362, ERP No. D-NRC-E05101-NC, Generic--Brunswick Stream 
Electric Plant, Units 1 and 2 (TAC Nos. MC4641 and MC4642) License 
Renewal of Nuclear Plants, Supplement 25 to NUREG-1437, Brunswick 
County, NC.

    Summary: EPA expressed environmental concerns about radiological 
monitoring of all plant effluents, and appropriate storage and ultimate 
disposition of radioactive waste generated on-site during the license 
renewal period, as well as continuing measures to limit bioentrainment 
and other impacts to aquatic species from surface water withdrawals and 
discharges. Rating EC1.

EIS No. 20050396, ERP No. D-BIA-K60036-CA, Elk Valley Rancheria Martin 
Ranch 203.5-Acre Fee-to-Trust Transfer and Casino/Resort Project, 
Implementation, Federal Trust, Elk Valley Rancheria Tribe, Crescent 
City, Del Norte County, CA.

    Summary: EPA expressed concerns about impacts to wetlands and 
uncertainties in the stormwater management system. EPA recommended the 
final EIS include an adaptive management plan for the vegetated swale 
system and clarify the need for a Clean Water Act Section 404 permit 
for road crossings. Rating EC2.

EIS No. 20050425, ERP No. D-BLM-K65292-CA, Southern Diablo Mountain 
Range and Central Coast of California Resource Management Plan, Several 
Counties, CA.

    Summary: EPA expressed concerns and recommended additional measures 
be taken to reduce impacts to human health, watershed and vegetation 
resources in the planning area. Rating EC2.

EIS No. 20050435, ERP No. D-NOA-E86003-00, Snapper Grouper Fishery, 
Amendment 13C to the Fishery Management Plan, Phase Out Overfishing of 
Snowy Grouper, Golden Tilefish, Vermilion Snapper and Sea Bass, 
Implementation, South Atlantic Region.

    Summary: While EPA had no objection to the proposed action, EPA did 
request clarification of EJ demographics of fishermen. Rating LO.

EIS No. 20050438, ERP No. D-COE-E11058-SC, Charleston Naval Complex 
(CNC), Proposed Construction of a Marine Container Terminal, Cooper 
River in Charleston Harbor, City of North Charleston, Charleston 
County, SC.

    Summary: EPA expressed environmental concerns about impacts to 
aquatic resources, water quality and air quality. EPA also requested 
additional information regarding the potential impacts. Rating EC2.

EIS No. 20050450, ERP No. D-SFW-F64006-IL, Crab Orchard National 
Wildlife Refuge Comprehensive Conservation Plan (CCP), Implementation, 
Williamson, Jackson and Unicon Counties, IL.

    Summary: While EPA had no objections to the proposed action, EPA 
did request clarification on partnerships to reduce water pollution and 
additional surveys covering area-sensitive forest birds and grassland 
and shrubland birds. Rating LO.

EIS No. 20050484, ERP No. D-COE-K36143-CA, American River Watershed, 
Lower American River Common Features Mayhew Levee Project, 
Reconstruction, Sacramento County, CA.

    Summary: EPA expressed concerns that several alternatives would 
convert the American River Parkway to levee and maintenance roads and 
would impact oak woodland habitat. EPA recommended the selection of 
either Alternative 4 or 5 to reduce impacts to riparian vegetation and 
requested additional information regarding cumulative impacts to air 
and water quality in the area. Rating EC2.

EIS No. 20050507, ERP No. D-BLM-K65293-NV, Sheep Complex, Big Springs 
and Owyhee Grazing Allotments Sensitive Bird Species Project, Determine 
Impacts of Livestock Grazing, Elko County, NV.

    Summary: EPA expressed environmental concerns with the potential 
for continued impacts to vegetation, cultural resources, wildlife 
habitat and sensitive species under the proposed level of grazing. The 
Final EIS should include additional information on mitigation measures. 
Rating EC2.

EIS No. 20050539, ERP No. D-GSA-K61163-CA, Andrade Port of Entry (POE) 
Improvements Project, Proposed Expansion, Renovation , or Replacement 
of POE, Andrade, CA.

    Summary: EPA had concerns about cumulative impacts to air quality, 
water quality, biological resources and cultural resources. Rating EC2.

EIS No. 20050413, ERP No. DS-FHW-E40339-NC, NC 12 Replacement of 
Herbert C. Bonner Bridge (Bridge No. 11 ) New and Updated Information, 
over Oregon Inlet Construction, Funding, U.S. Coast Guard Permit, 
Special-Use-Permit, Right-of-Way Permit, US Army COE Section 10 and 404 
Permit, Dare County, NC.

    Summary: EPA has environmental objections to proposed project 
alternatives that would continue to bisect the Pea Island National 
Wildlife Refuge (PINWR) and likely result in long-term impacts to water 
quality as well as disturbances to essential habitat for migratory 
water fowl and resident wildlife. Pamlico Sound bridge alternatives 
(PSBC), however, would traverse open water and result in less adverse 
environmental impacts by

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bypassing the PINWR and most sensitive aquatic habitats. Rating EO2.

Final EISs

EIS No. 20050313, ERP No. F-DOE-J39033-UT, Moab Uranium Mill Trailings 
Remediation, Proposal to Clean Up Surface Contamination and Implement a 
Ground Water Strategy, Grand and San Juan Counties, UT.

    Summary: EPA's earlier concerns were addressed in the Final EIS; 
therefore, EPA does not object to the proposed action.

EIS No. 20050506, ERP No. F-NOA-L91026-00, Pacific Coast Groundfish 
Fishery Management Plan, To Conserve and Enhance Essential Fish Habitat 
(EFH) Designation and Minimization of Advise Impacts, Coast Exclusive 
Economic Zone, WA, OR and CA.

    Summary: EPA supports the preferred alternatives for designating 
EFH, minimizing fishing impacts to EFH and research and monitoring. 
However, EPA still has concerns that not all oil production platforms 
are designated as Habitat Areas of Particular Concern.

EIS No. 20050517, ERP No. F-FHW-D40325-PA, US-219 Improvements Project, 
Meyersdale to Somerset, SR 6219, Section 020, Funding, U.S. Army COE 
Section 404 Permit, Somerset County, PA.

    Summary: EPA has no objections to the proposed project.

EIS No. 20050509, ERP No. FB-COE-E36167-FL, Central and Southern 
Florida Project, Tamiami Trail Modifications, Modified Water Deliveries 
to Everglades National Park, Authorized Flow of Water from WCA-38 and 
the L-29 Canal North of the Tamiami Trail, Dade County, FL.

    Summary: While EPA has no objections to the proposed action, EPA 
did recommend an adaptive management approach to take advantage of 
information gained from concurrent/future water quality monitoring and 
wetland functions analysis.

    Dated: January 31, 2006.
Ken Mittelholtz,
Environmental Protection Specialist, Office of Federal Activities.
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