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Small Business Size Standards: Waiver of the Nonmanufacturer Rule

AGENCY: U.S. Small Business Administration.

ACTION: Notice of intent to waive the Nonmanufacturer Rule for Water 
Treatment Chemicals.


SUMMARY: The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) is considering 
granting a waiver of the Nonmanufacturer Rule for Water Treatment 
Chemicals. The basis for waivers is that no small business 
manufacturers are supplying these classes of products to the Federal 
government. The effect of a waiver would be to allow otherwise 
qualified regular dealers to supply the products of any domestic 
manufacturer on a Federal contract set aside for small businesses, 
service-disabled veteran-owned small businesses or SBA's 8(a) Business 
Development Program. The purpose of this notice is to solicit comments 
and potential source information from interested parties.

DATES: Comments and source information must be submitted on or before 
February 3, 2006.

ADDRESSES: You may submit comments and source information to Edith 
Butler, Program Analyst, U.S. Small Business Administration, Office of 
Government Contracting, 409 3rd Street, SW., Suite 8800, Washington, DC 

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Edith Butler, Program Analyst, by 
telephone at (202) 619-0422; by FAX at 481-1788; or by e-mail at 
[email protected].

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Section 8(a)(17) of the Small Business Act 
(Act), 15 U.S.C. 637(a)(17), requires that recipients of Federal 
contracts set aside for small businesses, service-disabled veteran-
owned small businesses, or SBA's 8(a) Business Development Program 
provide the product of a small business manufacturer or processor, if 
the recipient is other than the actual manufacturer or processor. This 
requirement is commonly referred to as the Nonmanufacturer Rule.
    The SBA regulations imposing this requirement are found at 13 CFR 
121.406(b). Section 8(a)(17)(b)(iv) of the Act authorizes SBA to waive 
the Nonmanufacturer Rule for any ``class of products'' for which there 
are no small business manufacturers or processors in the Federal 
    As implemented in SBA's regulations at 13 CFR 121.1202(c), in order 
to be considered available to participate in the Federal market for a 
class of products, a small business manufacturer must have submitted a 
proposal for a contract solicitation or received a contract from the 
Federal government within the last 24 months. The SBA defines ``class 
of products'' based on six-digit coding systems. The first coding 
system is the Office of Management and Budget North American Industry 
Classification System (NAICS).
    The SBA is currently processing a request to waive the 
Nonmanufacturer Rule for Water Treatment Chemicals, North American 
Industry Classification System (NAICS) 325188, and 325199. The public 
is invited to comment or provide source information to SBA on the 
proposed waiver of the Nonmanufacturer Rule for these NAICS codes.

    Dated: January 9, 2006.
Karen C. Hontz,
Associate Administrator for Government Contracting.

Attachment A: Product Listing


FuelSolv FS915
FuelSolv FS916
FuelSolv FS917
FuelSolv MGP3275
FuelSolv OMG8500
FuelSolv PB901


Aquamax IEC2
Aquamax IEC800
CorTrol IS100
CorTrol IS102
CorTrol IS103
CorTrol IS104
CorTrol IS3000
CorTrol OS131
CorTrol OS133
CorTrol OS5300
CorTrol OS7780
OptiGuard MCA624
RediFeed OptiGuard MCA630
OptiGuard MCM610
RediFeed OptiGuard MCM955
OptiGuard MCP600
OptiGuard MCP601
RediFeed OptiGuard MCP953
Optisperse ADJ560
Optisperse ADJ561
Optisperse APO200
Optisperse APO520
Optisperse AP301
Optisperse AP302
Optisperse CL361
Optisperse CL362
Optisperse CL363
Optisperse CPS500
Optisperse CPS501
Optisperse CPS502
Optisperse CPS503
Optisperse CPS504
Optisperse PO400
Optisperse PO423
Optisperse PO424
Optisperse SP530
Optisperse SP531
Optisperse SP532
Steamate FM760
Steamate FM761
Steamate FM1000
Steamate NA0240
Steamate NA0540
Steamate NA2140
Steamate NA2260
Steamate NA700
Steamate NA701
Steamate NA720
Steamate NA703
Steamate NA707
Steamate NA711
Steamate NA713
Steamate NA715


Continuum AEC213
Continuum AEC216
Continuum AEC217
Continuum AEC218
Continuum AEC223
Continuum AEC225
Continuum AEC230
Continuum AEC231

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Continuum AEC232
Continuum AT201
Continuum AT202
Continuum AT203
Continuum AT205
Continuum AT209
Continuum AT220
Depositrol PY505
Depositrol PY5200
Depositrol SF502
Depositrol SF504
Dianodic DN300
Dianodic DN302
Dianodic DN310
Ferroquest LP7200
Ferroquest LP7202
FloGard POT802
FloGard POT807
FoamTrol AF2290
FoamTrol AF706
FoamTrol AF724
FoamTrol AF1440
Inhibitor AZ604
Inhibitor AZ660
Inhibitor AZ8101
Inhibitor PM508
Inhibitor PM608
Inhibitor PM609
Inhibitor PM610
Kleen AC9507
RediFeed Continuum AT901
RediFeed Continuum AT902
RediFeed Spectrus OX903
Spectrus BD152
Spectrus BD1550
Spectrus NX102
Spectrus NX104
Spectrus NX106
Spectrus NX108
Spectrus NX110
Spectrus NX1104
Spectrus NX112
Spectrus NX114
Spectrus NX122
Spectrus OX101
Spectrus OX103
Spectrus OX105
Spectrus OX903
Spectrus OX909
Spectrus OX1201
Spectrus OX1240


Corrshield MD400
Corrshield MD407
Corrshield NT402
Corrshield NT403
Corrshield NT411
Corrshield OR404
Ferroquest FQ7101
Ferroquest FQ7102
Ferroquest FQ7103


AE 1128P
BioPlus BA900
BioPlus BA2920
BioPlus BA2921
Pot 804
KlarAid CDP 1339P
KlarAid IC 1172P
KlarAid PC 1192P
KlarAid PC 1195P
PolyFloc AE 1115
PolyFloc AP 1100
PolyFloc AP 1120P
ProSweet OC2532
ProSweet OC2533
ProSweet OC2534
ProSweet OC2543

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