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Federal Register / Vol. 69, No. 246 / Thursday, December 23, 2004 / 

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Agricultural Research Service

Government Owned Inventions Available for Licensing

AGENCY: Agricultural Research Service, USDA.

ACTION: Notice of government owned inventions available for licensing.


SUMMARY: The inventions listed below are owned by the U.S. Government 
as represented by the Department of Agriculture, and are available for 
licensing in accordance with 35 U.S.C. 207 and 37 CFR part 404 to 
achieve expeditious commercialization of results of federally funded 
research and development. Foreign patents are filed on selected 
inventions to extend market coverage for U.S. companies and may also be 
available for licensing.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Technical and licensing information on 
these inventions may be obtained by writing to June Blalock, Technology 
Licensing Program Coordinator, USDA, ARS, Office of Technology 
Transfer, 5601 Sunnyside Avenue, Room 4-1174, Beltsville, Maryland 
20705-5131; telephone: 301-504-5989 or fax: 301-504-5060. Issued 
patents may be obtained from the Commissioner of Patents, U.S. Patent 
and Trademark Office, Washington, DC 20231.

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The inventions available for licensing are:

S.N. 09/701,868, ``Genes Coding for Tomato B-Galactosidase 
S.N. 09/748,036, ``Urea And Nitrogen Based Compounds As Feeding 
Stimulants/Aggregants And Masking Agents Of Unpalatable Chemicals For 
Subterranean Termites''
S.N. 09/751,397, ``Waxy Wheat Products And Processes For Producing 
S.N. 09/752,704, ``Method And Compositions For Attracting Mosquitoes''
S.N 09/757,686, ``Method For Produce Sanitation Using Bacteriophages''
S.N. 09/819,387, ``Compositions And Methods For Reducing Rna Virus 
S.N. 09/826,146, ``Utilization Of Invertebrate Learning For Flexible 
And Sensitive Monitoring And Identification Of Chemicals''
S.N. 09/828,634, ``Composites Comprising Plant Material From Parthenium 
Spp. And Plastic''
S.N. 09/832,211, ``Method Of Detaching Microorganisms From, Or Of 
Inhibiting Microbial Attachment To, Animal Or Poultry Carcasses Or 
Seafood Or Parts Thereof''
S.N. 09/838,382, ``Production Of An Immunovariant Strain Of Eimeria 
Maxima Contributes To Strain Cross-Protection With Other Eimeria 
S.N. 09/907,818, ``Pcr Methods For The Identification, Detection, And 
Discrimination Of The Soybean Rust Pathogens''
S.N. 09/912,448, ``Synergistic Combinations Of Natural Compounds That 
Control Decay Of Fruits And Vegetables And Reduce Contamination By 
Foodborne Human Pathogens''
S.N. 09/915,840, ``Piggybac Transformation System''
S.N. 09/989,889, ``Flexible And Absorbent Alginate Wound Dressing''
S.N. 10/013,456, ``Epitope Tagging Of Recombinant Fusion Proteins For 
Assay Of Protein Expression In Transgenic Plants''
S.N. 10/020,505, ``Rabbiteye Blueberry Named `` `Alapaha' ''
S.N. 10/078,001, ``Mass Uniformity/Drafting Load Analyzer''
S.N. 10/078,628, ``Method Of Weed Control''
S.N. 10/101,840, ``Piggybac Transformation System''
S.N. 10/101,943, ``Water-In-Oil Emulsion Vaccines''
S.N. 10/127,603, ``Methods And Compositions For Controlling Coleopteran 
S.N. 10/128,463, ``Foot And Mouth Disease Virus Vaccine''
S.N. 10/135,503, ``Sensor Output Analog Processing-A Microcontroller-
Based Insect Monitoring System''
S.N. 10/137,113, ``Mycobacterial Diagnostics''
S.N. 10/140,817, ``Biological Control Of Postharvest Decay Of Fruit 
Using Strains Of Metschnikowia Species''
S.N. 10/145,787, ``Insect Trap''
S.N. 10/148,351, ``Resistance Genes''
S.N. 10/160,948, ``Genetic Markers For Improved Disease Resistance In 
Animals (Nramp1)''
S.N. 10/161,588, ``Detection Of Infectious Haematopoietic Necrosis 
S.N. 10/161,968, ``Genetic Markers For Improved Disease Resistance In 
Animals (Bpi)''
S.N. 10/189,251, ``Vaccine For The Prevention Of Bacterial Infection Of 
The Bovine Mammary Gland''
S.N. 10/192,762, ``Animal Feed Compositions And Methods For Using The 
S.N. 10/205,871, ``Degradation Of Cercosporin By Laccase''
S.N. 10/225,419, ``Extraction And Concentration Method''
S.N. 10/227,727, ``Use Of Plant-Derived Oils For Reduction Of Odor 
Gases From Waste''
S.N. 10/235,132, ``Modified Alternan''
S.N. 10/245,072, ``Attractant Phereomone For The Colorado Potato 
S.N. 10/245,698, ``A Genetically Distinct Strain Of Channel Catfish, 
Designated Nwac103, With Improved Growth Performance''
S.N. 10/247,739, ``Device For Extending Duration Of Volatile Liquid 
S.N. 10/251,107, ``Vaccine Compositions And Adjuvant''
S.N. 10/262,937, ``Epoxidation Of Carbon-Carbon Double Bond With 
Membrane Bound Peroxygenase''
S.N. 10/319,986, ``Use Of 2-Nitropropanol, 2-Nitroethane And 2-
Nitroethanol For Control Of Microbial Pathogens''
S.N. 10/324,034, ``Expression Of Antimicrobial Peptides In Yeast''
S.N. 10/331,861, ``Selection Procedure For Identifying Transgenic 
Cells, Embryos, And Plants Without The Use Of Antibiotics''
S.N. 10/350,591, ``Microorganism For Biological Abatement Of Inhibitors 
In Toxic Fermentation Substrates''
S.N. 10/359,674, ``Insect Trap''
S.N. 10/366,115, ``Diamond Row Pattern Planter''
S.N. 10/404,409, ``In-Situ Production Of Fatty Acid Alkyl Esters''
S.N. 10/407,668, ``Prebiotic Oligosaccharides Via Alternansucrase 
Acceptor Reactions''
S.N. 10/417,747, ``Baiting System For Suppressing Populations Of 

[[Page 76901]]

Such As Mediterranean And Carribean Fruit Flies (Diptera: 
S.N. 10/427,500, ``Apparatus And Method To Treat Materials For Pest 
Control And Storage''
S.N. 10/455,439, ``Pcr Primers And Probes For The Detection Of Xylella 
S.N. 10/462,882, ``Novel Sunscreen Reagents From Hydroxy Substituted 
S.N. 10/463,491, ``Novel Sunscreen Reagents From Unsaturated Waxes And 
S.N. 10/600,360, ``Organophosphate Insecticide Synergists For Fly And 
Tick Control''
S.N. 10/629,668, ``The Green Peach Aphid Densovirus And Methods Of Its 
Use As A Biological Control''
S.N. 10/637,922, ``Attractants For Moths''
S.N. 10/657,300, ``Cellulose/Clay Nanocomposites''
S.N. 10/659,509, ``Mimetic Insect Allatostatin Analogs For Insect 
S.N. 10/662,914, ``Improving Aspergillus Niger Phya Phytase By Protein 
S.N. 10/670,575, ``High Efficiency Electrostatic Air Sampler''
S.N. 10/678,023, ``Chromobacterium Suttsuga Sp. Nov. And Use For 
Control Of Insect Pests''
S.N. 10/698,398, ``Synthesis Of Polysuccinimide And Copoly(Succinimide-
Aspartate) In A Supercritical Fluid''
S.N. 10/721,881, ``Fecundity-Promoting Factor For The Insidiosus Flower 
Bug Reared On Artificial Diet''
S.N. 10/803,121, ``Insect Attractant Releasing Device''
S.N. 10/819,615, ``Pyrolytic Products From Poultry Manure''
S.N. 10/833,903, ``Vaccine Compositions And Adjuvant''
S.N. 10/836,164, ``Genes Coding For Tomato B-Galactosidase 
S.N. 10/838,752, ``Wood Adhesives Containing Solid Residues Of Biomass 
S.N. 10/849,977, ``Formation Of Hydrophilic Polysaccharide Coatings Of 
Hydrophobic Substrate''
S.N. 10/858,761, ``Vaccine Compositions And Adjuvant''
S.N. 10/858,882, ``A Modified-Live Edwardsiella Tarda Vaccine For 
Aquatic Animals''
S.N. 10/863,939, ``A Sensitive Antibody-Based Method For Detecting 
Cryptosporidium Parvum Oocysts In Water''
S.N. 10/870,781, ``Method Of Protecting Fish Against Columnaris Disease 
With Modified Live Flavobacterium Columnare''
S.N. 10/887,277, ``Water-In-Oil Emulsion Vaccines''
S.N. 10/895,797, ``Methods For Prevention And Treatment Of Mastitis''
P.N. 15,216, ``Peach Tree Named `Crimson Rocket' ''
P.N. 15,063, ``Peach Tree Named `Sweet-N-Up' ''
P.N. 6,362,256, ``Biodegradable Polymer Compositions, Methods For 
Making Same And Articles Therefrom''
P.N. 6,418,750, ``Multi-Purpose Cryogenic Surface Device''
P.N. 6,442,920, ``Mechanical Harvester For Tree Fruits''
P.N. 6,454,098, ``Mechanical-Pneumatic Device To Meter, Condition, And 
Classify Chaffy Seed''
P.N. 6,479,275, ``Penicillium Isolates For Modifying Alternan''
P.N. 6,485,949, ``Epoxidation Of Carbon-Carbon Double Bond With 
Membrane Bound Peroxygenase''
P.N. 6,492,537, ``Solvent Fractionation Of Menhaden Oil And Partially 
Hydrogenated Menhaden Oil For Making Lipid Compositions Enriched In 
Unsaturated Fatty Acid-Containing Triacylglycerols''
P.N. 6,502,531, ``Device And Method For Examination And Handling Of 
Deer And Other Animals''
P.N. 6,506,597, ``Artificial Diets For Arthropods''
P.N. 6,521,229, ``A 41 Kda Cryptosporidium Parvum Oocyst Wall Protein''
P.N. 6,528,049, ``Novel Bisexual Attractants, Aggregants And Arrestants 
For Adults And Larvae Of Codling Moth And Other Species Of 
P.N. 6,548,742, ``Development Of Resistance To Raspberry Bushy Dwarf 
P.N. 6,551,007, ``Improved Joint For Connecting Wood Members''
P.N. 6,551,599, ``Monoclonal Antibodies Against Camplobacter Jejuni and 
Campylobacter Coli Outer Membrane Antigens''
P.N. 6,555,106, ``System For The Control Of Enteropathogenic Bacteria 
In The Crops Of Poultry''
P.N. 6,559,121, ``Vaccines For The Protection Of Cattle From Psoroptic 
P.N. 6,562,600, ``Production Of Cyclic Alternan Tetrasaccharides From 
Oligosaccharide Substrates''
P.N. 6,562,841, ``Methods And Compositions For Repelling Arthropods''
P.N. 6,586,628, ``3-Methoxybenzyl Thiourea Derivatives And Improved 
Lipid Compositions Containing Same''
P.N. 6,605,283, ``Nucleotide Sequence For The Avian Metapneumovirus 
(Colorado) Attachment Glycoprotein Gene''
P.N. 6,622,565, ``Fluid Pressure Measurement By Mechanical Compression 
Of Tubing''
P.N. 6,623,779, ``Intermediate-Moisture Formed Food Products Made From 
Partially Dehydrated Fruit And/Or Vegetables And Novel Methods Of 
Packing Thereof''
P.N. 6,644,905, ``Bin Filler For Fruit Crops''
P.N. 6,660,775, ``Method And Compositions For Inhibiting The Scent 
Tracking Ability Of Biting Midges''
P.N. 6,669,962, ``Starch Microcapsules For Delivery Of Active Agents''
P.N. 6,670,374, ``Swainsonine Compounds As Inhibitors Of Toxin Receptor 
P.N. 6,673,566, ``Diagnosis Of Tuberculosis Infection Through Analysis 
Of Nitrite Production Of Leukocytes Stimulated With Mycobacterial 
P.N. 6,677,469, ``Supercritical Fluid Fractionation Process For 
Phytosterol Ester Enrichment In Vegetable Oils''
P.N. 6,691,453, ``Naphtalene And Naphthenate Derivates As Bait 
Toxicants For Subterranean Termites''
P.N. 6,691,563, ``A Universal Dielectric Calibration Method And 
Apparatus For Moisture Content Determination In Particulate And 
Granular Materials''
P.N. 6,692,963, ``Method Of Reproducing Plants By Somatic 
P.N. 6,694,862, ``Accessible Hand Pump''
P.N. 6,696,282, ``Fusarium Sporotrichioides Strains For Production Of 
P.N. 6,696,562, ``Avian Astrovirus''
P.N. 6,703,014, ``Attractants And Repellants For Colorado Potato 
P.N. 6,707,384, ``Sensor Output Analog Processing--A Microcontroller-
Based Insect Monitoring System''
P.N. 6,709,763, ``Formation Of Hydrophilic Polysaccharide Coatings On 
Hydrophobic Substrates''
P.N. 6,710,166, ``A 41 Kda Cryptosporidium Parvum Oocyst Wall Protein''
P.N. 6,733,976, ``Detection Of Bacterial Kidney Disease''
P.N. 6,770,440, ``Polymerase Chain Reaction Assay For The Detection Of 
Toxoplasma Gondii''
P.N. 6,773,727, ``Use Of Gossypol And Related Terpenes For Control Of 
Urban And Agricultural Pests''

[[Page 76902]]

P.N. 6,777,573, ``A Method For The Synthesis Of Ceralure B1''

June Blalock,
Technology Licensing Program Coordinator.
[FR Doc. 04-28058 Filed 12-22-04; 8:45 am]