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Bureau of Indian Affairs

Replacement School Construction Priority List as of FY 2004

AGENCY: Bureau of Indian Affairs, Interior.

ACTION: Notice.


SUMMARY: As required by statute, the Bureau of Indian Affairs is 
publishing the ``Replacement School Construction Priority List'' in the 
Federal Register. The current priority list, last published in the 
Federal Register on July 9 and July 18, 2003, is revised by the 
addition of newly prioritized schools. The Bureau will use this list to 
determine the order in which Congressional appropriations are requested 
to fund education replacement construction of core academic and/or 
dormitory facilities.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Questions regarding the Education 
Facilities Replacement Construction Priority List should be referred to 
Andrew Acoya, AIA, Office of Facilities Management and Construction, 
P.O. Box 1248, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87103, (505) 346-6508, Fax (505) 

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Publication of the Replacement School 
Construction Priority List (Priority List) in the Federal Register is 
required by 25 U.S.C. 2005(d). In addition, the Conference Report 
(Report 108-330) which accompanied the Fiscal Year 2004 appropriations 
for the Department of the Interior directed the Secretary of the 
Interior to submit a new Priority List to Congress: ``The managers 
direct that the Secretary submit a new priority list by February 15, 
2004, containing a sufficient number of schools to continue the 
replacement school program through fiscal year 2007. The priority list 
should address the most critical needs based on the Bureau's facility 
management information system.''
    The process used to develop the Priority List involved 
identification by the BIA of schools with critical health and safety 
concerns. This identification was conducted by the BIA's Office of 
Facilities Management and Construction (using the facilities management 
information system), the BIA's regional facilities program, and the 
Office of Indian Education Programs' facilities program. The BIA then 
selected, through a competitive bid process, an independent contractor 
experienced in facilities construction to conduct a site review of each 
of the identified schools' core academic and/or dormitory facility. The 
independent contractor then rated each school based on the following 
criteria, in order of priority: (1) Health and safety deficiencies, (2) 
environmental deficiencies, (3) accessibility for persons with 
disabilities, and (4) condition of existing utilities and site 
improvements. The Priority List includes 14 schools considered in most 
need of replacement of their core academic and/or dormitory facilities. 
Complete replacement of the entire school facility may not be 
    The BIA will begin the advance planning and design process for 
these schools to determine the scope and cost of each replacement 
project. This list will be more than sufficient to continue the 
replacement school construction program through FY 2007. Funding and 
scheduling for these projects is contingent on the budget process. In 
addition, any school placed on the Priority List is eligible for the 
Tribal School Construction Demonstration Program. Participation in this 
program would expedite the funding and scheduling for school 
replacement projects.
    Under Section 1125(a)(5) of the No Child Left Behind Act (Pub. L. 
107-110), the Secretary is required to conduct negotiated rulemaking 
regarding Indian school construction. This negotiated rulemaking may 
impact future replacement school construction priorities.
    Schools placed on the previously published ``Education Facilities 
Construction Priority List as of FY 2003,'' published in the Federal 
Register on July 9, 2003 (68 FR 40996) and July 18, 2003 (68 FR 42815) 
that were not yet fully funded for construction are retained. In 
accordance with Congressional directives, the projects listed do not 
provide for the funding of new schools, grade level expansions, and 
charter schools.
    This notice is published under authority delegated by the Secretary 
of the Interior to the Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs in the 
Departmental Manual at 209 DM 8.

Replacement School Construction Priority List

1. Dilcon Community School
2. Porcupine Day School
3. Crown Point/T'iists'oozi'bi'olta Community School
4. Muckleshoot Tribal School
5. Dennehotso Boarding School
6. Circle of Life Survival School
7. Keams Canyon Elementary School
8. Rough Rock Community School
9. Crow Creek Elementary/Middle/High School
10. Kaibeto Boarding School
11. Blackfeet Dormitory
12. Beatrice Rafferty School
13. Little Singer Community School
14. Cove Day School

    Dated: March 9, 2004.
Dave Anderson,
Assistant Secretary--Indian Affairs.
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