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Office of the Secretary

[Docket No. OST-2002-12170]

Surface Transportation Reauthorization

AGENCY: Office of the Secretary, Department of Transportation.

ACTION: Notice; request for comments.


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SUMMARY: As a means of outreach to the traveling public and all users 
of the nation's surface transportation system, the United States 
Department of Transportation will establish a new surface 
transportation reauthorization page on the world wide web at http://www.dot.gov and will make available a brochure on this subject. This 
outreach through the web page and the brochure is intended to stimulate 
public input and comments concerning the Department's proposal for 
reauthorization of the surface transportation programs which will 
succeed the Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century (TEA-21) 
which is due to expire at the end of September 2003.
    The web page and the brochure are also intended to provide a 
description of the Department's approach in the reauthorization of TEA-
21. The principles found in the brochure and web page represent the 
Department's current approach and are included here as a means of 
stimulating public comment, and are not intended to be exclusive of 
other ideas. The web page will be updated regularly. The web page will 
also serve as a link to other transportation related web sites.

DATES: Comments may be submitted at any time before January 1, 2003.

ADDRESSES: Comments concerning the reauthorization of TEA-21 are 
strongly encouraged in electronic form. Instructions for submitting 
comments electronically will be found on the web page at http://www.dot.gov.
    Comments may also be submitted in written form by mailing them to 
the Dockets Management System, U.S. Department of Transportation, 400 
Seventh Street, SW., Washington, DC 20590-0001. Comments should 
identify Docket Number OST-2002-12170.
    Due to the expectation of large volumes of public comments, the 
Department will not be able to respond directly to individual comments 
in either electronic or written form. All comments will, however, be 
posted to the public web site and therefore will be available for 
viewing by the general public. The comments will also be compiled and 
reviewed by the Department. Submitters using the electronic form may 
choose to receive additional TEA-21 information in the future.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: 1 (800) 647-5527, U.S. Department of 
Transportation Docket Services.


Building On TEA-21--Core Principles

     Assure adequate and predictable funding for investment in 
the Nation's transportation system. This funding can contribute to the 
long-term health of the economy and, by enhancing the mobility of 
people and goods, promote greater productivity and efficiency.
     Preserve State and local government funding flexibility to 
allow the broadest application of funds to transportation solutions.
     Build on the intermodal approaches of the Intermodal 
Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of 1991 (ISTEA) and TEA-21.
     Expand and improve innovative financing programs in order 
to encourage greater private sector investment in the transportation 
system, and examine other means to augment existing trust funds and 
revenue streams.
     Address the security of the Nation's surface 
transportation system.
     Make substantial improvements in the safety of the 
Nation's surface transportation system. It is not acceptable that the 
Nation suffers 41,000 deaths and over 3 million injuries annually on 
the highway system.
     Strengthen the efficiency and integration of the Nation's 
system of goods movement by improving international gateways and points 
of intermodal connection.
     Simplify Federal transportation programs and continue 
efforts to streamline project approval and implementation.
     Develop the data and analyses critical to sound 
transportation decision making.
     Foster intelligent transportation systems as a means to 
improve safety, reduce congestion and protect the environment.
     Improve on the performance of the entire transportation 
system through better planning, management, construction, operations, 
asset management, maintenance and construction.
     Increase accessibility to transportation so that all 
Americans can enjoy its benefits.
     Ensure an efficient infrastructure while retaining 
environmental protections that enhance our quality of life.

    Issued in Washington DC on June 18, 2002.
Sean B. O'Hollaren,
Assistant Secretary for Governmental Affairs.
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