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National Institute of Standards and Technology

Advanced Technology Program; Announcement of Public Meetings

AGENCY: National Institute of Standards and Technology, Commerce.

ACTION: Notice of public meetings (Proposers' Conferences).


SUMMARY: The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) 
invites interested parties to attend public meetings (Proposers'' 
Conferences) to learn more about the Advanced Technology Program (ATP). 
The format and content of each of the public meetings will be the same. 
The ATP is a competitive cost-sharing program designed for the Federal 
government to work in partnership with industry to accelerate the 
development and broad dissemination of challenging, high-risk 
technologies that offer the potential for significant commercial 
payoffs and widespread benefits for the nation. This unique government-
industry partnership accelerates the development of emerging or 
enabling technologies leading to revolutionary new products, industrial 
processes and services that can compete in rapidly changing world 
markets. The ATP challenges industry to take on higher risk projects 
with commensurately higher potential payoff to the nation. The ATP 
provides multi-year funding to single companies and to industry-led 
joint ventures.

DATES: The public meetings will be held on May 8, 2002 and May 10, 2002 
in San Jose, California and Chicago (Rosemont), Illinois, respectively. 
In addition, on April 18, 2002, ATP announced in the Federal Register a 
Notice of a Proposers' Conference for May 2, 2002, in Gaithersburg, 
Maryland. All three meetings will be held from 9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. 
local time.

ADDRESSES: The meetings will be held at the following three locations: 
Thursday, May 2, 2002, Gaithersburg Hilton, 620 Perry Parkway, 
Gaithersburg, Maryland, Tel: 301-977-8900, Fax: 301-977-3450; 
Wednesday, May 8, 2002, Double Tree Hotel, 2050 Gateway Place, San 
Jose, California, Tel: 408-453-4000, Fax: 408-437-2898; and Friday, May 
10, 2002, Holiday Inn O'Hare International, 5440 North River Road, 
Chicago (Rosemont), Illinois, Tel: 847-671-6350, Fax: 847-671-5406.
    Information on the ATP may be obtained from the following address: 
National Institute of Standards and Technology, Advanced Technology 
Program, 100 Bureau Drive, Stop 4701, Administration Building 101, Room 
A413, Gaithersburg, MD 20899-4701.
    Additionally, information on the ATP is available on the Internet 
at the ATP website http://www.atp.nist.gov.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: For further information, you may 
telephone Toni Nashwinter at 301-975-3780 or e-mail: 
[email protected].
    Requests for ATP information, application materials, and/or to have

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your name added to the ATP mailing list for future mailings may also be 
made by:
    (a) Calling the ATP toll-free ``hotline'' number at 1-800-ATP-FUND 
or 1-800-287-3863. You will also have the option of hearing recorded 
messages regarding the status of the ATP or speaking to one of our 
customer representatives who will take your name and address. If you 
reach ATP voice mail, please speak distinctly and slowly and spell the 
words that might cause confusion. Leave your phone number as well as 
your name and address;
    (b) Sending a facsimile (fax) to 301-926-9524 or 301-590-3053; or
    (c) Sending electronic mail to [email protected]. Include your name, 
full mailing address, and phone number.

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The ATP statute originated in the Omnibus 
Trade and Competitiveness Act of 1988 (Public Law 100-418, 15 U.S.C. 
278n) and was amended by the American Technology Preeminence Act of 
1991 (Public Law 102-245). This law has been codified at 15 U.S.C. 
278n. The ATP implementing regulations are published at 15 CFR part 
295, as amended. The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) 
number and program title for the ATP are 11.612, Advanced Technology 
Program (ATP). The purpose of the ATP is to assist United States 
businesses to carry out research and development on high risk, high-
payoff, emerging and enabling technologies.
    These public meetings will provide general information regarding 
the ATP, details on the application process, tips on preparing good 
proposals, and an opportunity for audience questions. The format and 
content of each of the public meetings will be the same.
    No registration fee will be charged.
    Registration for the public meetings is as follows:
    For registration by phone, contact ATP at 1-800-ATP-FUND.
    To register electronically, visit www.atp.nist/gov/atp/
reg_form.htm. Please select the ATP Proposers' Conference form and 
    You may fax your registration by completing and printing the 
electronic form above. It should be faxed to 301-926-9524 or 301-590-
    Or, you may mail the registration form to the Advanced Technology 
Program, NIST, 100 Bureau Drive, Stop 4701, Gaithersburg, MD 20899-

    Dated: April 17, 2002.
Karen H. Brown,
Deputy Director.
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