[Federal Register Volume 67, Number 19 (Tuesday, January 29, 2002)]
[Pages 4305-4306]
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[FR Doc No: 02-1841]



Request for Comments Concerning Compliance With 
Telecommunications Trade Agreements

AGENCY: Office of the United States Trade Representative.

ACTION: Extension of time to file public comment concerning compliance 
with Telecommunications Trade Agreements; additional information on 
filing of comments.


SUMMARY: The Office of the United States Trade Representative published 
a document in the Federal Register on December 27, 2001, concerning 
request for comments on compliance with telecommunications trade 
agreements. We are extending the date by which persons should file 
comments to February 1, 2002. In addition, we are providing additional 
guidance for the submission of comments which should be carefully 

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Kenneth Schagrin, 202-395-5663.
    In the Federal Register of December 27, 2001, in FR Doc. 01-31795 
on page 66964, make the following changes:
    1. In the first column, under DATES:, the new date should read 
February 1, 2002.
    2. In the second column under Public Comments: Requirements for 
Submission, remove the second, third and fourth paragraphs and add new 
paragraphs to read as follows:
    In order to ensure the most timely and expeditious receipt and 
consideration of comments, USTR has arranged to accept submissions in 
electronic format (e-mail). Comments should be submitted electronically 
to [email protected]. An automatic reply confirming receipt of e-mail 
submission will be sent. E-mail submissions in Microsoft Word or Corel 
WordPerfect are preferred. If a word processing application other than 
those two is used, please include in your submission the specific 
application used. For any documents containing business confidential 
information submitted electronically, the file name of the business 
confidential version should begin with the characters ``BC'', and the 
file name of the public version should begin with the character ``P''. 
The ``BC'' and ``P'' should be followed by the name of the person or 
entity submitting the comments. Interested persons who make submissions 
electronically should not provide separate cover letters; rather, 
information that might appear in a cover letter should be included in 
the submission itself. Similarly, to the extent possible, any 
attachments to the submission should be included in the same file as 
the submission itself, and not as separate files.
    We strongly urge people to avail themselves of the electronic 
filing, if at all possible. If an e-mail submission is impossible, 15 
copies may be submitted, in English, to Gloria Blue, Office of the 
United States Trade Representative, by noon on February 1, 2002. 
Submissions not filed electronically must be delivered by private 
commercial courier, and arrangements must be made with Ms. Blue prior 
to delivery for their receipt. Ms. Blue should be contacted at (202) 
    All comments will be placed in the USTR Reading Room for inspection 
shortly after the filing deadline, except

[[Page 4306]]

business confidential information exempt from public inspection in 
accordance with 15 CFR 2003.6. Confidential information submitted in 
accordance with 15 CFR 2003.6, must be clearly marked ``BUSINESS 
CONFIDENTIAL'' in a contrasting color ink at the top of each page on 
each of 15 copies, and must be accompanied by 15 copies of a non-
confidential summary of the confidential information. The non-
confidential summary will be placed in the USTR Public Reading Room. 
USTR will also post all non-confidential comments filed on the USTR web 
site. Therefore, those persons not availing themselves of electronic 
filing, must submit their 15 copies with a diskette. USTR will post the 
non-confidential version of the filing, therefore the non-confidential 
version must be clearly marked on the diskette.
    An appointment to review the comments may be made by calling the 
USTR Reading Room at (202) 395-6186. The USTR Reading Room is open to 
the public from 9:30 a.m. to 12 noon, and from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m., Monday 
through Friday, and is located in Room 3 of 1724 F Street, NW.

    Dated: January 18, 2002.
Carmen Suro-Bredie,
Chairman, Trade Policy Staff Committee.
[FR Doc. 02-1841 Filed 1-28-02; 8:45 am]