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Commercial Activities Panel

AGENCY: General Accounting Office.

ACTION: Notice.


SUMMARY: Section 832 of the National Defense Authorization Act for 
Fiscal Year 2001 requires the Comptroller General of the United States 
to convene a panel of experts to study the transfer of commercial 
activities currently performed by government employees to federal 
contractors, a procedure commonly known as ``contracting out'' or 
``outsourcing.'' Selection of panel members has been completed and this 
notice announces the composition of the panel. The authorization act 
requires the Comptroller General to submit the panel's report to 
Congress by May 1, 2002.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: William T. Woods, Project Director, 
(202) 512-8214; E-mail: [email protected].

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: Section 832 of the Floyd D. Spence National 
Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2001, Public Law 106-398, 
Oct. 30, 2000, directs the Comptroller General of the United States to 
convene a panel of experts to study the policies and procedures 
governing the transfer of commercial activities for the federal 
government from government personnel to a federal contractor. The 
panel's study is to include a review of: (1) Procedures for determining 
whether functions should continue to be performed by government 
personnel; (2) procedures for comparing the costs of performing 
functions by government personnel with the costs of performing those 
functions by federal contractors; (3) implementation by the Department 
of Defense of the Federal Activities Inventory Reform Act of 1998 (Pub. 
L. 105-270, 112 Stat. 2382, 31 U.S.C. 501 note); and (4) procedures of 
the Department of Defense for public-private competitions under Office 
of Management and Budget Circular A-76. By May 1, 2002, the Comptroller 
General must submit to Congress a report of the panel on the results of 
the study, including recommended changes with regard to implementing 
policies and enactment of legislation.
    The Act requires the Comptroller General or a person within GAO 
designated by him to serve as the panel's chairman. The Comptroller 
General must appoint highly qualified and knowledgeable persons to 
serve on the panel and must ensure that the following entities receive 
fair representation on the panel: (1) The Department of Defense, (2) 
persons in private industry, (3) federal labor organizations, and (4) 
the Office of Management and Budget.
    During the initial stages of forming a panel to conduct this study, 
the General Accounting Office issued a Federal Register notice on 
December 1, 2000, 65 FR 75288, inviting the public to submit 
suggestions on the composition of the panel. In this notice, GAO 
invited interested parties to submit suggestions on who should serve on 
the panel, specific agencies and organizations that should be 
represented, and the qualifications of panel members. In response to 
the notice, the GAO received a variety of comments on the composition 
of the panel, as well as numerous nominations of individuals to serve 
on the panel. Specifically, the GAO received nominations of 44 
individuals, including representatives from the private sector, federal 
labor organizations, industry groups, research organizations, interest 
groups, and contractors. The Comptroller General considered all of the 
comments and nominations and has appointed the following individuals to 
serve on the Commercial Activities Panel:

 David M. Walker, Chairman, Comptroller General of the United 
 Dr. Frank A. Camm, Senior Economist, RAND
 Mark Filteau, President, Johnson Controls World Services
 Stephen Goldsmith, former Mayor of Indianapolis, Indiana
 Bobby L. Harnage Sr., National President, American Federation 
of Government Employees
 Colleen M. Kelley, National President, National Treasury 
Employees Union

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 Sean O'Keefe, Deputy Director, Office of Management and Budget
 Senator David Pryor (retired), Director, Institute of 
Politics, Harvard University
 Stan Z. Soloway, President, Professional Services Council
 Robert M. Tobias, Distinguished Adjunct Professor, and 
Director of the Institute for the Study of Public Policy 
Implementation, American University
 Director, Office of Personnel Management
 Department of Defense representative (to be designated at a 
later date)

    During the course of its work, the panel will hold several public 
hearings. Interested parties are encouraged to attend these hearings to 
provide their perspective on outsourcing issues. The schedules for 
these hearings will be announced in a later Federal Register notice. In 
addition, the GAO issued a notice on March 23, 2001, 66 FR 16245, 
seeking submission of comments identifying significant sourcing issues, 
as well as references to or copies of written materials related to 
these issues. Although it would be most useful to receive responses by 
May 7, 2001, comments received at any time will be considered.

    Dated: April 12, 2001.
David M. Walker,
Comptroller General of the United States.
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