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Federal Register / Vol. 66, No. 34 / Tuesday, February 20, 2001 / 
Rules and Regulations

[[Page 10811]]


13 CFR Part 108

RIN 3245-AE40

New Markets Venture Capital Program: Delay of Effective Date

AGENCY: Office of New Markets Venture Capital, Small Business 

ACTION: Final rule; delay of effective date.


SUMMARY: In accordance with the memorandum of January 20, 2001, from 
the Assistant to the President and Chief of Staff, entitled 
``Regulatory Review Plan,'' published in the Federal Register on 
January 24, 2001, this action temporarily delays for 60 days the 
effective date of the rule entitled New Markets Venture Capital Program 
published in the Federal Register on January 22, 2001, 66 FR 7218. The 
New Markets Venture Capital Program final rule adds new regulations to 
implement the New Markets Venture Capital Program Act of 2000 (``the 
Act''). The Act authorizes SBA to issue regulations necessary to 
implement the program. The regulations set forth the requirements for 
newly-formed venture capital companies to: qualify to become New 
Markets Venture Capital (``NMVC'') companies; to make developmental 
venture capital investments in smaller enterprises located in low-
income geographic areas; provide operational assistance to enterprises 
receiving such investments; and allow existing Specialized Small 
Business Investment Companies (``SSBICs'') to qualify for grants to 
provide operational assistance to smaller enterprises located in low-
income geographic areas.
    To the extent that 5 U.S.C. section 553 applies to this action, it 
is exempt from notice and comment because it constitutes a rule of 
procedure under 5 U.S.C. section 553(b)(A). Alternatively, the Agency's 
implementation of this rule without opportunity for public comment, 
effective immediately upon publication today in the Federal Register, 
is based on the good cause exceptions in 5 U.S.C. section 553(b)(B) and 
553(d)(3), in that seeking public comment is impracticable, unnecessary 
and contrary to the public interest. The temporary 60-day delay in 
effective date is necessary to give Agency officials the opportunity 
for further review and consideration of new regulations, consistent 
with the Assistant to the President's memorandum of January 20, 2001. 
Given the imminence of the effective date, seeking prior public comment 
on this temporary delay would have been impractical, as well as 
contrary to the public interest in the orderly promulgation and 
implementation of regulations.

DATES: The effective date of the New Markets Venture Capital Program 
published in the Federal Register on January 22, 2001, at 66 FR 7218, 
is delayed for 60 days, from February 21, 2001, to a new effective date 
of April 23, 2001.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Austin Belton, Director, Office of New 
Markets Venture Capital, Small Business Administration, 409 Third 
Street, SW, Washington, DC 20416, (202) 205-6510.

John D. Whitmore,
Acting Administrator.
[FR Doc. 01-4171 Filed 2-16-01; 8:45 am]