[Federal Register Volume 65, Number 233 (Monday, December 4, 2000)]
[Pages 75680-75681]
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Floodplain and Wetlands Statement of Findings for the Floodplain 
Strip Adjacent to the Boeing Property in Roane County, Tennessee

AGENCY: Department of Energy (DOE).

ACTION: Floodplain and wetlands statement of findings.


SUMMARY: This is a Floodplain and Wetlands Statement of Findings for 
the Floodplain Strip Adjacent to the Boeing Property in Roane County, 
Tennessee, in accordance with 10 CFR 1022, Compliance with Floodplain/
Wetlands Environmental Review Requirements. A floodplains and wetlands 
assessment was conducted and is included in an Environmental Assessment 
(EA) that evaluated the potential impacts of transfer from DOE 
ownership. The floodplains and wetlands assessment describes the 
possible effects, alternatives, and measures designed to avoid or 
minimize potential harm to floodplains and wetlands or their flood 
storage potential. DOE will allow 15 days of public review after 
publication of the Statement of Findings before implementation of the 
Proposed Action.

Department of Energy, Oak Ridge Operations Office, P.O. Box 2001, Oak 
Ridge, Tennessee 37831. Ms. Kates can also be reached at 865-576-0977 
or facsimile 865-576-9204.
    For Further Information on General DOE Floodplain/Wetlands 
Environmental Review Requirements, Contact: Carol M. Borgstrom, 
Director, Office of NEPA Policy and Assistance, EH-42, U.S. Department 
of Energy, 1000 Independence Avenue, SW, Washington, D.C. 20585. Ms. 
Borgstrom can also be reached at 202-586-4600 or by leaving a message 
at 1-800-472-2756.

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: A notice of Floodplain and Wetlands 
Involvement for the Floodplain Strip Adjacent to the Boeing Property 
was published in the Federal Register on May 3, 2000 (Volume 65, Number 
86) and subsequently a floodplains and wetlands assessment was prepared 
and is included in an EA for divestiture of the Floodplain Strip from 
DOE ownership. The EA was prepared as part of National Environmental 
Policy Act (NEPA) requirements. The floodplain and wetlands assessment 
documented the floodplain and wetland communities on the Floodplain 
Strip, and assessed the potential impacts to floodplains and wetlands 
associated with conveyance of the 182-acre parcel. Alternatives 
considered include: (1) Conveyance of the Floodplain Strip to the 
abutting landowner for unrestricted use (the Preferred Alternative), 
(2) conveyance of the property to the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), 
(3) conveyance of the property to the City of Oak Ridge or Roane 
County, (4) DOE retention of ownership but with DOE granting easements 
to the abutting landowner, and (5) No Action. Any land conveyance would 
include land from the ordinary low water mark inward to the Boeing 
Property. The floodplains and wetlands assessment identified 69 acres 
of wetlands on the Floodplain Strip.
    Some minor, short-term impacts could occur due to limited, proposed 
construction on the Floodplain Strip and potential development on the 
adjacent Boeing Property, which would primarily be associated with 
runoff and erosion of soil particles. Based on the limited planned 
improvements in the

[[Page 75681]]

Floodplain Strip and types of subsequent activities that would occur 
under any alternative evaluated, DOE does not believe there would be 
any hazards to the public or property from flooding, nor would the 
activities jeopardize the wetlands' survival, quality, and natural 
beneficial values. The limited improvements planned for the property 
would be small in scale and by nature there would be no habitable 
structures within the floodplain or wetlands that could present a 
hazard or flooding risk. Additionally, any proposed structure in the 
floodplain (e.g., boat docks) would be subject to TVA's section 26(a) 
review. Any construction within jurisdictional wetlands as identified 
in the floodplains and wetlands assessment must comply with the 
Department of Army Wetlands Construction Restrictions contained in 33 
CFR, sections 320 through 330, as amended, and any other applicable 
Federal, State, or local wetlands regulations.

    Issued in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, on November 27, 2000.
James L. Elmore,
Alternate National Environmental, Policy Act Compliance Officer.
[FR Doc. 00-30766 Filed 12-1-00; 8:45 am]