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Federal Highway Administration

Weather and Winter Mobility Program

AGENCY: Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), DOT.

ACTION: Notice; solicitation of letters of interest.


SUMMARY: This document solicits letters of interest from private sector 
vendors of weather information services and products for participation 
in development of Surface Transportation Weather Decision Support 
Requirements (STWDSR) relating to the legislative requirement to 
incorporate research on the impact of environmental, weather, and 
natural conditions on intelligent transportation systems, including the 
effects of cold climates provided in section 5207 of the Transportation 
Equity Act for the 21st Century (TEA-21). The FHWA's weather and winter 
mobility program is conducting a project to document these 
requirements. Firms and individuals having expertise in products or 
services relevant to the STWDSR document are invited to participate in 
stakeholder meetings and review of draft documents as a contribution to 
the STWDSR. Up to two outreach sessions will be held between 1/1/00 and 
6/30/00 with accompanying rounds of document review.

DATES: Letters of interest from private vendors should be received by 
February 3, 2000.

ADDRESSES: Your letters of interest may be mailed or hand carried to 
the Federal Highway Administration, Office of Transportation 
Operations, HOTO-1, 400 Seventh Street, SW., Washington, DC 20590-0001, 
or submitted electronically to: Paul.P[email protected] in WordPerfect 
6.1 or higher.

Transportation Operations, HOTO-1, (202) 366-1301, or Mr. Wilbert 
Baccus, Office of the Chief Counsel, HCC-32, (202) 366-4233, Federal 
Highway Administration, 400 Seventh Street, SW., Washington, DC 20590-
0001. Office hours are from 7:45 a.m. to 4:15 p.m., e.t., Monday 
through Friday, except Federal holidays.


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    Internet users may access the FHWA Intelligent Transportation 
Systems (ITS) web site at http://www.its.dot.gov.


    Section 5207(b)(5) of the TEA-21, Public Law 105-178, 112 Stat. 
107, at 458 (1998), requires the FHWA to incorporate research o the 
impact of environmental, weather, and natural conditions on intelligent 
transportation systems.
    The FHWA has conducted system engineering and program planning 
activities to define a conceptual Weather Information for Surface 
Transportation Decision Support

[[Page 71180]]

System (WIST-DSS). This system is intended to be an integrated part of 
the ITS, and is described in the white paper on ``Weather Information 
for Surface Transportation,'' May 15, 1998, available electronically 
at: http://www.its.dot.gov/welcome.htm. The document can be retrieved 
by logging into the Electronic Document Library as a guest (select 
``EDL Login''), and then searching on the document number, which is 
    The STWDSR document will define weather information needs of 
surface transportation (especially road) users and operators, that 
ultimately will aid in improved decisionmaking to reduce negative 
impacts of weather on the roadway network. It will also define WIST-DSS 
requirements in response to these needs.
    Creation of the STWDSR document will include defining the state-of-
the-art in decision support systems involving weather and road-surface 
condition information, and allocating requirements to decision support 
system components within the ITS. Initially, the focus will be on 
highway winter maintenance agencies. The document also will identify 
future system research and operational tests to be funded by the FHWA, 
and will contribute to interdepartmental requirements through the 
Office of the Federal Coordinator for Meteorology (OFCM). Background 
The STWDSR plans specify participation of stakeholder groups, including 
nonprofit research and development organizations specializing in 
various aspects of meteorological system development, highway 
maintenance managers, and vendors of weather information systems and 
    The STWDSR development task is being conducted between 5/1/99 and 
6/30/00 and is organized around two key deliverables:
    1. STWDSR Version 1.0 delivered 11/15/99, and
    2. STWDSR Version 2.0 delivered 6/30/00.
    These deliverables are correlated with the OFCM program for the 
Weather Information for Surface Transportation Joint Action Group 
(WIST/JAG). The deliverables will be inputs to the OFCM requirements 
process, and independently will guide the FHWA program of research and 
development, operational tests and deployment guidance, as well as 
informing the weather-information elements of the National ITS 
Architecture. The Version 1.0 document will be a baseline for 
stakeholder review that will contribute to STWDSR Version 2.0.
    Participation of private sector vendors of weather information 
services and products will contribute to: (1) Defining the state of 
practice in tailored weather information for surface transportation 
decisionmakers; (2) identifying information needs into the tailoring 
process, and; (3) identifying technical advances needed to enhance the 
quality or delivery of weather information services. No proprietary 
information will be required. Attendance at stakeholder meetings will 
be at the expense of the private sector participants. The stakeholder 
meetings will be for nonproprietary information exchange. Formal 
marketing activities, such as, booths or product sales presentations 
will not be accommodated. Consenting participants may be selected to 
give presentations or serve on discussion panels relevant to STWDSR 
review and development, and user education.
    The following items are required in the letter of interest:
    1. The organization, contact person, address, telephone number, fax 
number and email.
    2. Brief description of the expertise and/or products relevant to 
STWDSR development.
    3. The level of effort the respondent is willing to undertake, 
    a. Attendance at stakeholder meetings;
    b. Giving presentations at stakeholder meetings;
    c. Review of draft documentation; and
    d. Receipt of final documentation.

    Authority: 23 U.S.C. 315; Sec. 5207, Pub. L. 105-178, 112 Stat. 
107, at 458 (1998); and 49 CFR 1.48.

    Issued on: December 9, 1999.
Gloria J. Jeff,
Federal Highway Deputy Administrator.
[FR Doc. 99-32909 Filed 12-17-99; 8:45 am]