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44 CFR Part 65

Changes in Flood Elevation Determinations

AGENCY: Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

ACTION: Final rule.


SUMMARY: Modified base (1% annual chance) flood elevations are 
finalized for the communities listed below. These modified elevations 
will be used to calculate flood insurance premium rates for new 
buildings and their contents.

EFFECTIVE DATES: The effective dates for these modified base flood 
elevations are indicated on the following table and revise the Flood 
Insurance Rate Map(s) in effect for each listed community prior to this 

ADDRESSES: The modified base flood elevations for each community are 
available for inspection at the office of the Chief Executive Officer 
of each community. The respective addresses are listed in the following 

Hazards Study Branch, Mitigation Directorate, 500 C Street SW., 
Washington, DC 20472, (202) 646-3461, or (e-mail) matt.miller@fema.gov.

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The Federal Emergency Management Agency 
makes the final determinations listed below of the final determinations 
of modified base flood elevations for each community listed. These 
modified elevations have been published in newspapers of local 
circulation and ninety (90) days have elapsed since that publication. 
The Associate Director has resolved any appeals resulting from this 
    The modified base flood elevations are not listed for each 
community in this notice. However, this rule includes the address of 
the Chief Executive Officer of the community where the modified base 
flood elevation determinations are available for inspection.
    The modifications are made pursuant to Section 206 of the Flood 
Disaster Protection Act of 1973, 42 U.S.C. 4105, and are in accordance 
with the National Flood Insurance Act of 1968, 42 U.S.C. 4001 et seq., 
and with 44 CFR part 65.
    For rating purposes, the currently effective community number is 
shown and must be used for all new policies and renewals.
    The modified base flood elevations are the basis for the floodplain 
management measures that the community is required to either adopt or 
to show evidence of being already in effect in order to qualify or to 
remain qualified for participation in the National Flood Insurance 
Program (NFIP).
    These modified elevations, together with the floodplain management 
criteria required by 44 CFR 60.3, are the minimum that are required. 
They should not be construed to mean that the community must change any 
existing ordinances that are more stringent in their floodplain 
management requirements. The community may at any time enact stricter 
requirements of its own, or pursuant to policies established by other 
Federal, State, or regional entities.
    These modified elevations are used to meet the floodplain 
management requirements of the NFIP and are also used to calculate the 
appropriate flood insurance premium rates for new buildings built after 
these elevations are made final, and for the contents in these 
    The changes in base flood elevations are in accordance with 44 CFR 

National Environmental Policy Act

    This rule is categorically excluded from the requirements of 44 CFR 
Part 10, Environmental Consideration. No environmental impact 
assessment has been prepared.

Regulatory Flexibility Act

    The Associate Director for Mitigation certifies that this rule is 
exempt from the requirements of the Regulatory Flexibility Act because 
modified base flood elevations are required by the Flood Disaster 
Protection Act of 1973, 42 U.S.C. 4105, and are required to maintain 
community eligibility in the NFIP. No regulatory flexibility analysis 
has been prepared.

Regulatory Classification

    This final rule is not a significant regulatory action under the 
criteria of Section 3(f) of Executive Order 12866 of September 30, 
1993, Regulatory Planning and Review, 58 FR 51735.

Executive Order 12612, Federalism

    This rule involves no policies that have federalism implications 
under Executive Order 12612, Federalism, dated October 26, 1987.

Executive Order 12778, Civil Justice Reform

    This rule meets the applicable standards of Section 2(b)(2) of 
Executive Order 12778.

List of Subjects in 44 CFR Part 65

    Flood insurance, Floodplains, Reporting and recordkeeping 

    Accordingly, 44 CFR Part 65 is amended to read as follows:


    1. The authority citation for Part 65 continues to read as follows:

    Authority: 42 U.S.C. 4001 et seq.; Reorganization Plan No. 3 of 
1978, 3 CFR,

[[Page 53932]]

1978 Comp., p. 329; E.O. 12127, 44 FR 19367, 3 CFR, 1979 Comp., p. 

Sec. 65.4  [Amended]

    2. The tables published under the authority of Sec. 65.4 are 
amended as follows:

                                                                  Dates and name of
          State and county                    Location          newspaper where notice   Chief executive officer of     Effective date of     Community
                                                                    was published                community                modification           No.
Alaska: Unorganized Borough (FEMA     Municipality of          Mar. 24, 1999, Mar. 31,  The Honorable Rick Mystrom,  Feb. 19, 1999.........       020005
 Docket No. 7284).                     Anchorage.               1999, Anchorage Daily    mayor, municipality of
                                                                News.                    Anchorage P.O. Box 196650,
                                                                                         Anchorage, Alaska 99519-
California: Placer (FEMA Docket No.   City of Rocklin........  Mar. 24, 1999, Mar. 31,  The Honorable Connie         Feb. 22, 1999.........       060242
 7284).                                                         1999, The Placer         Cullivan, mayor, City of
                                                                Herald.                  Rocklin, 3980 Rocklin
                                                                                         Road, Rocklin, California
California: Riverside (FEMA Docket    City of San Diego......  Apr. 7, 1999, Apr. 14,   The Honorable Susan          Mar. 16, 1999.........       060295
 No. 7284).                                                     1999, San Diego Union-   Golding, mayor, city of
                                                                Tribune.                 San Diego, 202 C Street,
                                                                                         11th Floor (MS 11A), San
                                                                                         Diego, California 92101.
Colorado: Denver (FEMA Docket No.     City and County........  Mar. 17, 1999, Mar. 24,  The Honorable Wellington     Feb. 12, 1999.........       080046
 7284).                                                         1999, The Denver Post.   Webb, mayor, city and
                                                                                         county of Denver, 1437
                                                                                         Bannock Street, Denver,
                                                                                         Colorado 80202.
Colorado: Lincoln (FEMA Docket No.    Town of Limon..........  Mar. 11, 1999, Mar. 18,  The Honorable Ted Bandy,     Feb. 23, 1999.........       080109
 7284).                                                         1999, Limon Leader.      mayor, town of Limon, P.O.
                                                                                         Box 9, Limon, Colorado
Hawaii: Hawaii (FEMA Docket No.       Unincorporated areas...  Mar. 11, 1999, Mar. 18,  The Honorable Stephen K.     Feb. 5, 1999..........       155166
 7284).                                                         1999, Hawaii-Tribune     Yamashiro, mayor, Hawaii
                                                                Herald.                  County, 25 Aupuni Street,
                                                                                         Hilo, Hawaii 96720.
Nevada: Clark (FEMA Docket No. 7284)  City of Las Vegas......  Mar. 18, 1999, Mar. 25,  The Honorable Jan Laverty    June 23, 1999.........       325276
                                                                1999, Las Vegas Review-  Jones, mayor, city of Las
                                                                Journal.                 Vegas, 400 East Stewart
                                                                                         Avenue, North Las Vegas,
                                                                                         Nevada 89101-2986.
Nevada: Clark (FEMA Docket No. 7284)  Unincorporated areas...  Mar. 18, 1999, Mar. 25,  The Honorable Yvonne         June 23, 1999.........        32003
                                                                1999, Las Vegas Review-  Atkinson Gates,
                                                                Journal.                 chairperson, Clark County
                                                                                         Board of Supervisors, 500
                                                                                         Grand Central Parkway, Las
                                                                                         Vegas, Nevada 89155.
Nevada: Clark (FEMA Docket No. 7284)  City of North Las Vegas  Mar. 18, 1999, Mar. 25,  The Honorable Michael        June 23, 1999.........       320007
                                                                1999, Las Vegas Review-  Montandor, mayor, city of
                                                                Journal.                 North Las Vegas, P.O. Box
                                                                                         4086, North Las Vegas,
                                                                                         Nevada 89036.
Nevada: Washoe (FEMA Docket No.       City of Reno...........  Mar. 24, 1999, Mar. 31,  The Honorable Jeff Griffin,  Mar. 1, 1999..........       320020
 7284).                                                         1999, Reno Gazette-      mayor, city of Reno, P.O.
                                                                Journal.                 Box 1900, Reno, Nevada
Nevada: Washoe (FEMA Docket No.       Unincorporated areas...  Mar. 24, 1999, Mar. 31,  The Honorable Joanne Bond,   Mar. 1, 1999..........       320019
 7284).                                                         1999, Reno Gazette-      chairperson, Washoe County
                                                                Journal.                 Board of Supervisors, P.O.
                                                                                         Box 11130, Reno, Nevada
New Mexico: Santa Fe (FEMA Docket     City of Santa Fe.......  Mar. 9, 1999, Mar. 16,   The Honorable Larry          June 14, 1999.........      350070.
 No. 7284).                                                     1999, The Santa Fe New   Delgado, mayor, city of
                                                                Mexican.                 Santa Fe, P.O. Box 909,
                                                                                         200 Lincoln Avenue, Santa
                                                                                         Fe, New Mexico 87504.
Oklahoma: Garfield (FEMA Docket No.   City of Enid...........  Apr. 23, 1999, Apr. 30,  The Honorable Mike Cooper,   Mar. 26, 1999.........       400062
 7288).                                                         1999, Enid News and      mayor, city of Enid, P.O.
                                                                Eagle.                   Box 1768, Enid, Oklahoma
Oklahoma: Oklahoma (FEMA Docket No.   City of Oklahoma City..  Mar. 18, 1999, Mar. 25,  The Honorable Kirk           Feb. 12, 1999.........       405378
 7284).                                                         1999, Daily Oklahoman.   Humphreys, mayor, city of
                                                                                         Oklahoma City, 200 North
                                                                                         Walker, Suite 302,
                                                                                         Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Oregon: Multnomah (FEMA Docket No.    City of Portland.......  Mar. 19, 1999, Mar. 26,  The Honorable Vera Katz,     Mar. 1, 1999..........       410183
 7284).                                                         1999, The Oregonian.     mayor, city of Portland,
                                                                                         1221 Southwest Fourth
                                                                                         Avenue, room 340,
                                                                                         Portland, Oregon 97204.
Texas: Brazos (FEMA Docket No. 7288)  City of College Station  Apr. 21, 1999, Apr. 28,  The Honorable Lynn           Mar. 26, 1999.........       480083
                                                                1999, Bryan-College      McIlhaney, mayor, city of
                                                                Station Eagle.           College Station, P.O. Box
                                                                                         9960, College Station,
                                                                                         Texas 77842-0960.
Texas: Bexar (FEMA Docket No. 7284).  City of Converse.......  Mar. 11, 1999, Mar. 18,  The Honorable John           Feb. 12, 1999.........       480038
                                                                1999, Herald Newspaper.  Steinberg, mayor, city of
                                                                                         Converse, P.O. Box 36,
                                                                                         Converse, Texas 78109.

[[Page 53933]]

Texas: Dallas, Denton, Collin,        City of Dallas.........  Mar. 19, 1999, Mar. 26,  The Honorable Ron Kirk,      Feb. 26, 1999.........       480171
 Rockwall, and Kaufman (FEMA Docket                             1999, Dallas Morning     mayor, city of Dallas,
 No. 7284).                                                     News.                    City Hall, 1500 Marilla,
                                                                                         Dallas, Texas 75201.
Texas: Tarrant (FEMA Docket No.       City of Fort Worth.....  Mar. 18, 1999, Mar. 25,  The Honorable Kenneth Barr,  Feb. 26, 1999.........       480596
 7284).                                                         1999, Fort Worth Star-   mayor, city of Fort Worth,
                                                                Telegram.                1000 Throckmorton Street,
                                                                                         Fort Worth, Texas 76102-
Texas: Dallas and Collin (FEMA        City of Garland........  Mar. 25, 1999, Apr. 1,   The Honorable Jim Stence,    Feb. 26, 1999.........       485471
 Docket No. 7284).                                              1999, Garland News.      mayor, city of Garland,
                                                                                         200 North Fifth Street,
                                                                                         Garland Texas 75040.
Texas: Dallas (FEMA Docket No. 7284)  City of Irving.........  Mar. 4, 1999, Mar. 11,   The Honorable Morris H.      Feb. 1, 1999..........       480180
                                                                1999, Irving News.       Parrish, mayor, city of
                                                                                         Irving, P.O. Box 152288,
                                                                                         Irving, Texas 75015-2288.
Texas: Tarrant (FEMA Docket No.       City of North Richland   Apr. 8, 1999, Apr. 15,   The Honorable Charles        Mar. 16, 1999.........       480607
 7284).                                Hills.                   1999, Fort Worth Star-   Scoma, mayor, city of
                                                                Telegram.                North Richland Hills, P.O.
                                                                                         Box 820609, North Richland
                                                                                         Hills, Texas 76182-0609.
Texas: Lamar (FEMA Docket No. 7284).  City of Paris..........  Mar. 23, 1999, Mar. 30,  The Honorable Eric           June 28, 1999.........       480427
                                                                1999, Paris News.        Clifford, mayor, city of
                                                                                         Paris, P.O. Box 9037,
                                                                                         Paris, Texas 75461-9037.
Texas: Wichita (FEMA Docket No.       City of Wichita Falls..  Mar. 19, 1999, Mar. 26,  The Honorable Kay Yeager,    Feb. 26, 1999.........       480662
 7284).                                                         1999, Wichita Falls      mayor, city of Wichita
                                                                Times/Record News.       Falls, 1300 Seventh
                                                                                         Street, Wichita Falls,
                                                                                         Texas 76301.
Washington: Grays Harbor (FEMA        City of Aberdeen.......  Feb. 26, 1999, Mar. 5,   The Honorable Chuck          Sept. 3, 1999.........       530058
 Docket No. 7284).                                              1999, The Daily World.   Gurrard, mayor, city of
                                                                                         Aberdeen, 200 East Market
                                                                                         Street, Aberdeen,
                                                                                         Washington 98520.
Washington: Spokane (FEMA Docket No.  Unincorporated areas...  Mar. 24, 1999, Mar. 31,  The Honorable Kate           Feb. 24, 1999.........       530174
 7284).                                                         1999, Spokesman-Review.  McCaslin, chairperson,
                                                                                         Spokane County Board of
                                                                                         Commissioners, 1116 West
                                                                                         Broadway Avenue, Spokane,
                                                                                         Washington 99260-0100.
Wyoming: Carbon (FEMA Docket No.      Town of Baggs..........  Mar. 16, 1999, Mar. 23,  The Honorable Donald R.      Feb. 19, 1999.........       560009
 7284).                                                         1999, Rawling Daily.     Bain, mayor, town of
                                                                                         Baggs, P.O. Box 300,
                                                                                         Baggs, Wyoming 82321.

(Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance No. 83.100, ``Flood 

    Dated: September 27, 1999.
Michael J. Armstrong,
Associate Director for Mitigation.
[FR Doc. 99-25809 Filed 10-4-99; 8:45 am]