[Federal Register Volume 64, Number 188 (Wednesday, September 29, 1999)]
[Page 52495]
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[FR Doc No: 99-25266]



Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
[Docket No. RP99-1-506-000]

Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line Company; Notice of Proposed Changes 
in FERC Gas Tariff

September 23, 1999.
    Take notice that on September 20, 1999, Panhandle Eastern Pipe Line 
Company (Panhandle) tendered for filing as part of its FERC Gas Tariff, 
First Revised Volume No. 1, the revised tariff sheets listed on 
Appendix A attached to the filing to be effective November 1, 1999.
    Panhandle states that the purpose of this filing, made in 
accordance with the provisions of Section 154.204 of the Commission's 
Regulations, is to: (1) Update the General Terms and Conditions and the 
Form of Service Agreements for address and telephone number changes; 
(2) delete the prefix in the date area of the Form of Service 
Agreements to be Y2K complaint; (3) delete attest/witness from the 
signature page of the Form of Service Agreements to reflect the move 
toward electronic execution of contracts; (4) update the marketing 
affiliate information in the General Terms and Conditions Section 23 as 
necessitated by the acquisition of Panhandle by CMS Energy Corporation; 
(5) update the Preliminary Statement; and (6) make minor revisions to 
reduce the size of Exhibit A to the Capacity Release Service Agreement 
to enable Panhandle to autofax Exhibit A to the replacement shipper.
    Panhandle states copies of this filing are being served on all 
affected customers and applicable state regulatory agencies.
    Any person desiring to be heard or to protest said filing should 
file a motion to intervene or a protest with the Federal Energy 
Regulatory Commission, 888 First Street, NE, Washington, DC 20426, in 
accordance with Sections 385.214 or 385.211 of the Commission's Rules 
and Regulations. All such motions or protests must be filed in 
accordance with Section 154.210 of the Commission's Regulations. 
Protests will be considered by the Commission in determining the 
appropriate action to be taken, but will not serve to make protestants 
parties to the proceedings. Any person wishing to become a party must 
file a motion to intervene. Copies of this filing are on file with the 
Commission and are available for public inspection in the Public 
Reference Room. This filing may be viewed on the web at http://
www.ferc.fed.us/online/rims.htm (call 202-208-2222 for assistance).
Linwood A. Watson, Jr.
Acting Secretary.
[FR Doc. 99-25266 Filed 9-28-99; 8:45 am]