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National Institute of Corrections

Solicitation for a Cooperative Agreement

    Summary: The Department of Justice (DOJ), National Institute of 
Corrections (NIC), announces the availability of funds in FY 1999 for a 
cooperative agreement to fund the ``Development of a Training 
Curriculum for Investigation Allegations of Staff Sexual Misconduct 
With Inmates.''
    The National Institute of Corrections (NIC) invites applications 
for a cooperative agreement to develop a standard, core curriculum for 
training persons responsible for the investigations of staff sexual 
misconduct in correctional settings. To enable the Institute to offer 
state of the art investigative training in addressing staff sexual 
misconduct, the award recipient will develop a 24 hour training 
curriculum with a faculty guide and a participant workbook. The 24 hour 
training program will provide an overview of the national scope of 
correctional staff sexual misconduct while providing information and an 
interactive training experience that will enhance the knowledge and 
skills of investigators and administrators from state and local 
jurisdictions specifically charged with investigating staff sexual 
misconduct with inmates. (It is not within the scope of this 
cooperative agreement to provide skill development for individual 
investigative techniques requiring extensive technical application).
    The award recipient will become familiar with the work currently 
being done at NIC on issues related to staff sexual misconduct and will 
contribute to the development of information on current investigative 
practices in this sensitive subject matter area.
    As a collaborative venture with the NIC Prisons Division, the 
recipient will develop training outcomes for the project in partnership 
with the NIC project manager. A total of $60,000 is reserved for the 
project which will support one cooperative agreement for a 10 month 
period. The recipient of the award will be selected through a 
competitive solicitation process. Andie Moss is the designated NIC 
project manager.


    The fine balance in the relationship of staff and inmates is 
critical to the well being of healthy institutional and organizational 
cultures in corrections. The need for effective investigations into 
allegations of staff sexual misconduct is at the core of the 
correctional management response to the issue of staff sexual 
misconduct. Investigations must be objective and professional and serve 
as a tool to support and protect both staff and inmates from 
individuals who compromise security and create personal and 
professional disruption through misconduct. Since the mid nineties NIC 
has provided leadership in addressing the issues of staff sexual 
misconduct through training seminars and on-site technical assistance 
to state and local departments of corrections. The Institute has 
developed training materials for state prison systems that address 
policy and practice, the importance of state law, the investigative 
process, staff training and responses to the media. Through this work, 
NIC recognizes the need for a training curriculum that specifically 
addresses the training of investigators in more depth.


    This project is intended to provide agency investigators and 
administrators with:
     A training curriculum that provides investigators with an 
in depth understanding of the dynamics of staff sexual misconduct and 
the most effective investigative responses identified through 
experienced investigators and subject matter experts.
     An interactive training format minimally using a trainer's 
guide and a participant notebook that provides participants with a 
record of core principles and concepts learned in the training 

Project Content

    The award recipient will propose a strategy for identifying 
effective models for investigating staff sexual misconduct and 
demonstrate knowledge of the legal and administrative considerations in 
the use of investigative practices and techniques in prison and/or jail 
settings. The award recipient will develop case studies clearly 
demonstrating the fact patterns of a variety of cases and the 
investigative techniques applied. Additional topics for development may 
include, though not limited to: legal issues and case law; the 
potential role of the medical and mental health staff; the human 
resource personnel in the administrative review of investigations; the 
role of external law enforcement; the dynamics of staff-offender 
relationships when sexual misconduct develops; examples of 
organizational structure of investigative units; and the tracking and 
analysis of incidents within the institutional setting. The overall 
development of a strong investigative policy should be addressed in the 
training curriculum.

A. Required Activity

     Initial meeting with NIC staff for an overview of the 
Institute's training and technical assistance activities that are 
relevant to the development of an investigative training curriculum.

B. Other Possible Activities

     Interviews or focus groups with key personnel in state and 
local jurisdictions with experience in the management of or 
investigative response to sexual misconduct.
     Review of current investigative policies, case law and 
other related written materials and reports.
     Development and presentation of case examples involving 
staff misconduct that lead to or conclude with inappropriate 
involvement with inmates.

    Authority: Public Law 93-415.

    Funds Available: The award will be limited to a maximum total of 
$60,000 (direct and indirect costs) and project activity must be 
completed within 10 months of the date of the award. Funds may only be 
used for the activities that are linked to the desired outcomes of the 
    All products from this funding effort will be in the public domain 
and available to interested agencies through the National Institute of 
    Deadline for Receipt of Applications: Applications must be received 
by 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday, August 27, 1999. They should be addressed to: 
National Institute of Corrections, 320 First Street, NW, Room 5007, 
Washington, DC 20534, Attention: Administrative Officer. Hand delivered 
applications can be brought to 500 First Street, NW, Washington, DC 
20534. The front desk will call Bobbi Tinsley at (202) 307-3106, 
extension 0 for pickup.
    Addresses and further information: Requests for the application 
kit, which consists of a copy of this announcement and copies of the 
required forms, should be directed to Judy Evens, Cooperative Agreement 
Control Office, National Institute of Corrections, 320 First Street, 
NW, Room 5007, Washington, DC 20534

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or by calling (800) 995-6423, extension 159 or (202) 307-3106, 
extension 159. She can also be contacted by E-mail via jevens@bop.gov. 
All technical and/or programmatic questions concerning this 
announcement should be directed to Andi Moss at the above address or by 
calling (800) 995-6423, or (202 307-3106, extension 140, or by E-mail 
via amoss@bop.gov. Application forms may also be obtained though the 
NIC website: http://www.nicic.org. (Click on ``What's New'' and 
``cooperative agreements.''
    Eligible Applicants: An eligible applicant is any private or non-
profit organization, institution, individual, or team with expertise in 
production of training videos and related training materials.
    Review Considerations: Applications received under this 
announcement will be subjected to an NIC three to five member Peer 
Review Process.
    Number of Awards: One (1).
    NIC Application Number: (99P13) This number would appear as a 
reference line in the cover letter and also in box 11 of Standard Form 

(The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance number is: 16.601)
Morris. L. Thigpen,
Director, National Institute of Corrections.
[FR Doc. 99-18775 Filed 7-22-99; 8:45 am]