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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
[Docket Nos. CP97-315-000 et al., CP97-319-000, CP98-200-00, CP98-540-

Independent Pipeline Company, ANR Pipeline Company, National Fuel 
Gas Supply Corporation, Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Corporation; 
Notice of Availability of the Draft Environmental Impact Statement for 
the Proposed Independence Pipeline and Market Link Expansion Projects

April 15, 1999.
    The staff of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC or 
Commission) has prepared this draft environmental impact statement 
(draft EIS) on natural gas pipeline facilities proposed by ANR Pipeline 
Company (ANR), Independence Pipeline Company (Independence), National 
Fuel Gas Supply Corporation (National Fuel), and Transcontinental Gas 
Pipe Line Corporation (Transco) in the above-referenced dockets.
    The draft EIS was prepared to satisfy the requirements of the 
National Environmental Policy Act. The staff concludes that approval of 
the proposed projects, with appropriate mitigating measures as 
recommended, would have limited adverse environmental impact. The draft 
EIS also evaluates alternatives to the proposal, including system 
    The draft EIS assesses the potential environmental effects of the 
construction and operation of the following facilities in Illinois, 
Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey:


     About 72.3 miles of high pressure pipeline looping in 
three segments, consisting of about 42.4 miles of 42-inch-diameter 
pipeline, and about 29.9 miles of 30-inch-diameter pipeline;

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     15,000 horsepower (hp) of additional compression at one 
existing compressor station, and minor modifications to two existing 
stations; and
     Six new internal tool or ``pig'' launchers along the new 
pipeline loops.


     About 397.4 miles of 36-inch-diameter high pressure 
     60,000 hp of compression at three new compressor stations;
     Three new meter stations;
     Six taps to local distribution companies; and
     28 mainline valves along the pipeline.

National Fuel

     Abandon, primarily by removal, various segments of three 
existing pipelines within about 39.3 miles of right-of-way; and
     Minor modifications to remaining facilities along that 
section of right-of-way to maintain service to existing customers.


     About 154.3 miles of high-pressure pipeline looping, 
consisting of four segments totaling 63.2 miles of 36- and 42-inch-
diameter pipeline in Pennsylvania, six segments totaling 84.8 miles of 
36- and 42-inch-diameter pipeline in New Jersey, and 6.3 miles of 36-
inch-diameter replacement in New Jersey;
     62,400 hp of additional compression at three existing 
compressor stations, and replace impeller at one existing compressor 
     Modification to three regulator stations; and
     One new pig launcher.
    The purpose of the proposed projects would be to transport natural 
gas principally from expansion projects destined for the Chicago, 
Illinois area, to Leidy, Pennsylvania, and to markets in the eastern 
United States.

Comment Procedures and Public Meetings

    Any person wishing to comment on the draft EIS may do so. Please 
carefully follow these instructions to ensure that your comments are 
received in time and are properly recorded:
     Reference Docket No. CP97-315-000 et al.;
     Send two copies of your comments to: David Boergers, 
Secretary, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, 888 First St., N.E., 
Room 1A, Washington, DC 20426; and
     Label one copy for the attention of the Environmental 
Review and Compliance Branch I, PR-11.1.
     Mail your comments so that they will be received in 
Washington, DC on or before June 4, 1999.
    In addition to written copies, we will hold ten public meetings in 
the project area to receive comments on the draft EIS. All meetings 
will begin at 7:00 pm, and are scheduled as follows:

Crown Point, Indiana: May 24, 1999

Marion Education Center, St. Anthony's Hospital, 1201 South Main 
Street, Crown Point, Indiana, (219) 757-6398

Buchanan, Michigan: May 25, 1999

Buchanan High School Auditorium, 401 West Chicago Street, Buchanan, 
Michigan, (616) 695-8403

Tiffin, Ohio: May 24, 1999

Tiffin Columbian High School Auditorium, 300 South Monroe Street, 
Tiffin, OH, (419) 447-6331

Wooster, Ohio: May 25, 1999

Ohio Agriculture Research Development Center (Ohio State University), 
Fisher Auditorium, 1680 Madison Avenue, Wooster, Ohio, (330) 263-3738

North Canton, Ohio: May 24, 1999

Hoover High School, Hoover Hall, 575 7th St., NE, North Canton, Ohio, 
(330) 497-5600

Butler, Pennsylvania: May 25, 1999

Intermediate High School, Auditorium, 110 Campus Lane, Butler, 
Pennsylvania, (724) 287-8721

Ridgeway, Pennsylvania: May 24, 1999

Royal Inn, Boot Jack Road, Route 219 (South of Ridgeway), Ridgeway, 
Pennsylvania, (814) 773-3153

Williamsport, Pennsylvania: May 25, 1999

Sheraton Inn, 100 Pine Street, Williamsport, PA, (717) 327-8231

Phillipsburg, New Jersey: May 24, 1999

Holiday Inn, 1314 US Highway 22, Phillipsburg, New Jersey, (908) 454-

Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey: May 25, 1999

Holiday Inn, 283 Route 17 South, Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey, (202) 

    Interested groups and individuals are encouraged to attend and 
present oral comments on the environmental impact described in the 
draft EIS. Transcripts of the meetings will be prepared.
    After these comments are reviewed, any significant new issues are 
investigated, and modifications are made to the draft EIS as necessary, 
a final EIS will be published and distributed by the staff. The final 
EIS will contain the staff's responses to timely comments received on 
the draft EIS.
    Comments will be considered by the Commission but will not serve to 
make the commenter a party to the proceeding. Any person seeking to 
become a party to the proceeding must file a motion to intervene 
pursuant to Rule 214 of the Commission's Rules of Practice and 
Procedure (18 CFR 385.214).
    Anyone may intervene in this proceeding based on this draft EIS. 
You must file your request to intervene as specified above. You do not 
need intervenor status to have your comments considered.
    All intervenors and anyone providing written comments on the draft 
EIS will receive a copy of the final EIS. If you do not wish to comment 
on the draft EIS but wish to receive a copy of the final EIS, you must 
write to the Secretary of the Commission indicating this request. 
Individuals who do not indicate their desire to receive the final EIS 
will receive an Executive Summary. Agencies, elected officials, local 
governments, special interest groups, libraries, and media will receive 
a final EIS.
    The draft EIS has been placed in the public files of the FERC and 
is available for public inspection at: Federal Energy Regulatory 
Commission, Public Reference and Files Maintenance Branch, 888 First 
Street, NE, Room 2A, Washington, DC 20426, (202) 208-1371.
    A limited number of copies are available from the Public Reference 
and Files Maintenance Branch identified above. In addition, the draft 
EIS has been mailed to Federal, state, and local agencies; public 
interest groups; individuals who requested a copy of the draft EIS; 
affected landowners; libraries; newspapers; and parties to this 
    Additional information about the proposed projects is available 
from Paul McKee in the Commission's Office of External Affairs, at 
(202) 208-1088 or on the FERC website (www.ferc.fed.us) using the 
``RIMS'' link to information in these docket numbers. Click on the 
``RIMS'' link, select ``Docket #'' from the RIMS menu, and follow the 
instructions. For assistance with access to RIMS, the RIMS helpline can 
be reached at (202) 208-2222.
    Similarly, the ``CIPS'' link on the FERC Internet website provides 
access to the texts of formal documents issued by the Commission, such 
as orders,

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notices, and rulemakings. From the FERC Internet website, click on the 
``CIPS'' link, select ``Docket #'' from the CIPS menu, and follow the 
instructions. For assistance with access the CIPS, the CIPS helpline 
can be reached at (202) 208-2474.
Lonwood A. Watson, Jr.,
Acting Secretary.
[FR Doc. 99-9912 Filed 4-20-99; 8:45 am]