[Federal Register Volume 64, Number 75 (Tuesday, April 20, 1999)]
[Page 19351]
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[FR Doc No: 99-9813]



Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
[Docket No. CP99-296-000]

Reliant Energy Gas Transmission Company; Notice of Request Under 
Blanket Authorization

April 14, 1999.
    Take notice that on April 12, 1999, Reliant Energy Gas Transmission 
Company (REGT), 1111 Louisiana, Houston, Texas 77002-5231, filed in 
Docket No. CP99-296-000 a request pursuant to Sections 157.205 and 
157.216 of the Commission's Regulations under the Natural Gas Act (18 
CFR 157.205 and 157.216) for authorization to abandon certain 
facilities in Oklahoma under REGT's blanket certificate issued in 
Docket No. CP82-384-000 and CP82-384-001 pursuant to Section 7 of the 
Natural Gas Act, all as more fully set forth in the request that is on 
file with the Commission and open to public inspection. This filing may 
be viewed on the web at http://www.ferc.fed.us/online/rims.htm (call 
202-208-2222 for assistance).
    REGT specifically proposes to abandon an inactive 1-inch delivery 
tap and 1-inch U-shape meter station on REGT's Line 2-H in Section 9, 
Township 18 North, Range 12 West, Blaine County, Oklahoma formerly 
serving Reliant Energy, Arkla, a distribution division of Reliant 
Energy Incorporated (Arkla). Arkla has agreed to the abandonment of 
this tap formerly serving its Rural Extension 988. The tap will be 
abandoned in place and the metering facilities will be removed. All 
construction will occur above ground.
    Any person or the Commission's staff may, within 45 days after 
issuance of the instant notice by the Commission, file pursuant to Rule 
214 of the Commission's Procedural Rules (18 CFR 385.214) a motion to 
intervene or notice of intervention and pursuant to section 157.205 of 
the Regulations under the Natural Gas Act (18 CFR 157.205) a protest to 
the request. If no protest is filed within the time allowed therefor, 
the proposed activity shall be deemed to be authorized effective the 
day after the time allowed for filing a protest. If a protest is filed 
and not withdrawn within 30 days after the time allowed for filing a 
protest, the instant request shall be treated as an application for 
authorization pursuant to section 7 of the Natural Gas Act.
David P. Boergers,
[FR Doc. 99-9813 Filed 4-19-99; 8:45 am]