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47 CFR Part 73

[MM Docket No. 97-227; RM-9159; RM-9229; RM-9230]

Radio Broadcasting Services; Wasilla and Sterling, AK

AGENCY: Federal Communications Commission.

ACTION: Final rule.


SUMMARY: This document allots Channel 265C2 to Wasilla, Alaska, in lieu 
of previously proposed Channel 273C2, as that community's second local 
FM transmission service, in response to a petition for rule making 
filed on behalf of KMBQ Corporation (RM-9159). See 62 FR 61719, 
November 19, 1997. Additionally, in response to a counterproposal (RM-
9229), the licensee issued to Morris Communications Corporation for 
Station KMXS(FM), Anchorage, is modified to specify operation on 
Channel 276C1 at coordinates 61-08-13 NL and 149-50-06 WL. (See 
Supplementary Information, infra.) Also, Channel 231C2 is allotted to 
Sterling, Alaska, as that community's first local aural transmission 
service, in response to a counterproposal filed on behalf of Chester P. 
Coleman (RM-9230). Coordinates used for Channel 265C2 at Wasilla, 
Alaska, are 61-38-05 NL and 149-22-14 WL. Coordinates used for Channel 
231C2 at Sterling, Alaska, are 60-32-18 NL and 150-45-30 WL. With this 
action, the proceeding is terminated.

DATES: Effective May 24, 1999. A filing window for Channel 265C2 at 
Wasilla, Alaska, and for Channel 231C2 at Sterling, Alaska, will not be 
opened at this time. Instead, the issue of opening a filing window for 
those channels will be addressed by the Commission in a subsequent 

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Nancy Joyner, Mass Media Bureau, (202) 
418-2180. Questions related to the application filing process should be 
addressed to the Audio Services Division, (202) 418-2700.

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: This is a synopsis of the Commission's 
Report and Order, MM Docket No. 97-227, adopted March 31, 1999, and 
released April 9, 1999. The full text of this Commission decision is 
available for inspection and copying during normal business hours in 
the FCC's Reference Center (Room 239), 1919 M Street, NW., Washington, 
DC. The complete text of this decision may also be purchased

[[Page 19300]]

from the Commission's copy contractor, International Transcription 
Service, Inc., 1231 20th Street, NW., Washington, DC 20036, (202) 857-
    We wish to clarify that although Channel 276C1 currently appears in 
the FM Table of Allotments at Anchorage, it was downgraded to Channel 
276C2 on August 26, 1994, at the request of the former licensee of 
Station KMXS(FM) (see File No. BPH-931229IA). An editorial amendment to 
the Table of Allotments was never made to reflect the change at 
Anchorage. Therefore, it is not necessary to amend the Table of 
Allotments with respect to that community. However, Morris 
Communications Corporation is expected to abide by the requirements of 
Section 1.1104(3)(1) of the Commission's Rules when filing its 
application to implement the upgrade for Station KMXS(FM) at Anchorage.

List of Subjects in 47 CFR Part 73

    Radio broadcasting.

    Part 73 of Title 47 of the Code of Federal Regulations is amended 
as follows:


    1. The authority citation for part 73 reads as follows:

    Authority: 47 U.S.C. 154, 303, 334, 336.

Sec. 73.202  [Amended]

    2. Section 73.202(b), the Table of FM Allotments under Alaska, is 
amended by adding Sterling, Channel 231C2.
    3. Section 73.202(b), the Table of FM Allotments under Alaska, is 
amended by adding Channel 265C2 at Wasilla.

Federal Communications Commission.
John A. Karousos,
Chief, Allocations Branch, Policy and Rules Division, Mass Media 
[FR Doc. 99-9766 Filed 4-19-99; 8:45 am]