[Federal Register Volume 63, Number 247 (Thursday, December 24, 1998)]
[Rules and Regulations]
[Pages 71216-71217]
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[FR Doc No: 98-34168]



Federal Aviation Administration

14 CFR Part 71

[Airspace Docket No. 98-AWP-23]

Revision to Class E Airspace; Reno, NV

AGENCY: Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), DOT.

ACTION: Direct final rule; confirmation of effective date and 


SUMMARY: This document confirms the effective date of a direct final 
rule which revises the legal description for the E3 airspace area 
designated as an extension to the Class C airspace at Reno, NV. This 
document also corrects the airspace legal description that was 
published incorrectly in the direct final rule; request for comments. 
The correction involves deleting ``CA'' and inserting ``NV'' to 
properly identify the geographic location. Additionally, coordinates 
for the Reno ILS Localizer and references to it have been added to the 
legal description to correct a previous omission. This correction is 
editorial in nature and does not affect the substance of the airspace 

DATES: The direct final rule published in 63 FR 58628 is effective at 
0901 UTC, January 28, 1999. The correction is also effective on January 
28, 1999.

Jeri Carson, Air Traffic Division, Airspace Specialist, AWP-520.11, 
Federal Aviation Administration, Western-Pacific Region, 15000 Aviation 
Boulevard, Lawndale, California 90261; telephone (310) 725-6611.

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: On November 2, 1998, the FAA published in 
the Federal Register a direct final rule; request for comments which 
revised the Class E airspace area consisting of airspace extending 
upward from the surface designated as an extension to the Class C 
surface area at Reno/Tahoe International Airport. (FR

[[Page 71217]]

Document 98-29297, 63 FR 58628, Airspace Docket No. 98-AWP-23). An 
error was subsequently discovered in the publication of the docket. The 
docket failed to cite properly the coordinates for the Reno ILS 
localizer in the airspace legal description. The error was an 
inadvertent omission, and the correction included in this document has 
no substantive effect on the airspace action. After review of all 
available information related to the subject presented above, the FAA 
has determined that air safety and the public interest require adoption 
of the rule. The FAA has determined that the correction will not change 
the meaning of the action, nor will it add any burden on the public 
beyond that already published. This action corrects the error and 
confirms the effective date of the direct final rule.
    The FAA uses the direct final rulemaking procedure for a non-
controversial rule where the FAA believes that there will be no adverse 
public comment. The direct final rule advised the public that no 
adverse comments were anticipated, and that unless a written adverse 
comment, or a written notice of intent to submit such an adverse 
comment, were received within the comment period, the regulation would 
become effective on January 28, 1999. No adverse comments were 
received; therefore this document confirms that the direct final rule 
will become effective on January 28, 1999.


    In the rule FR Doc. 98-29297 published in the Federal Register on 
November 2, 1998, 63 FR 58628, make the following correction to the 
airspace description on page 58629, in the middle column:

Paragraph 6003 Class E Airspace Areas Designated as an Extension

* * * * *

AWP NV E3  Reno, NV [Revised]

Reno/Tahoe International Airport, NV
    (Lat. 39 deg.29'55'' N., long. 119 deg.46'05'' W.)
I-RNO Localizer
    (Lat. 39 deg.28'50'' N., long. 119 deg.46'10'' W.)

    That airspace extending upward from the surface within 1.8 miles 
each side of the I-RNO localizer north course extending from the 5-
mile radius of Reno/Tahoe International Airport to 13.1 miles north 
of the localizer, and within 1.8 miles each side of the I-RNO 
localizer south course, extending from the 5-mile radius of the 
airport to 9.7 miles south of the localizer.
* * * * *
    Issued in Los Angeles, California on December 11, 1998.
John G. Clancy,
Manager, Air Traffic Division, Western-Pacific Region.
[FR Doc. 98-34168 Filed 12-23-98; 8:45 am]