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[Pages 57318-57319]
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Federal Bureau of Investigation

DNA Advisory Board Meeting

    Pursuant to the provisions of the Federal Advisory Committee Act, 
notice is hereby given that the DNA Advisory Board (DAB) will meet on 
November 18, 1998, from 10:00 am until 4:00 pm at The Double Tree 
Hotel, 300 Army Navy Drive, Arlington, Virginia, 22202. All attendees 
will be admitted only after displaying personal identification which 
bears a photograph of the attendee.
    The DAB's scope of authority is: To develop, and if appropriate, 
periodically revise, recommended standards for quality assurance to the 
Director of the FBI, including standards for testing the proficiency of 
forensic laboratories, and forensic analysts, in conducting analysis of 
DNA; To recommend standards to the Director of the FBI which specify 
criteria for quality assurance and proficiency tests to be applied to 
the various types of DNA analysis used by forensic laboratories, 
including statistical and population genetics issues affecting the 
evaluation of the frequency of occurrence of DNA profiles calculated 
from pertinent population database(s); To recommend standards for 
acceptance of DNA profiles in the FBI's Combined DNA Index System 
(CODIS) which take account of relevant privacy, law enforcement and 
technical issues; and, To make recommendations for a system for grading 
proficiency testing performance to determine whether a laboratory is 
performing acceptably.
    The topics to be discussed at this meeting include: a review of 
minutes from the July 16, 1998, meeting; introduction of the newly 
appointed Board Chairman, voting on the DRAFT Quality Assurance 
Standards for Convicted Offender DNA Databasing Laboratories; update on 
the waiver process for technical manager or leader; discussion of 
certification; and a discussion of topics for the next DNA Advisory 
Board meeting.
    The meeting is open to the public on a first-come, first seated 
basis. Anyone wishing to address the DAB must notify the Designated 
Federal Employee (DFE) in writing at least twenty-four hours before the 
DAB meets. The notification must include the requestor's name, 
organizational affiliation, a short statement describing the topic to 
be addressed, and the amount of time requested. Oral statements to the 
DAB will be limited to five minutes and limited to subject matter 
directly related to the DAB's agenda, unless otherwise permitted by the 
    Any member of the public may file a written statement for the 
record concerning the DAB and its work before or after the meeting. 
Written statements for the record will be furnished to each DAB member 
for their consideration and will be included in the official minutes of 
a DAB meeting. Written statements must be type-written on 8\1/2\'' x 
11'' xerographic weight paper, one side only, and bound only by a paper 
clip (not stapled). All pages must be

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numbered. Statements should include the Name, Organizational 
Affiliation, Address, and Telephone number of the author(s). Written 
statements for the record will be included in minutes of the meeting 
immediately following the receipt of the written statement, unless the 
statement is received within three weeks of the meeting. Under this 
circumstance, the written statement will be included with the minutes 
of the following meeting. Written statements for the record should be 
submitted to the DFE.
    Inquiries may be addressed to the DFE, Dr. Dwight E. Adams, Chief, 
Scientific Analysis Section, Laboratory Division--Room 3266, Federal 
Bureau of Investigation, 935 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W., Washington, DC 
20535-0001, (202) 324-4416, FAX (202) 324-1462.

    Dated: October 21, 1998.
Dwight E. Adams,
Chief, Scientific Analysis Section Federal Bureau of Investigation.
[FR Doc. 98-28758 Filed 10-26-98; 8:45 am]