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Public Health Service

National Toxicology Program (NTP) Board of Scientific Counselors' 
Meeting; Review of Draft NTP Technical Reports

    Pursuant to Public law 92-463, notice is hereby given of the next 
meeting of the NTP Board of Scientific Counselors' Technical Reports 
Review Subcommittee on October 30, 1998, in the Conference Center, 
Building 101, South Campus, National Institute of Environmental Health 
Sciences (NIEHS), 111 Alexander Drive, Research Triangle Park, North 
Carolina. The meeting will begin at 9:00 a.m. on October 30, and is 
open to the public. The agenda topic is the peer review of draft 
Technical Reports of long-term toxicology and carcinogenesis studies 
from the National Toxicology Program.
    Tentatively scheduled to be peer reviewed on October 30 are draft 
Technical Reports of five two-year studies, listed alphabetically, 
along with supporting information in the attached table. The draft 
Report on triethanolamine had been peer reviewed previously but is 
being returned for rereview as this was the first study in which 
infection of B6C3F1 mice with Halicobacter hepaticus was 
discovered. All studies were done using Fischer 344 rats and 
B6C3F1 mice. The order of review is given in the far right 
column of the table. By September 30, 1998, full copies of these draft 
reports will be available for free on the Internet for public review 
and comment through the Environmental Health Information Service (EHIS) 
at http://ehis.niehs.nih.gov. Printed copies can be obtained, as 
available, from: Central Data Management, MD E1-02, P.O. Box 12233, 
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709 (919/541-3419), FAX (919/541-3687); 
email: CDM@niehs.nih.gov.
    Public comment on any of the Technical Reports is welcome. Persons 
wanting to make a formal presentation regarding a particular Technical 
Report must notify the Executive Secretary by telephone at 919/541-
3971, by FAX at 919/541-0295, by mail, or by email at 
hart@niehs.nih.gov., by no later than October 27, 1998, and, if 
possible, provide a written copy in advance of the meeting so copies 
can be made and distributed to all Subcommittee members and staff, and 
made available at the meeting for attendees. Written statements could 
supplement and may expand on the oral presentation. Oral presentations 
should be limited to no more than five minutes.
    The Program would welcome receiving toxicology and carcinogenesis 
information from completed, ongoing, or planned studies by others, as 
well as current production data, human exposure information, and use 
patterns for any of the chemicals listed in this announcement. Please 
contact Central Data Management at the address given above, and they 
will relay the information to the appropriate staff scientist.
    The Executive Secretary, Dr. Larry G. Hart, P.O. Box 12233, 
Research Triangle Park, North Carolina 27709 will furnish agenda and a 
roster of Subcommittee members prior to the meeting. Summary minutes 
subsequent to the meeting will be available upon request to Central 
Data Management.

    Dated: September 21, 1998.
Kenneth Olden,
Director, National Toxicology Program.

     Summary Data for Technical Reports Tentatively Scheduled for Review at the Meeting of the NTP Board of
                          Scientific Counselor's Technical Reports Review Subcommittee
                                               [October 30, 1998]
                                   Technical report                                                      Review
        Chemical CAS No.                 No.                Primary uses        Route/exposure levels    order
Ethylene Glycol Monobutyl Ether  TR-484.............  Solvent for mineral      Inhalation (air):               3
 111-76-2.                                             oils, in spray           Rats: 0, 31, 62.5, or
                                                       lacquers, varnish        125 ppm; Mice: 0,
                                                       removers, metal          62.5, 125, or 250 ppm
                                                       cleaners.                (50/sex/species/
Glutaraldehyde 111-30-8........  TR-490.............  Disinfectant and         Inhalation (air):               5
                                                       sterilizing agent;       Rats: 0, 250, 500, or
                                                       Embalming fluid;         750 ppm; Mice: 0,
                                                       chemical intermediate    62.5, 125, or 250 ppb
                                                       for adhesives,           (50/sex/species/
                                                       electrical products,     group).
                                                       tanning soft leathers;
                                                       in photographic
                                                       developing, dental
Methyleugenol 93-15-2..........  TR-491.............  Insect attractant;       Gavage                          2
                                                       major constituent of     (methylcellulose):
                                                       clove oil, used          Rats & Mice: 0, 37,
                                                       extensively in           75, or 150 mg/kg (50/
                                                       perfumes & flavorings.   sex/species/group).

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Oxymetholone 434-07-1..........  TR-485.............  Maintain a positive      Gavage                          4
                                                       nitrogen balance; to     (methylcellulose);
                                                       promote weight gain in   Rats only: Males: 0,
                                                       Cachexia, debilitating   3, 30, or 150 mg/kg;
                                                       diseases, serious        Females: 0, 3, 30, or
                                                       infections, burns,       100 mg/kg.
                                                       trauma and surgery;
                                                       treatment of anemias.
Triethanolamine 102-71-6         TR-449.............  Intermediate in the      Topical (acetone):              1
 (Reconsideration and                                  manufacture of           Male Rats: 0, 32, 63,
 discussion of Helicobacter                            surfactants, textile     or 125 mg/kg; Female
 issue).                                               specialties, waxes,      Rats: 0, 63, 125, or
                                                       polishes, herbicides,    250 mg/kg; Male Mice:
                                                       petroleum                0, 200, 630, or 2000
                                                       demulsifiers, toilet     mg/kg; Female Mice:
                                                       goods, cement            0, 100, 300, or 1000
                                                       additives, cutting       mg/kg (60/group).
                                                       oils, in making
                                                       mineral & vegetable
                                                       oil emulsions,
                                                       solvent, pharmaceutics
                                                       aid (alkalizer).

    By September 30, 1998, full copies of these draft reports will be 
available for free on the Internet for public review and comment 
through the Environmental Health Information Service (EHIS) at http://
ehis.niehs.nih.gov. Printed copies can be obtained by contacting 
Central Data Management by phone at 919-541-3418; fax: 919-541-3687; or 
email: CMD@niehs.nih.gov.

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