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[Pages 49329-49330]
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International Trade Administration

Notice of Antidumping Duty Order: Stainless Steel Wire Rod From 

AGENCY: Import Administration, International Trade Administration, 
Department of Commerce.

EFFECTIVE DATE: September 15, 1998.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Brian Smith or Everett Kelly, Import 
Administration, International Trade Administration, U.S. Department of 
Commerce, 14th Street and Constitution Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 
20230; telephone: (202) 482-1766 or (202) 482-4194, respectively.

The Applicable Statute

    Unless otherwise indicated, all citations to the Tariff Act of 
1930, as amended (the Act), are references to the provisions effective 
January 1, 1995, the effective date of the amendments made to the Act 
by the Uruguay Round Agreements Act (URAA). In addition, unless 
otherwise indicated, all citations to the Department's regulations are 
to the regulations at 19 CFR part 351, 62 FR 27296 (May 19, 1997).

Scope of Order

    For purposes of this order, stainless steel wire rod (SSWR) 
comprises products that are hot-rolled or hot-rolled annealed and/or 
pickled and/or descaled rounds, squares, octagons, hexagons or other 
shapes, in coils, that may also be coated with a lubricant containing 
copper, lime or oxalate. SSWR is made of alloy steels containing, by 
weight, 1.2 percent or less of carbon and 10.5 percent or more of 
chromium, with or without other elements. These products are 
manufactured only by hot-rolling or hot-rolling annealing, and/or 
pickling and/or descaling, are normally sold in coiled form, and are of 
solid cross-section. The majority of SSWR sold in the United States is 
round in cross-sectional shape, annealed and pickled, and later cold-
finished into stainless steel wire or small-diameter bar. The most 
common size for such products is 5.5 millimeters or 0.217 inches in 
diameter, which represents the smallest size that normally is produced 
on a rolling mill and is the size that most wire-drawing machines are 
set up to draw. The range of SSWR sizes normally sold in the United 
States is between 0.20 inches and 1.312 inches in diameter.
    Certain stainless steel grades are excluded from the scope of the 
order. SF20T and K-M35FL are excluded. The following proprietary grades 
of Kanthal AB are also excluded: Kanthal A-1, Kanthal AF, Kanthal A, 
Kanthal D, Kanthal DT, Alkrothal 14, Alkrothal 720, and Nikrothal 40. 
The chemical makeup for the excluded grades is as follows:


Carbon--0.05 max
Manganese--2.00 max
Phosphorous--0.05 max
Sulfur--0.15 max
Silicon--1.00 max
Lead--added (0.10/0.30)
Tellurium--added (0.03 min)


Carbon--0.015 max
Manganese--0.40 max
Phosphorous--0.04 max
Sulfur--0.03 max
Nickel--0.30 max

Kanthal A-1

Carbon--0.08 max
Silicon--0.70 max
Manganese--0.40 max
Aluminum--5.30 min, 6.30 max
Chromium--20.50 min, 23.50 max

Kanthal AF

Carbon--0.08 max
Silicon--0.70 max
Manganese--0.40 max
Chromium--20.50 min, 23.50 max
Aluminum--4.80 min, 5.80 max

Kanthal A

Carbon--0.08 max
Silicon--0.70 max
Manganese--0.50 max
Chromium--20.50 min, 23.50 max
Aluminum--4.80 min, 5.80 max

Kanthal D

Carbon--0.08 max
Silicon--0.70 max
Manganese--0.50 max
Chromium--20.50 min, 23.50 max
Aluminum--4.30 min, 5.30 max

Kanthal DT

Carbon--0.08 max
Silicon--0.70 max
Manganese--0.50 max
Chromium--20.50 min, 23.50 max
Aluminum--4.60 min, 5.60 max

Alkrothal 14

Carbon--0.08 max
Silicon--0.70 max
Manganese--0.50 max
Chromium--14.00 min, 16.00 max
Aluminum--3.80 min, 4.80 max

Alkrothal 720

Carbon--0.08 max
Silicon--0.70 max
Manganese--0.70 max
Chromium--12.00 min, 14.00 max
Aluminum--3.50 min, 4.50 max

Nikrothal 40

Carbon--0.10 max
Silicon--1.60 min, 2.50 max
Manganese--1.00 max
Chromium--18.00 min, 21.00 max
Nickel--34.00 min, 37.00 max
    The products investigated are currently classifiable under 
subheadings 7221.00.0005, 7221.00.0015, 7221.00.0030, 7221.00.0045, and 
7221.00.0075 of the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States 
(``HTSUS''). Although the HTSUS subheadings are provided for 
convenience and customs purposes, the written description of the scope 
of this order is dispositive.

Antidumping Order

    On September 8, 1998, in accordance with section 735(d) of the Act, 
the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) notified the Department 
that a U.S. industry is materially injured by reason of imports of SSWR 
from Sweden, pursuant to section 735(b)(1)(A) of the Act. Therefore, in 
accordance with section 736(a)(1) of the Act, the Department will 
direct the United States Customs Service to assess, upon further advice 
by the Department, antidumping duties equal to the amount by which the 
normal value of the merchandise exceeds the export price and 
constructed export price of the merchandise for all relevant entries of 
SSWR from Sweden. These antidumping duties will be assessed on all 
unliquidated entries of SSWR from Sweden entered, or withdrawn from 
warehouse, for consumption on or after March 5, 1998, the date on which 
the Department published its preliminary determination notice in the 
Federal Register (63 FR 10825).

[[Page 49330]]

    On or after the date of publication of this notice in the Federal 
Register, Customs officers must require, at the same time as importers 
would normally deposit estimated duties, the cash deposits listed below 
for the subject merchandise. The All Others rate applies to all 
exporters of SSWR not specifically listed below.
    The weighted-average dumping margins are as follows:

                  Manufacturer/producer                       margin    
Fagersta Stainless AB...................................            5.71
All Others..............................................            5.71

    This notice constitutes the antidumping duty order with respect to 
stainless steel wire rod from Sweden, pursuant to section 736(a) of the 
Act. Interested parties may contact the Central Records Unit, Room B-
099 of the Main Commerce Building, for copies of an updated list of 
antidumping duty orders currently in effect.
    This order is published in accordance with section 736(a) of the 
Act and 19 CFR 351.211.

    Dated: September 10, 1998.
Richard W. Moreland,
Acting Assistant Secretary for Import Administration.
[FR Doc. 98-24771 Filed 9-14-98; 8:45 am]