[Federal Register Volume 63, Number 57 (Wednesday, March 25, 1998)]
[Rules and Regulations]
[Pages 14348-14349]
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[FR Doc No: 98-7820]



Federal Aviation Administration

14 CFR Part 71

[Airspace Docket No. 97-ACE-34]

Revocation, Establishment, and Modification of Class E Airspace 
Areas; Cedar Rapids, IA; Correction

AGENCY: Federal Aviation Administration, DOT.

ACTION: Direct final rule; confirmation of effective date and 


SUMMARY: This notice confirms the effective date of a direct final rule 
which revises Class E airspace at Cedar Rapids, The Eastern Iowa 
Airport, IA, and corrects an error in the airspace designation as 
published in the direct final rule.

DATES: The direct final rule published at 63 FR 4380 is effective on 
0901 UTC, April 23, 1998.
    This correction is effective on April 23, 1998.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Kathy Randolph, Air Traffic Division, 
Airspace Branch, ACE--520C, Federal Aviation Administration , 601 East 
12th Street, Kansas City, Missouri 64106; telephone: (816) 426-3408.

    On January 29, 1998, the FAA published in the Federal Register a 
direct final rule, request for comments, which removed, established and 
modified Class E airspace at Cedar Rapids, The Eastern Iowa Airport, IA 
(FR Doc. 98-2214, 63 FR 4380, Airspace Docket No. 97-ACE-34). An error 
was subsequently discovered in the Class E airspace designation. After 
careful review of all available information related to the subject 
presented above, the FAA has determined that these corrections will not 
change the meaning of the action nor add any additional burden on the 
public beyond that already published. This action corrects those errors 
and confirms the effective date of the direct final rule.
    The FAA uses the direct final rulemaking procedure for a non-
controversial rule where the FAA believes that there will be no adverse 
public comment. This direct final rule advised the public that no 
adverse comments were anticipated, and that unless a written adverse 
comment, or a written notice of intent to submit such an adverse 
comment, were received within the comment period, the regulation would 
become effective on April 23, 1998. No adverse comments were received, 
and thus this notice confirms that this direct final rule will become 
effective on that date.


    In rule FR Doc. 98-2214 published in the Federal Register on 
January 29, 1998, 63 FR 4380, make the following correction to the 
Cedar Rapids, The Eastern Iowa Airport, IA, Class E airspace 
designation incorporated by reference in 14 CFR 71.1:

Sec. 71.1  [Corrected]

    On page 4381 in the third column, in the airspace designation, 
under ACE IA E5 Cedar Rapids, IA [Revised], in the first paragraph, in 
the fourth line, 269 deg. should read 271 deg..

[[Page 14349]]

    Issued in Kansas City, MO on March 5, 1998.
Bryan H. Burleson,
Acting Manager, Air Traffic Division Central Region.
[FR Doc. 98-7820 Filed 3-24-98; 8:45 am]