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Department of the Navy

Determination of Surplus for the Disposal and Reuse of Marine 
Corps Air Station Tustin, CA

AGENCY: Department of the Navy, DoD.

ACTION: Notice.


SUMMARY: This notice provides information regarding the local 
redevelopment authority that has been established to plan the reuse of 
Marine Corps Air Station Tustin, California, and the surplus property 
that is located at that base closure site.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Richard Anderson, Real Estate and Base 
Closure Section Head, Commandant of the Marine Corps (Code LFL3), 
Headquarters US Marine Corps, 2 Navy Annex, Washington, D.C. 20380-
1775, Telephone (703) 696-0865. For more detailed information regarding 
particular properties identified in this Notice (i.e., acreage, floor 
plans, condition, exact street address, etc.), contact Al Murphy, Base 
Realignment and Closure Office, COMCABWEST, Code 1AS, Headquarters 
Marine Corps Air Station, El Toro, PO BOX 95001, Santa Ana, CA 92709-
5001, Telephone (714) 726-5305.

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: In 1991, Marine Corps Air Station Tustin was 
designated for closure under the authority of the Defense Base Closure 
and Realignment Act of 1990, Public Law 101-510, as amended. Pursuant 
to this designation, on October 1, 1993, land and facilities at this 
installation were declared excess to the Department of Navy and 
available to other Department of Defense components and other Federal 
agencies. With the exception of the land and facilities excluded from 
this Notice, it is not anticipated that any other land or facilities 
will be made available to such components or other Federal agencies.

Notice of Surplus Property

    Pursuant to paragraph (7)(B) of Section 2905 (b) of the Defense 
Base Closure and Realignment Act of 1990, as amended by the Base 
Closure Community Redevelopment and Homeless Assistance Act of 1994, 
the following information regarding the redevelopment authority for and 
surplus property at Marine Corps Air Station Tustin, CA, is published 
in the Federal Register.

Redevelopment Authority

    The local redevelopment authority for Marine Corps Air Station 
Tustin, for

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purposes of implementing the provisions of the Defense Base Closure and 
Realignment Act of 1990, as amended, is the City of Tustin. The Mayor 
of the City has established a committee to provide recommendations to 
the Tustin City Council concerning the redevelopment plan for the Air 
Station. This committee is known as the ``Marine Corps Air Station 
Closure Task Force'' and is chaired by a member of the Tustin City 
Council. A cross section of community interests is represented on the 
committee. Daily operations of the local redevelopment authority are 
managed by Christine Shingleton, Assistant City Manager, 300 Centennial 
Way, Tustin, CA 92680, Telephone (714) 573-3107 and Dana Ogdon, Senior 
Planner, Telephone (714) 573-3116.

Surplus Property Descriptions

    The following is a list of the land and facilities at Marine Corps 
Air Station Tustin that are declared surplus to the needs of the 
Federal Government.


    Approximately 1594 acres of improved and unimproved fee simple land 
at Marine Corps Air Station Tustin, located within the cities of Tustin 
and Irvine (incorporated), Orange County, will be available. In 
general, all areas will be available when the installation closes in 
July, 1999. Of this total acreage, approximately 530 acres is 
undeveloped land, of which 360 acres are currently being utilized for 
agricultural activities.
    Excluded from this determination of surplus is a parcel of property 
of approximately 15.9 acres that includes a United States Armed 
Services Reserve Center and its supporting facilities. This compound 
will be transferred to the Department of the Army for the use of the 
United States Army Reserve upon operational closure of the Marine Corps 
Air Station.


    The following is a summary of the buildings and other improvements 
located on the above-described land that will also be available when 
the installation closes. Two blimp hangars are listed on the National 
Register of Historic Places with some associated buildings, connecting 
roads, blimp mooring mats, etc., that are part of an eligible historic 
district. Property numbers are available on request.

--Administrative/office facilities (9 structures) Comments: Approx. 
48,754 square feet.
--Airfield operations facility (1 structure) Comments: Approx. 6,085 
square feet.
--Auditorium (1 structure) Comments: Approx. 5,700 square feet.
--Aviation maintenance facilities (28 structures) Comments: Approx. 
646,743 square feet. Includes two blimp hangars, both listed on the 
National Register of Historic Places. Blimp hangars are approx. 300,000 
square feet each.
--Bachelor quarters housing (12 structures) Comments: Approx. 390,921 
square feet. Eleven structures are designed with units consisting of 
two living spaces with a shared bathroom. One contains large open bay 
--Chapel (1 structure) Comments: Approx. 3,803 square feet.
--Child care facilities (2 structures) Comments: Approx. 18,973 square 
--Community support facilities (4 structures) Comments: Approx. 19,212 
square feet.
--Bowling Alley (1 structure) Comments: Approx. 5,640 square feet.
--Fire protection (4 structures) Comments: Approx. 12,977 square feet.
--Hazardous materials storage facilities (16 structures) Comments: 
Approx. 7,043 square feet.
--Hazardous waste storage facilities (24 structures) Comments: Approx. 
6,869 square feet.
--Housing units (1537 units) Comments: 2, 3, 4 bedroom townhouse, 
duplexes, and apartments.
--Instructional facilities (7 structures) Comments: Approx. 78,396 
square feet. Classroom and general training type facility.
--Maintenance production facilities (19 structures) Comments: Approx. 
77,234 square feet. Ground support equipment shops, auto/truck repair 
shops, paint booths, wash and grease racks.
--Medical/Dental facility (1 structure) Comments: Approx. 11,210 square 
--Mess and dining facilities (5 structures) Comments: Approx. 48,541 
square feet. Club facilities, enlisted mess hall, cafeteria.
--Miscellaneous facilities (27 structures) Comments: Approx: 58,054 
square feet. Includes filling station, pavilion, security gate houses, 
--Recreational facilities (17 structures) Comments: Tennis, basketball, 
volleyball, and racquetball courts. Football, baseball, and softball 
fields. Picnic grounds with ancillary facilities.
--Paved areas (airfield) Comments: Approx. 916,588 square yards. 
Includes runway, taxiway, van pads, access apron, washrack pavement.
--Paved areas (roads and other surface areas) Comments: Approx. 245,992 
square yards consisting of roads and 2 bridges. Approx. 560,251 square 
yards consisting of other surface areas, i.e., sidewalks, parking lots, 
and airfield center mat.
--Utility facilities (46 structures) Comments: Measuring systems vary; 
Gas, telephone, electric, storm drainage, water, sewer, oil-water 
separators, fire alarm system, fire protection systems, compressed air 
distribution line, JP5 aviation fuel supply line located on and off 
base with associated property interests.
--Warehouse/storage facilities (32 structures) Comments: Approx. 
171,640 square feet.

Redevelopment Planning

    Pursuant to Section 2905(b)(7)(F) of the Defense Base Closure and 
Realignment Act of 1990, as amended, the local redevelopment authority 
has prepared a redevelopment plan that considered the interests of 
state and local governments, representatives of the homeless, and other 
interested parties located in the vicinity of Marine Corps Air Station 
Tustin, California, and has submitted that plan to the Secretary of 
Housing and Urban Development pursuant to Section 2905(b)(7)(G).

    Dated: December 24, 1997.
Saundra K. Melancon,
Paralegal Specialist, Alternate Federal Register Liaison Officer.
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