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Environmental Impact Statements and Regulations; Availability of 
EPA Comments

    Availability of EPA comments prepared August 25, 1997 through 
August 29, 1997 pursuant to the Environmental Review Process (ERP), 
under Section 309 of the Clean Air Act and Section 102(2)(c) of the 
National Environmental Policy Act as amended. Requests for copies of 
EPA comments can be directed to the Office of Federal Activities at 
(202) 564-7167.
    An explanation of the ratings assigned to draft environmental 
impact statements (EISs) was published in FR dated April 11, 1997 (62 
FR 16154).

Draft EISs

    ERP No. D-FRC-E02006-MS Rating EC2, Destin Natural Gas Pipeline 
Project, Construction and Operation, Six Major Interstate Pipelines in 
the Gulf of Mexico, Southern Natural Gas, COE Section 10 and 404 
Permits, Right-of-Way and Special-Use Permits.
    Summary: EPA expressed concerns over the loss of forested wetlands, 
the need for numerous water body crossings, the need to address 
potential environmental justice concerns, and the need for 
documentation of annual nitrogen oxide emissions of the proposed new 
    ERP No. D-MMS-E02009-00 Rating EC2, Central Planning Area, Gulf of 
Mexico Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Lease Sales 169, 172, 175, 
178 and 182, Lease Offering, Offshore Marine Environment and Coastal 
Counties/Parishes of AL, MS, LA and TX.
    Summary: EPA expressed concerns regarding inadequate protection of 
benthic marine habitats and MMS allowing pipeline projects to be 
reviewed independent of production projects. EPA preferrers the 
Alternative B.
    ERP No. DS-COE-K67020-CA Rating EO2, Syar Mining Operation and 
Reclamation Plan, Six Sites Selected along the Russian River, New and 
Updated Information, Construction, Mining-Use-Permit and COE Section 
404 Permit, City of Healdsburg, Sonoma County, CA.
    Summary: EPA expressed environmental objections with the proposed 
Project because it appears to be the alternative which is most damaging 
to the aquatic environment, especially in terms of adverse impacts to 
riffle-pool complexes and anadromous fisheries, including Federally-

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species. EPA was also concerned that the SDEIS did not propose 
mitigation for direct and indirect impacts to Section 404 regulated 
resources, including wetlands and riffle-pool complexes, over the life 
of the project.
    ERP No. DS-NOA-K90025-CA Rating LO, Monterey Bay National Marine 
Sanctuary Management Plan, Updated Information, To Amend the 
Designation Document and Regulations to Allow Jade Collecting in the 
Sanctuary, San Mateo, Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties, CA.
    Summary: EPA had no objection to the action as proposed.

Final EISs

    ERP No. F-COE-E30037-FL, Brevard County Shore Protection Study, 
Implementation, Beach Restoration Project, Brevard County, FL.
    Summary: EPA expressed environmental concerns that given the 
magnitude of the coastal erosion rates in Brevard County, it is unclear 
whether the proposed project would have long-term benefits despite the 
adverse environmental impacts to the nearshore environment.
    ERP No. F-COE-E30038-FL, Coast of Florida Erosion and Storm Effects 
Study Region III, Construction, Operation and Maintenance, Shore 
Protection Project, Palm Beach, Broward and Dade Counties, FL.
    Summary: EPA had no additional comments regarding the Final EIS.
    ERP No. F-FAA-E51044-NC, Initial Development of the North Carolina 
Global TransPark (NCGTP) Complex, Implementation, Airport Layout Plan 
Approval, COE Section 404 Permit, Kinston, Lenoir County, NC.
    Summary: EPA's review found that the document addressed most 
environmental concerns adequately. A wetland mitigation proposal was 
not finalized, as had been requested.
    ERP No. F-FHW-C40135-NY, I-287 Cross Westchester Expressway (CWE) 
Transportation Improvements, New York State Thruway Route 303 to Route 
120, Funding, Right-of-Way Acquisition, COE Section 10 and 404 Permits, 
Rockland and Westchester Counties, NY.
    Summary: EPA had concluded that the proposed project would not 
result in significant adverse environmental impacts and had no 
objections to its implementation.
    ERP No. F-FHW-K40197-CA, East Sonora Bypass Corridor Construction, 
CA-108 from Post Mile M1.8 to Post Mile R6.9 near Sonora, Funding and 
Right-of-Way, City of Sonora, Tuolumne County, CA.
    Summary: Review of the Final EIS was not deemed necessary. No 
formal comment letter was sent to the preparing agency.
    ERP No. F-NPS-L61213-00, Nez Perce National Historical Park and Big 
Hole National Battlefield General Management Plan, Implementation, 
Asotin and Okanogan Counties, WA; Wallowa County, OR; Idaho, Lewis, Nez 
Perce, Clearwater and Clank Counties, ID; and Blaine, Yellowstone and 
Beaverhead Counties, MT.
    Summary: Review of the Final EIS was not deemed necessary. No 
formal comment letter was sent to the preparing agency.
    ERP No. F-SCS-G36146-OK, Middle Deep Red Run Creek Watershed Plan, 
Implementation, Funding and Possible COE Section 404 Permit, Central 
Rolling Red Plains, Tillman, Comanche and Kiowa Counties, OK.
    Summary: Review of the Final EIS has been completed and the project 
found to be satisfactory. No formal comment letter was sent to the 
preparing agency.
    ERP No. F-UAF-G11032-TX, Reese Air Force Base (AFB) Disposal and 
Reuse, Implementation, NPDES Permit and COE Section 404 Permit, Lubbock 
and Terry Counties, TX.
    Summary: Review of the Final EIS has been completed and the project 
found to be satisfactory. No formal comment letter was sent to the 
preparing agency.

    Dated: September 23, 1997.
B. Katherine Biggs,
Associate Director, NEPA Compliance Division, Office of Federal 
[FR Doc. 97-25639 Filed 9-25-97; 8:45 am]