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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
[Project No. 11175-002 Minnesota]

Crown Hydro Company; Notice Modifying and Establishing a 
Restricted Service List for Comments on a Programmatic Agreement for 
Managing Properties Included in or Eligible for Inclusion in the 
National Register of Historic Places

July 21, 1997.
    On April 20, 1997, the Commission issued a notice for Project No. 
10455 proposing to establish a restricted

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service list for the purpose of developing and executing a programmatic 
agreement for managing properties included in or eligible for inclusion 
in the National Register of Historic Places.
    On April 14, 1997, in commenting on the Commission's Draft 
Environmental Assessment (DEA) for the project, the City of Minneapolis 
and the Minneapolis Community Development Agency stated their concern 
that the proposed project may not be financially feasible and could 
pose a long-term threat to the historic resources of Minneapolis' 
Central Riverfront because the applicant, Crown Hydro Company (Crown 
Hydro), may not have the financial resources for long-term maintenance 
of historic project features. The April 14, 1997, comment letter 
identified Guy Fischer of the Minneapolis Department of Operations and 
Regulatory Services as the party to whom communications should be sent.
    In comments on the DEA for the project filed on May 1, 1997, the 
Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (Park Board) stated that it owns 
part of the proposed project lands, and that the land had been acquired 
by the Park Board for its historic significance. The Park Board is also 
concerned that Crown Hydro may not be able to adequately insure against 
potential damage to archaeological and historic features if the water 
is mishandled or historic features such as century-old canals and 
trailraces are unable to deal with the flow of water.
    On May 7, 1997, Northern States Power Company (NSPC) filed a 
request to be added to the restricted service list established pursuant 
to the Commission notice of April 20, 1997. In support of the request, 
NSPC notes that it is a party to the proceeding and owns facilities in 
the immediate location of the proposed project.
    On May 9, 1997, the St. Anthony Falls Heritage Board (SAFHB) filed 
a request to be added to the restricted service list. In support of the 
request, the SAFHB notes that it has particular concern about historic 
properties that are involved in the project; as a board established by 
Minnesota State Law in the 1988, the SAFHB represents interests of 
historic preservation, interpretation, and recreation and renewal of 
the St. Anthony Falls Heritage Zone, a zone designed with boundaries 
identical to those of the St. Anthony Falls Historic District.
    On June 2, 1997, the U.S. Department of the Army, St. Paul 
District, Corps of Engineers (Corps) filed a request to be added to the 
restricted service list. In support of the request, the Corps notes 
that it must comply with its responsibilities under Section 106 of the 
National Historic Preservation Act. The proposed project would be 
located on approximately 0.5 acre of Corps land.
    The Crown Roller Mill building, in which the proposed project 
powerhouse would be located, is owned by Canal Street Associates, and 
managed by Welsh Companies. Construction, operation, and maintenance of 
the proposed project would directly affect the Crown Roller Mill 
    Rule 2010 of the Commission's Rules of Practice and Procedure 
provides that, to eliminate unnecessary expense or improve 
administrative efficiency, the Secretary may establish a restricted 
service list for a particular phase or issue in a proceeding.\1\ The 
restricted service list should contain the names of persons on the 
service list who, in the judgment of the decisional authority 
establishing the list, are active participants with respect to the 
phase or issue in the proceeding for which the list is established.

    \1\ 18 CFR 385.2010.

    The following additions are made to the proposed restricted service 
list notice on April 20, 1997, for Project No. 11175:

Guy Fischer, Minneapolis Department of Operations and Regulatory 
Service, 250 South 4th Street, Room 300, Minneapolis, MN 55415-1316
Robert Mattson, Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board, 200 Grain 
Exchange, 400 South 4th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55415-1400
Mark Holmberg, Northern States Power Company, 512 Nicolet Mall, 
Minneapolis, MN 55402
Elizabeth Doermann, St. Anthony Falls Heritage Board, 240 Summit 
Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55102
John Blackstone, St. Paul District, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, 190 
Fifth Street East, St. Paul, MN 55101-1638
Larry Emond, Welsh Companies, 105 Fifth Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 

    Any person on the official service list for the above-captioned 
proceedings may request inclusion on the restricted service list, or 
may request that a restricted service list not be established, by 
filing a motion to the effect within 15 days of this notice date.
    An original and 8 copies of any such motion must be filed with the 
Secretary of the Commission (888 First Street, NE, Washington, D.C. 
20426) and must be served on each person whose name appears on the 
official service list. If no such motions are filed, the restricted 
service list will be effective at the end of the 15-day period. 
Otherwise, a further notice will be issued ruling on the motion.
Lois D. Cashell,
[FR Doc. 97-19578 Filed 7-24-97; 8:45 am]