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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
[Docket No. RM95-9-003]

Open Access Same-time Information System and Standards of 
Conduct; Notice of Extension of Time for Filing of Revised Oasis 
Standards and Protocols Document and for Submittal of a Report on Oasis 
Phase II Requirements

July 11, 1997.
    On June 27, 1997, the OASIS How Working Group (How Group) filed a 
letter requesting that the Commission extend the due date for submittal 
of a revised OASIS Standards and Protocols document.\1\

    \1\ The same letter also contains a request for clarification of 
the Commission's requirements on masking the identities of parties 
to transactions and proposes interim steps to implement on-line 
price negotiation and disclosure of discounts during OASIS Phase I. 
These requests will be addressed in a separate notice.

    Specifically, the How Group requests that we extend the due date 
for the revised OASIS Standards and Protocols document from June 30, 
1997 to July 9, 1997 for submittal of a discussion draft, with 
submittal of the final document on or before August 15, 1997. The How 
Group's letter states that this extension is necessary because, despite 
diligent efforts, it has been unable to meet the June 30, 1997 due 
date. The How Group's letter argues that submittal of the draft report 
on July 9, 1997 will allow a presentation by the How Group at the 
Commission's July 18, 1997 Technical Conference \2\ on major changes 
being proposed to the Standards and Protocols document, with completion 
of the final document to follow.\3\

    \2\ See Open Access Same-time Information System and Standards 
of Conduct, Notice of Technical Conference and Clarification of 
Procedures for Developing Scheduling Requirements, 79 FERC para. 
61,377 (June 25, 1997).
    \3\ We note that, consistent with its proposal, the How Group 
submitted a draft revised Standards and Protocols document on July 
9, 1997.

    The How Group also requests that we extend the due date for 
submittal of a report on OASIS Phase II requirements from August 4, 
1997 until September 19, 1997. The How Group reports that the industry 
has focused substantial resources on preparing a revised OASIS Phase I 
Standards and Protocols document and has not made substantial progress 
in defining the scope of OASIS Phase II requirements. The proposed 
extended due date would allow the How Group, the North American 
Electric Reliability Council, and others to make presentations on this 
subject at the July 18, 1997 Technical Conference outlining proposals 
for OASIS Phase II and would allow the How Group to complete a report 
(including a proposed scope, implementation plan, and schedule for 
OASIS Phase II) by September 19, 1997.
    After consideration of the How Group's letter, the requested 
extensions of time for filing are hereby granted.
Linwood A. Watson, Jr.,
Acting Secretary.
[FR Doc. 97-18722 Filed 7-15-97; 8:45 am]