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Rules and Regulations
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Federal Register / Vol. 62, No. 130 / Tuesday, July 8, 1997 / Rules 
and Regulations

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5 CFR Part 7201

29 CFR Parts 1600 and 1650

RIN 3209-AA15

Supplemental Standards of Ethical Conduct for Employees of the 
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

AGENCY: Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC or Commission).

ACTION: Final rule.


SUMMARY: The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, with the 
concurrence of the Office of Government Ethics (OGE), is adopting as 
final without change an interim rule for employees of EEOC that 
supplements the Standards of Ethical Conduct for Employees of the 
Executive Branch issued by OGE. The EEOC is making final the repeal of 
its old agency standards of conduct regulations, which were superseded 
by OGE's Standards of Ethical Conduct, OGE's financial disclosure 
regulation, and EEOC's supplemental standards. In addition, EEOC is 
making final the issuance of a cross-reference, and the redesignation 
of EEOC debt collection procedures.

EFFECTIVE DATE: This final rule is effective on July 8, 1997.

Nicholas M. Inzeo, Deputy Legal Counsel, Thomas J. Schlageter, 
Assistant Legal Counsel, or Kathleen Oram, Senior Attorney, at (202) 
663-4669 or TDD (202) 663-7026. This notice is also available in the 
following formats: large print, braille, audio tape and electronic file 
on computer disk. Requests for this notice is an alternative format 
should be made to EEOC's Publications Center at 1-800-669-3362.

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: On February 26, 1996, at 61 FR 7065-7067, 
the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, with the concurrence of 
the Office of Government Ethics, published an interim supplemental 
standards rule to implement its ethics program. That interim rulemaking 
also repealed old EEOC standards that had been superseded by OGE's 
executive branchwide Standards and financial disclosure regulations, as 
well as EEOC's new supplemental standards. The interim rule also added 
a residual cross-reference provision, and redesignated EEOC's debt 
collection by salary offset procedures. comments were invited from the 
public, to be received by EEOC on or before April 26, 1996. No comments 
were received, and EEOC has determined that no changes are need to the 
interim rule. Therefore, EEOC is, with OGE's concurrence as to the 
supplemental standards, adopting the interim rule, without change, as 
    In promulgating this final rule, the Commission has adhered to the 
regulatory philosophy and the applicable principles of regulation set 
forth in section 1 of Executive Order 12866, Regulatory Planning and 
Review. This regulation has not been reviewed by the Office of 
Management and Budget under that Executive order as it deals with 
agency organization, management, and personnel matters and is not, in 
any event, deemed ``significant'' thereunder. As required by the 
Regulatory Flexibility act (5 U.S.C. chapter 6), it is hereby certified 
that this final rule will not have a significant economic impact on a 
substantial number of small entities because it applied exclusively to 
EEOC employees. In addition, the Commission has determined that his 
final rule does not impose any information collection requirements as 
defined by the Paperwork Reduction Act, 44 U.S.C. 3501, et seq.

List of Subjects

5 CFR Part 7201

    Conflict of interests; Government employees.

29 CFR Part 1600

    Conflict of interests; Government employees.

29 CFR Part 1650

    Debt collection.

    Accordingly, for the reasons set forth in the preamble, the Equal 
Employment Opportunity Commission, with the concurrence of the Office 
of Government Ethics, is adopting the interim rule amending title 5 of 
the Code of Federal Regulations and title 29, chapter XIV, of the Code 
of Federal Regulations, which was published at 61 FR 7065-7067 on 
February 26, 1996, as a final rule without change.

    Dated at Washington DC, this 23rd day of June.
    For the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.
Gilbert F. Casellas,

    Approved: July 1, 1997.
Stephen D. Potts,
Director, Office of Government Ethics.
[FR Doc. 97-17772 Filed 7-7-97; 8:45 am]